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Mad Max
03-24-2008, 04:36 PM
Hey gang.

I've started a few journals that I haven't stuck with in the past, but this time I am gonna make a go of it.

Current weight:190lbs

I'll be following a fairly standard upper/lower split for the forseable future. I hope to stick to something like the following routine...



Followed by rows and a few other auxillary pushing movements.





Calf raises:4x20

Thursday: This is gonna have to be a home workout due to the fact that I have to study in the evenings after work, and can't afford to workout in the gym on more than three weekdays. I also work saturdays.

Weighted pushups:5-6x8-10

Weighted chins:5-6x5-6ish





Calf raises:3x20

All numbers are approximations.

Essentially I'm trying to add mass everywhere, especially my legs, whilst getting stronger all round.
I've been very inconsistent these past few years, I've been over 200lbs on several occasions but I always let stuff get in the way of training, and I end up losing as much as 20lbs. I can't see anything getting in my way for about a year so I should be able to reach about 210lbs in that time before cutting back to a lean 200lbs. I have a very small waist and I'm naturally skinny, so I think 200lbs at about 8% is a realistic target for myself.
I am also in the process of applying to medicine, hence the studying in the evenings and the work at the weekends. If I get in, then I'll be overjoyed, but it would mean that the iron game would seriously have to take a back seat. So before I would be commencing the course in about 18 months I want to reach all my weight gain goals, leaving me to be able to focus purely on strength.

Everyone feel free to comment, it would be most appreciated.

Mad Max
03-25-2008, 07:28 AM
Monday's workout:Heavy upper

Bench:235lbs 5 x 5

Cable rows: Some kind of heavy weight 5 x 6-8

Dips: BW + 60lbs 3 x 6-8 (Was pretty gassed after bench)

Seated DB curls: 25lbs 3x12

Flyes and lateral raises for a few sets

Comments: Not bad, felt quite strong on the bench, but was right at failure on the last two sets. Am aiming for a 5x5 at 250lbs sometime in the next few months.
I had a caffeine drink during this workout at about 4, and ended up not getting to sleep till about 5am, with only 3 hours sleep in total. Not good. I am the occasional insomniac, but I've learned to not let it put me off training. I was gonna put off my dead/lower body session till tomorrow, but I actually don't feel too physically tired, just spaced out.

Calories were good also, got about 3600 in, which was good considering I did nothing besides training that day.

Deads at 6.30!!!!

Mad Max
03-25-2008, 03:01 PM
Tuesday's workout: Deads/legs

Deads: 365lbs 5x5 No belt on the first two sets

Wimped out of full squats after and ust did 3 x 10 hack squats

Calf raises: 4 x 15-20

Comments: Was knackered after a sleepless night. Deads still felt strong though.

Calories: Currently trying to reach 4000 for the day.

Mad Max
03-27-2008, 03:45 PM
I overslept today so had to pick up breakfast on my way to work. Unfortunately the only thing on the way is a Cafe Nero. I bought a chicken and bacon baguette in a hurry. I checked the calories once I arrived at work, 318!!!!How the ***** does a 10" baguette only contain 318 calories!?!? If some poor misguided fool were to eat three of these in a day thinking they constituted a meal each, then they wouldn't even make 100 calories.

Thursday's Workout: Home workout upper

Pullups: BW 8x9

Pushups: BW X 30

Comments:The rests between sets on the pullups was short. I feel that with sufficient rest between sets I could just do pullups all day. I need to get something to add weights for this home workout.

Calories overall have been ok today, besides the baguette.

Mad Max
03-29-2008, 02:32 PM
Saturday's workout: Squats and stuff

Thought I'd make this into a full body workout considering I wont be able to workout till tuesday.

High bar narrow stance Oly Squats: 225 5 x 8 (Dropped the weight on these and kept perfect form, these were lower than a depressed fisherman at his daughters funeral)

Heavy cable rows: something that felt heavy 4 x 6

DB press: 90lbs 3 x 8

Calf raises: Various weights for various rep ranges.

Comments: Deep oly squats feel so damn good. It's like being raped by an alligator but realising you actually enjoy it. I felt so amped at the end that I offered everyone in the changing a vitamin tablet. They all looked very disappointed when they realised they weren't oral steroids. I don't blame them for thinkng they were after my display today!!!!

Mad Max
04-01-2008, 02:12 PM
Tuesday's Workout:Heavy upper

Bench: 235lbs 5x5 (Easier than last week)

Cable rows: Something heavier than last week 4 x 8

45 degree incline DB press: 80lbs 3 x 10

Hammer curls: 4 x 12ish

some flyes and laterals

Comments: Ok workout, will have to up bench next week.

Mad Max
04-05-2008, 11:41 AM
Firday's workout:Squats and stuff

Oly Squats: 225lbs 5 x 10 (short rest periods, brutal)

Hang cleans: 135lbs 5 x 5 (Easy peasy, but just wanted to get the hang of them)

Leg curls three sets

Machine rows four sets

Calfs 4 sets

Comments:Squats were the only thing I really tried with in this session. The hang cleans will definitely stay in my routine. I'll have to step uo next week.

Mad Max
04-11-2008, 03:24 PM
A little behind with my journal here.

Monday's Workout:Bench and stuff

Bench: 240lbs 5 x 5

Rows and other stuff

Tuesday:Deads and stuff

Deads: 375lbs 5 x 5 (very hard for some reason)

Lunges: 45lbs dbs 4 x 10 each leg (Again hard for some reason)

Leg curls: 3 x 10

Comments: Found this session very hard. Haven't done lunges in ages, my ass was sore the next day.

Thursday I did 5 x 5 pullups BW + 65lbs

Friday's workout: Squats and stuff

Deep oly squats: 235lbs 3 x 8
Added belt 235lbs 1 x 12

Heavy walk outs high bar: 315lbs 30 second hold x 3

Leg press: 3 x 12

DB press: 70lbs 3 x 16

Machine rows: 3 x 8

Comments: I find squats hard, especially oly style. I felt like I was gonna puke after the final set. The heavy walk outs were to get me used to having heavy weights on my back, because 235lbs feels much heavier than it should when it's high up on my traps. Given that I'm not gonna be going heavy on squats for quite some time, I think walk out are gonna help me with experiencing heaviness.

Mad Max
04-15-2008, 02:43 PM
Monday's Workout: Bench and Stuff

Bench: 240lbs 5 x 5 (some real grinders in the last couple of sets)

Cable rows 8-10 x 4

Machine shoulder press (stupid exercise I know) 3 x 12

Pull ups: BW 3 x 10

Comments: Felt a little bit ill during this workout, my bones ached.

Mad Max
04-15-2008, 02:46 PM
Tuesday's Workout Deads and stuff

Deads: 365lbs 4 x 3

Got pissed off with deads and did some heavy rack pulls with 405lbs 3" below the knee.

DB lunges 60lbs 3 x 8 reps each side.

Leg Press: 4pps 3 x 12

Leg curls: 3 x 6

Comments: Not a fantastic workout. The funny thing is I probably could have stepped up in deads, but I felt so unmotivated today, I just gave up in them. Oh well.

Mad Max
04-21-2008, 12:16 PM
Friday: Upper body workout

Wide grip pull up: BW + 45lbs 5 x 5

DB press: 90lbs 4 x 10

Standing OH press: 115lbs 3 x 8

Some other stuff I can't remember

Saturday: Squats

Was late for the gym today so had a quick heavy squat session

Oly squats: 275lbs 5 x 3

Leg press: 2 x 10

Leg curls: 2 x 8

Comments: A quick workout, was please with how easy the 275lbs felt, could probably hit 300lbs soon with a lotta huffin and puffin.

Monday Workout: Upper body

Wide grip pull ups: BW + 45lbs 5 x 5

DB Press: 90lbs 4 x 10

Cable rows: some weight 4 x 10-12

Machine shoulder press: 3 x 12

Bicep curls: 3 x 8-10

Lateral raises and cable pushdowns

Comments: Some sissy exercises there I know, but I like to save my back for deads tomorrow. Pullups still feel harder than they should, I guess it's because I weigh more. I also have reservations about how skinny the bar at my gym is.

Mad Max
04-23-2008, 02:13 PM
Last night I decided that there was gonna be no more screwing around with deadlift form as an old back injury has been playing up again. I pull narrow stance sumo (i.e. not as wide as is usually seen), mostly for back health. Tonight I decided I would keep my hips way down and back as straigh as could be. I've also decided to ditch the 5 x 5 for deads and switch to something like a max effort style parameter, working up to singles. I estimate my max to be about 435lbs or so now, given that I've pulled 405lbs with relative ease.

Tuesday's Workout: Deads and stuff

Deads (Sumo stance): 135lbs x 8 225lbs x 5 275lbs x 3 315lbs x 1

365lbs x1 365lbs x 1 365lbs x 1 All raw, no belt.

Keeping my hips down made these feel like real grinders. My form was flawless according to my training partner, but I came up really slow. I'd like to be pulling 405lbs for singles in my sessions fairly soon. It's quite depressing to still not be pulling very much after training for so long. This is partly due to laziness and partly due to my back injury, but I've fallen into a groove and I should be able to make steady progress till I can hit 5pps.

To give my back some extra rest I just finished off with some horizontal leg press and called it a day. In future I'm definitely gonna make this session more powerlifting oriented with romanians and glute ham raises. I'd like to do box squats also.

Mad Max
04-25-2008, 04:26 PM
friday: Bench and Stuff

Bench: 240lbs 3 x 5 then 2 x 3

BW Chins: 4 x 10

OH DB Press: 65lbs 3 x 8

Cable Rows: 4 x 10

Lateral raises: 3 x 10

Comments: Time to switch up the 5 x 5 reps scheme I think. 8 x 3 next week. I'm thinking pretty soon I'm just gonna switch to a max effort bench day.

Mad Max
04-26-2008, 10:20 AM
Saturday: Squats mostly

Olympic squats: Worked up to 250lbs x 3 275lbs x 3 285lbs x 3 295lbs x 2 x 2

275lbs x 3

225lbs 3 x 8 (knackered!!!)

Hang cleans: 150lbs 5 x 5

Comments: Squats felt strong. I figure 315lbs is within reach within the next couple of months.

Mad Max
04-29-2008, 02:43 PM
Monday:Upper body

Wide grip pull ups: BW + 45lbs 5 x 5

DB Press: 90lbs 4 x 10

Cable rows: 4 x 8

Standing barbell curls: 3 x 10

Tuesday: Deads and stuff

Sumo deads: Worked up to 365lbs x 1 375lbs x 1 385lbs x 1 385lbs x 1

Romanian deads: 300lbs 3 x 10

DB Lunges: 60lb DBs 3 x 16

Comments: Deads are ok, but still so slooooow off the floor. If I let my hips come up, then the weight flies up, but it's just not good form. Maybe I am a conventional puller after all.

Mad Max
05-03-2008, 12:00 PM
Friday:Bench and stuff

Bench: Worked up to 235lbs x 3 250lbs x 3 255lbs x 3 255lbs x 3 250lbs x 3

DB rows: 90lbs 3 x 10 each arm

Wide grip pull ups: 3 x 8

OH Barbell pres: 135lbs 3 x 6

Comments:Happy with the bench


Oly squats: worked up to 275lbs 3 x 3
225lbs 2 x 10

Hang cleans: 150lbs 3 x 5

Comments: Shorst workout. I had the bar higher on my back than usual. I was very upright, and hit full depth easier.

Mad Max
05-09-2008, 03:17 PM
Friday:Bench and Stuff

Bench: Worked up to 250lbs x 3 255lbs x 2 250lbs x 2 250lbs x 3 250lbs x 2

Heavy cable rows: 4 x 8

Incline DB Press: 80lbs 2 x 12 65lbs x 8 (knackered)

Pullups: BW 3 x 8

Cable tricep extensions: 3 x 10-12

CommentS: Weaker on bench for some reason.:(

Mad Max
05-13-2008, 02:30 PM
Saturday:Squats, squats, squats and more squats

Oly Squats: Worked up to 285lbs 3 x 3 Then 250lbs 2 x 5 then 225lbs 2 x 10

Monday:Upper Body

Pullups BW + 60lbs 5 x 5

DB Press: 90lbs x 12, x 10, x 8

Heavt cable rows 4 x 8

Bicep curls and tricep pushdowns

Tuesday:Deads and stuff

Conventional deads: Worked up to 405lbs x 1 410lbs x 3 x 1

Powercleans: A few singles with 200lbs

Leg Press: 3 x 12

Comments: Deads felt pretty easy actually. I'm definitely good for 450lbs, but I'll still wait.

Mad Max
05-16-2008, 02:33 PM
Friday:Bench and stuff

Bench: Worked up to 250lbs x 2 260lbs x 2 265lbs x 2 x 2 275lbs x 2

Heavy Cable rows: 4 x 6

Incline DB Press: 80lbs x 12, x 9, x 8

Wide grip pull ups: BW X 12, x 9, x 7

Comments: That 275lbs was easy. I feel good for 290lbs.

Mad Max
05-17-2008, 10:00 AM
Saturday:Squats and stuff

Oly Squats:Worked up to 275lbs x 2. 285lbs x 1, 285lbs x 2, 300lbs x 1

DB lunges:60lbs x 20, x 18, x 16

Weighted crunchy type things

Comments:Squats are disappointing. They are absolutely rock bottom, but I'd like to be lifiting more.