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03-07-2008, 06:50 PM
Ok, so today I figured I would start an online journal to keep track of my training. I have been lifting since January after a 1 year and a half layoff.

Some Info about me:

5'8" 154 lbs.
Looking to eat around 2900-3000 Cal./day

Food Today

Nature Valley Granola bars (I didnt have ANYTHING in the house and was running late for school, so I grabbed these.) I had to eat something! 120 Cal.

Pre Workout- Some energy stuff I got for free for buying ON 100%. Nothing special.

I lifted about 10:20 AM.

Post Workout- 2 heaping scoops of ON 100% Chocolate Whey with 24oz of Water. 280 Cal

Lunch (1:00 PM)-
>>>Qdoba 3 Queso Burrito with Extra Chicken (YUMMMM)- 1400 Cal.
12oz. Water

Got home and went straight to the Hockey Rink. Had a Powerade (157 Cal.) and about 20oz of Water.

Ate Dinner about 7:30PM-
>>>Chicken Breast cooked in 2 TBSP Olive oil- 330 Cal.
1 Baked Potato- 100 Cal.
Some Linguini Pasta- 150 Cal
Diet Pepsi- 0 Cal.

9:15PM Snack-
Muscle Milk Juice Box- 330 Cal.

10:30 Snack
1 Glass of 2% milk-150 Cal

TOTAL: 3017 Calories. A little bit over, but I can live with it.

Workout for Today-

Bench Press- 5x5 145 Lbs. (10 LB increase from last week!!!!)
Bicep Curl- 3x10 (45lbs) 2x5 (55 lbs)
Military Press- 2x5 65 lbs then 55 lbs ( I was tired and couldnt finish the 5x5)
Incline press- 3x5 95 lbs