View Full Version : Diet for a Football Player

03-20-2008, 04:05 PM
I have a question about diets (obviously since I'm posting here)
As my sig says I'm about 6'1" and weigh in at around 193 lbs and I would really like to start gaining some weight (muscle weight)

I've read all over everywhere what to eat, but it never seems to tell me exactly how to eat it I mean like when and how often.

I'm 17 now and play Linebacker in high school and would like to put on some more muscle weight before my senior year and last season next year.

At the begining of my weightlifting post season regimen I put on alot of lbs on my maxes like I can squat 325 lb now and 355 DL x 3, bench about 230 lbs

I hit a plateau recently though and I think its cause of my eating I don't think I really eat enough, I only take in around 2500-3000 day on my better days and 2000 a lot of times

So can anyone suggest to me a diet regimen or send me to link with one or even tell me about a book (a regimen including the supliments I will need as well)