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Mic Soloist
03-13-2008, 11:38 PM
3.14.08 - Prayers, Vitamins, & Lots of Luck

Where do I start? I've been a member of WWB for quite a while. Some of you may remember my old journal. "mic soloist's road to swoll." I started lifting about 5 years ago. I went from 155 up to 220 naturally other than a 3 week superdrol cycle.

Stats were:

5'10 218 pounds

Neck: 17.5
Shoulders: 56
Chest: 47
Gunz: 17.5
Waist 38
Wheels: 25.25
Calves: 16.5


BB Bench: 315
Squat: 410
Deadlift: 515
Total: 1240


About 20 months ago I started noticing pain in my sternoclavicular area. I'd been maxing out on bench a lot and being pretty unsafe working out. Since then I've every test from x-rays, heart tests, MRIs, etc. and basically been told it's a stress injury and it'll take a long time to recover. Never given much of a solid answer....

due to this and huge increase in work hours (i'm a manager with Urban Active Fitness) I've been basically pathetic with workouts for nearly a year. I still weigh 208 but I look much smaller due to decrease in muscle and increase in BF%. Plus I'm in terrible cardio shape.

At this point I'm just worried about health and recovery. My job is insanely stressful and I work 10-12 hours per day 6 days per week in sales, marketing, management, etc.

I just had a 26 year old friend die of a heart attack and that kind of thing scares me. I also have anxiety and I'm a hypocondriac (sp). I constantly think something's wrong with me and being out of shape doesn't help. I would like to shed a lot of body fat and try to get somewhat back into weight lifting shape as well. Sadly my workouts are going to be more "rehab" like at this point since everything hurts. Luckily I work for a company that operates 70,000 sq. ft. clubs with the newest machines, cardio, pools, bball, etc. So it's custom made for people in my kinda shape... The hardest part for me now is motivation to fight through and work out when I'm very tired...

In the past I was really concerned with the way I looked and how strong I was. Now I could really care less. I'm married now, I work a ton, and in my career your job depends on your sales numbers and your hair, dress, etc. a lot more than the shape you're in. (sadly since it's a gym). I don't want to look like S**t but I really don't study myself in the mirror like I used to.

So I'm going to log everything in here as best I can. I really need support so I hope you guys & gals find my journal interesting. I'm also going to give some insight about health club work life so it may be kind of interesting like a reality show at times... (i hate reality shows btw). But I'll try to make this thing interesting and now boring. Here goes...

03-13-2008, 11:40 PM
Looking huge in the pics! Best of luck getting this unknown injury figured out and fixed!

Mic Soloist
03-13-2008, 11:58 PM
thanks man, I really appreciate the support...

My First Day Back On The Wagon - Brief Chest (OUCH!!) & Triceps Work

- Flat Bench

warmup: bar x 30
set 1: 95 x 12
set 2: 115 x 12
set 3: 95 x 12
set 4: 95 x 12

- Flat DB Bench

set 1: 60's x 10
set 2: 50's x 12
set 3: 5's x 12

- Hoist Chest Press (http://www.hoistrocit.com/_gfx/rs-1301_0_0.png)

this is the coolest line of equipment ever...

3 sets of 10 with moderate weight

- Behind The Neck Tricep Extensions

3 sets of 10 with 60 & 50

- Tricep Pressdowns

3 sets of 10

Not much compared to the past but I've gotta crawl before I walk... Chest felt okay during workout. I hve this weird pressure in the left side of my neck that bothers me everyday. Also I have a dry cough that effects me but I think it's at least partially anxiety based... but I do it when I workout, have to much coffee, am nervous, etc. I feel pressure in my neck and makes me cough... I'm really not a weirdo I promise. Anyways, there was my first logged workout in many moons.

My split will be:

Mon: chest/tris/shoulders
Tues: back/bi
wed: cardio
thurs: off or cardio
Fri: legs
sat: off or cardio
sun: off or cardio

*cardio @ least 2-3 times per week.

the reason i'm mixing in shoulders with chest is because i really cant do much of either at this point... I'll be going light for the most part.

I'm working on a diet around 2200 cals per day. Just to see how that makes me gain or lose weight.

Mic Soloist
03-16-2008, 12:18 AM
saturday 3.15.08

i shot some b-ball for about 30 minutes and broke a pretty good sweat... i guess that's cardio :)

i'm going to do back/bis tomorrow or monday. i've got a long day @ work tomorrow so we'll see if i can have the energy...

as a sales manager in a large health club my job is to sell memberships and oversee the sales team... right now we're projecting 74% of our EFT (draft membership) goal for the month... we need to see at least 10-12 memberships tomorrow just to have a decent day... whenever we miss a goal i lose 750 bucks... plus promotions don't come from clubs that miss goals. so we have to rock out for the rest of the month...

but personal fitness is a priority again so i gotta rock out in the weight room as well.

03-16-2008, 01:11 PM
good to see you back. Good luck with the recovery!

03-16-2008, 01:34 PM
good luck bro

Mic Soloist
03-16-2008, 10:48 PM
Sunday 3.16.08 - Back-Biceps

Thanks a lot guys, the support means a lot.

- Lat Pulls

warmup: 60 x 2
set 1: 75 x 12
set 2: 95 x 10
set 3: 110 x 10
set 4: 120 x 8 drop set 95 x 10

- Cable Rows

4 sets of 10 with moderate weight

- Machine Rows

3 sets with moderate weight

- Low Machine Rows

3 sets

- Preacher Curls

4 slow rep sets of 8-12 with 40 + bar

Then I did a bunch of light slow rep iso bicep curls until I got a good pump.

I measure my arms with a slight pump and they were slightly over 17.25. That means I've officially lost 1/2 inch on my arm since they peaked @ 18 with a pump before... m not too worried about it though.

Like I said before, this time I'm doing this mainly for health. I'm going to eat a ton of calories for the first 2 weeks or so to get some strength and a little size back + to get back into the groove. Then I'm going to chizzle some body fat for spring. I've a long way to go. Stats now are roughly...



38 waist @ belly button
17 arms
46 chest

havent measured wheels or anything else... too weak.

3 pathetic photos that i snapped tonight...




as you can see i got a ways to go...

here's a pic from when i was at my best...

the attachment on this post is from about 18 months ago when i was in my best shape...

Mic Soloist
03-17-2008, 11:12 PM
Monday St. Patty's Day 3.17.08

long day @ work followed by shooting some basketball for about 30 minutes... nothing major...

Mic Soloist
03-19-2008, 12:11 AM
Tuesday 3.18.08 - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

- Flat Bench

warmup: bar x 30
set 1: 95 x 15
set 2: 135 x 7
set 3: 155 x 3
set 4: 135 x 7

- DB Shoulder Press

set 1: 50's x 7
set 2: 40's x 10
set 3: 40's x 8
set 4: 40's x 8

- DB Lateral Raises

set 1: 20's x 10
set 2: 20's x 10
set 3: 15's x 10

- Close Grip BB Bench

set 1: 135 x 3
set 2: 95 x 10
set 3: 95 x 10

- Hammer Strength Tricep Press

3 sets of 10 w/ 40/50

There you have it... pushin weight like a strong 5th grader... short and sweet. I posted my fatty pics over @ bodybuilding.com and they made me feel worse than i already did... oh well. I would give anything to be in the shape I was in right before I got injured. Every workout now is painful... but hopefully I can fight through this and get over my injury as well as my weakness. On the bright side I'm thinking of sending my stats over to the Guiness book... i think i might be able to win the world record for weakest 208 pound guy.

cheerio my friends...