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03-24-2008, 07:36 PM
I am overdue to get myself back to where I am not self-conscious about the way I look... I am finally able to use my body without fear of destroying it again (2 lower back surgeries to remove herniated disk matter and it actually WORKED)... Granted I am in proper proportions for an average person, but it's time to be anything but average....
I have only been at this for about 7 weeks, so I still have a ton of noob gains to make. a TON. At 25 years of age, I am probably hard-pressed to expect any earth-shattering gains but I'll do what I can, ya know?

Here is a rough idea of my body type:
height: 6'0"
weight: 175 (was 168 7 weeks ago and I dropped a hole in my belt too)
bicep: roughly 15.5" flexed (probably less, I need a cloth measuring tape)
Everything else I would need a better way to measure... Right now my BF% is around 13-14% as I bulk up, I figure when I am over 180 or even more and I feel stronger than I am now, I will drop the build and start the burning process to get cut.

My usual week is like this:

day 1 - Legs (quads, hams, hips)
day 2 - Biceps / calves ( to mix it up)
day 3 - Triceps / Chest
day 4 -Back / Traps
day 5 - Rest
day 6 - Shoulders
day 7 - Rest

I set aside an entire workout for my shoulders because I feel like they are my weak point. I definitely don't overdo it either, 35-45 minutes with decent rests.

Given my job (restaurant worker) and my BMR, I need to eat a TON of calories to gain. Fitday helped me figure out that on a non workday and with 45 minutes in the gym I am up to 3700 calories burned. I got that covered (I am a chronic snacker and never stop eating, usually healthy).

Here are my weaknesses:

Ankle inflexibility: I have always had ridiculously tight ankles, doctors never found out what was wrong with me. Stretching everyday has given me the ability to get them out over my toes (yeah, it's that bad). Squatting is nearly out of the question but being able to squat my bodyweight is a goal.

Lower back: This thing is the ultimate downer... I herniated L4/5 disk and bulged the L3/4 at the same time working 2 years ago. After PT and 2 surgeries, I fear deadlifts but know that my back is strong. I just have to work VERY slow, almost laughably so, but any progress I make on my back is going to make me very proud. My goal after however long it takes is a 275 pound deadlift, and I will hopefully pass that one day. No rush.

Holy Novel.
Let me know if anything I am doing is pointless or stupid, in time all the critical components of anyone's routine will be added. My goal here is to prevent injury and put on a few pounds of muscle, then shed off all the fat later.

03-24-2008, 07:46 PM
Shoulder day: The day of burning delt hell (but it burns so good)

**Wish the gym had a shorter bar to do military presses, working with a machine until I can figure something out.

Lateral dumbbell raises:

2 x 12 x 15 lbs
1 x 10 x 20 lbs (last set to failure)
1 x 8 x 15 lbs (BURRRNNN)

(slightly elevated) Lying rear deltoid raises:
4 x 10 x 15lbs (first time ever doing this exercise)

Machine shoulder press (basically militarys):
50 x 12
55 x 10
60 x 8

Partial Lateral raises:
2 x 8 x 30

I tried mickey-mousing a bench fully inclined to 90 degrees with the smith machine but I couldn't get it comfortable enough to make it feel like a military. I hate the smith machine.
If you couldn't tell, I have grossly neglected my shoulders but my numbers will go up over time. I am dying to feel it happen.

03-25-2008, 12:32 PM
Rest? NAH... not feeling it. Just had a job interview, when I get this new job I'll have a better schedule and will be able to eat and sleep better based on time. Since I separated upper back from lower back, I have to work it in somehow. Deadlifts seem like the way to go and also lumbar extensions on the machine.... Physical therapy after surgery trained me to deadlift with perfect form (but that was almost an empty bar) so I can do stiffs and regular form.. Probably just doing standard DLs for a couple weeks or a month until I get stronger.

TODAY'S GOAL: at least 100 lbs deadlift, max of 135 (for safety)
190 lbs lumbar extension x 10 (I did 8 last time after 2 lighter sets)
CORE WORK!!!!!!!!

Updates later. Advice or blatant negative criticism is always welcome. I need to hear it because I am stubborn and will keep this up until someone points out something I've overlooked.

Getting cloth tape measure tonight too so I can benchmark myself.

UPDATE: Here was my simple core and lower back routine...

Lumbar extension:
170 x 10
190 x 10
210 x 5 (grossly underestimated my strength, should have kept a journal earlier)

95 x 8
100 x 8
135 x 5 (WOOHOO!!!!!)

Decline bench crunches:
4 x 15

Cursed Demon Ball of Suffering crunches:
4 x 25

Captain's Chair oblique tortures:

3 x 20, with 10 (knees left) then 10 (knees right)

So I would have to say that while I am still not that flexible, I was able to pull up the plate like I wanted to, and much easier than I imagined... My goal deadlift will not take all that long to get... I got a slight workout in the quads and a great pump in the lower back without a major burn, granted the weight is low, but I am going to add 10 or 20 lbs next week. I noticed the "strain" or stress is more on the L1/L2/L3 disks in the lower back than the bottom 2 so I am golden. My goals are all going to get higher as a result of this simple workout, I am absolutely psyched that I can walk. I stretch all day, every day so that must be the trick.

03-26-2008, 04:43 PM
Leg day... Still not confident about squats, working hard to improve ankle flexibility. Back is a little sore, but not the joints themselves... I think I am gonna like doing DL's :-)

Note to self: Must spread out DL day and squat day until more strength comes. Otherwise squats stay out of the question.

Leg Extensions:
5 x 5 x 210

Leg Curls:
4 x 5 x 200
1 x 5 x 210

Leg Presses:
1 x 10 x 175
1 x 8 x 185
1 x 8 x 200
1 x 5 x 250

I've never done leg presses so this was a learning experience. To keep my legs from crunching my lower back out of wack, I am still dialing the perfect range of motion and I'm sure I didn't set it low enough. Decent workout though... Probably have to go way heavier on presses.

03-27-2008, 10:28 PM
Easy quick routine today... Wanted to increase my curl set weight of 30, so I left out the preachers this week. Starting to wonder if a bicep day is even necessary considering how hard I will be hitting the upper/mid back this week.

[I typed it today like weight x reps]

Alternating dumbbell curls:
35 x 8 on each
40 x 5
35 x 8

Cable Reverse ez-bar curls:
85 x 8
100 x 6
115 x 5
130 x 1

Barbell pronated wrist curls (sitting):
bar weight x 35
bar x 20

Dumbbell supinated wrist curls (sitting):
35 x 10, each, x 2 sets

Calf extension machine:
190 x 12
200 x 8 x 2 sets
250 x 8

I think I need to start using the smith machine for calf raises and step on some weight plates for ROM. The contraption aggravates me but it looks like a proper use for it so why not. I got my forearms tightened right up and I feel good aside from yesterday's leg work. Calves felt worked at the time but I have no real pain or weakness at this point in time, so I doubt they will even be sore in the AM.


I will start logging this more so I have something to look at and maybe, HOPEFULLY, look at before I continue stuffing my face recklessly.

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee, 1 sugar... 100 or so calories
snack: 2 breadsticks (I work at the ol!ve g@rden)... 300 calories
Lunch: seafood chowder (don't wanna know calories)
Other lunch: Turkey sandwich, whole wheat bread
snack: orange and a protein shake, 13g whey
dinner: 4 happiness chinese take-out (ehh, could have been worse even though I ate the whole thing... i'm bulking up after all :evillaugh: )
after dinner: protein shake, 26 g again

Eat breakfast, drink more water, remember to take the multi and get more fish.

03-28-2008, 03:06 PM
I really have a bad short-term memory and i forgot the standard way to type weight, reps and sets so I am going to make it standard for me:
sets x reps x weight...
if it's dumbbells or 2 pulleys, its the number on the weight itself (each hand).

Cable crossovers:
1 x 8 x 50
1 x 5 x 60 (failure set, got an extra partial in)
1 x 8 x 50
1 x 5 x 50 (failure set)
I just hit 60 last week so I wanted to work it in multi-reps... Was pretty happy about it.

V-Bar pushdowns:
1 x 10 x 70
1 x 8 x 85
1 x 8 x 100
1 x 6 x 115
1 x 4 x 130
1 x 3 x 145 (PR)
This was fishy, I had to use the adjustable pulley today... the side i usually use has identical size plates and is marked out as half as heavy as this side. I think the other side has the wrong markers on it. Hey, at least I know I can pushdown more than 40 pounds right?

1 x 10 x ME
1 x 6 x ME
1 x 5 x ME STILL
Going to do sets of 5 next time and get in 25. at 30 total I will get a dip belt.

Inclined smith bench press:
1 x 8 x 135
1 x 6 x 135
1 x 6 x 115
Never done this before... Not unhappy but want more reps.

Inclined dumbbell flys:
smallest incline:
1 x 8 x 30
next smallest incline:
1 x 7 x 30.........
POP! My right shoulder popped because I went back too fast and I stopped out of paranoia... It hurt for a millisecond but I am not gonna push it, it's my bad shoulder. But I did keep it going.

EZ bar laying tricep extension (skullcrushers?):
1 x 8 x 40
1 x 4 x 50

Fly machine with 6 second negatives:
110 x 8
150 x 6 and partials

Tricep Kickbacks (each arm):
1 x 10 x 15
1 x 10 x 20
1 x 8 x 25

If I can get a friend to start coming to the gym, I'll start benching. I will only do flat benches with a real barbell, not the smith machine because I have a weak bench and want to genuinely increase it. Other than that POP, felt GREAT.

03-28-2008, 05:48 PM
I had all my measurements ready to post and i lost it during the send.

Ht: 6'0"
weight: 175 lb
BF%: 13.3% (tape method)
Bicep: 13.25" flat, 15" flexed
forearm: 12.25" straight, 13.5" brachio flexed
neck: 15.5"
waist: 33"
thigh: 23"
calf: 15"

03-30-2008, 05:19 PM
Lower back is still a little sore but nothing out of the ordinary for someone missing a facet.

1 x 8 x 120
2 x 8 x 140
1 x 6 x 160

Cable Low Rows:
1 x 8 x 120
2 x 8 x 140
1 x 8 x 160

1 x 8 x 50
1 x 6 x 60
(shoulders getting sore, pissed off and dreading shoulder day tomorrow)

Smith Machine Shrugs:
135 x 10
155 x 10
185 x 10

Trapezius muscles are strong in general aren't they? Not exactly sure how to work them better, and I flat out forgot to do my DB shrugs too... DERP!

Pullups, Wide grip, palms away
2 x 5 x bw
1 x 4 x bw
1 x 8 x -40 (assisted machine)
Thats a lot of pullups for me, 19 unassisted is a record in one sitting... I am getting stronger finally!

DB one-arm bent over rows
50 x 10
60 x 8
70 x 8

I cannot wait to get a new job, working in a restaurant with a bad back is a horrible idea... Working a desk job will be heaven because I will be able to heal better.

03-31-2008, 08:15 PM
Standing military press, olympic bar
1 x 10 x bar
3 x 10 x 65
Can't figure out how to get the bar up off the bench properly but my shoulders might just be trash... Skiing hard and landing wrong is not ggod 7 years later

DB lateral raises
1 x 10 x 15
1 x 10 x 20
1 x 10 x 15

kneeling rear delt flys, low cables
1 x 10 x 20
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 15
felt GOOD.

Arnold presses:
1 x 8 x 30 (think i pulled something... time to try something else)

front raises:
1 x 2 x 20 YEOWCH

So I have a sore as hell shoulder, but they definitely got worked... Tried to avoid the machines but I might have to use them more until my strength is there. I am pretty sure my form is way off, though my militaries felt good. Light as all hell but whatever, the last rep of the last set almost didnt go up fully. In time I'll have boulders---I will NOT give up. My rotator cuff is fine but the ligament that holds the right collarbone to the scapula got pulled and stretched permanently during skiing, in a full tuck, superman hand/face plant because the crappy rental skis let go when i was all of 17 years old. It'll get better, because I am not giving it an option....

04-02-2008, 11:30 AM
...but I don't care... It's getting me going isnt it? :thumbup:
Decided to try smith machine squats since my crappy gym (planet f!!!tness) has no squat rack or anything... Finally decided to get away from those machines a bit for the legs, aside from leg presses. Lumbar extensions will be used to bust deadlift plateaus I suppose.

1 x 8 x 95
1 x 6 x 135
1 x 6 x 155
1 x 2 x 185 <----new PR
The 2nd rep was a little uneven at first so I would call it 1 1/2 reps lol

Leg Press machine:
190 x 10
220 x 10
240 x 8
250 x 8
Found the right ROM and it REALLY worked.

Smith Machine calf raises:
(smith is better than no exercise at all right?)

135 x 12
155 x 10 and started doing them with my toes on weight plates
185 x 10
205 x 10
too easy.

DB calf raises, toes on plates

1 x 50(2) x 12
1 x 60(2) x 10
1 x 70(2) x 10

Smith Squats (shut up)
bar x however many it took to get somewhat of good form going
95 x 8
135 x 8
145 x 6
I feel it in my left hip abductor, woohoo

Didn't know those muscles on the left side existed (yeah first time squatting)... Atrophy is still present, hard to believe but not really. My legs feel like they have much more fight left in them but I am not gonna push the issue. I did a lot of compound exercises and I am more used to the machines and cable stuff. Thanks to all who changed my mind because it feels like I will be getting MUCH stronger quicker. I am going to add the bench press this week if my right shoulder stops being a little bitch. Screw it, I'll bench nearly 0 if I have to, to get started.
NEVER going to give up. Never going to stop trying for more. End of story.

04-02-2008, 12:20 PM
Don't feel obligated to comment, though go for it of you wanna be brutal... I am tough as nails hahaha... I am basically leaving these up here to track my progress.

My take: Skinny as hell for 175, but really no abs to speak of, and this really shows how uneven I got from favoring one side for so long due to injury (scar is visible on lower back - friggin cool!!!).

I took the photo using a self timer so I am sure that I am not perfectly lined up either, but I am really happy with my gains so far. Eating has been the best part and I am gonna keep at that one for a long while.

So far, my biceps grew an inch in under 2 months, i gained 7 pounds, and lost an inch around the belly! I have lats and a middle back now which is new. Noob gains are great :ninja:

I should probably tan before I accidentally flash out an SOS to an airplane or something LOL. Ah well I think I look all right, so thats all that matters right? ;)

Here are my appearance goals:

upper chest development
chest symmetry
shoulders bigger
traps bigger
everything BIGGER
un-flabulate the thighs when i am happy with muscle mass. (not shown)

Does that sound about right?

04-04-2008, 04:10 PM
I skipped the biceps and I already did calves this week...... biceps are going to be burnt out after pre-exhaust with upper back / lats. I want to balance out the upper body anyway.

Another day at the gym cut short by the nuisance shoulder. I am going to have to rest for a week or so I think and ice the hell out of it. So, no chest or shoulder for a week and we'll see from there.

Bench press
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 95
1 x 6 x 135
0.00001 x nope x 185
instant shoulder pain.

Cable crossovers (weight is each stack of plates)
1 x 10 x 40 (mistake, should have done 8)
1 x 8 x 50
1 x 6 x 60
1 x 2 x 65 PR

1 x 10 x 70
1 x 8 x 85
1 x 8 x 130
1 x 6 x 145
1 x 2 x 160

4 x 5 x me
1 x 10 x me
I did the 10 after I spotted this huge dude that did a 245lb BTN military on the smith. Stopped feeling bad for myself.
30 is the new record! Strict form too.

1 x 8 x 30
1 x 8 x 35
1 x 2 x 40 (ouch)
1 x 6 x 30

Incline DB press
1 x 10 x 30
1 x 6 x 40

So, my conclusion for the day:


I know for a fact that my rotator cuff is fine, twisting it, raising it, and moving it in any direction is painless... once I get it in the bench position, or use it for flyes, fuhgeddaboutit. Any load kills... It's that stupid little ligament that cements the scapula to the tip of the clavicle which apparently is a useful little ligament... It is stretched like crazy. Flexing the right shoulder isometrically shows how much it floats. GRRRRRRRRRR

If anyone can tell me the best way to strengthen this bastard of a problem, I am all ears... I think that an all around high rep program with low weights is the only way to start... I NEED to get stronger. I WILL NOT STOP. THERE IS A WAY.

04-05-2008, 04:10 PM
Lats / middle back

Pull-ups, wide grip, palms away
3 x 5 x me

Wide Grip Lat pulldowns
1 x 8 x 120
2 x 8 x 140

Close Grip pulldowns, not sure the attachment but hands were parallel
1 x 8 x 120
2 x 8 x 140
1 x 3 x 160

Bent over BB rows
1 x 8 x 95
1 x 8 x 115
1 x 8 x 125

Modified Pull-ups
3 x 10 x me
Used the smith for something useful. each set was on a different height, heels were on floor the whole time.

Cable Low rows
1 x 8 x 120
2 x 8 x 140
1 x 8 x 160

Lumbar Hyperextensions, no weight
3 x 12

Bent over DB rows... each side
1 x 8 x 50 (REALLY easy)
1 x 8 x 65
1 x 8 x 75
That was the biggest dumbbell in the gym... Good feeling that I can legitimately use it for something.

04-05-2008, 04:29 PM
cool looking lats dude. you look like you should be rowing a lot more lol

keep working hard!

04-07-2008, 06:25 PM
...but I worked them today anyway. BEST decision I ever made (aside from quitting the restaurant industry hahaha).

nhlfan - hahaha you are right, my rowin' muscles are lacking in that photo... They're there but I have no idea how to flex my lats that wide and flex the mid back at all lol. I am gonna row more anyway! :whip:

I did core today as well, first day with weights. Loved it.

Not sure why, but I just DID calves a little.

Standing militaries
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 9 x 65
1 x 9 x 75
1 x 8 x 85 (YES)
I figured out how to clean the bar off the bench rack. Going for a bill next time.

Weighted hypers
1 x 10 x 0
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 25

Standing cable cross row (going to keep this one)
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 20
1 x 10 x 30
Rear delts feel ALIVE

Weighted Decline bench crunches
1 x 10 x 0
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 25

SMITH upright rows (hmm)
1 x 10 x bar
2 x 8 x 95
1 x 6 x 105
These didnt hurt the lateral delts at all (much)... going to keep these, maybe not on the smith. Form is in question.

Captain's Chair Oblique raise/crunch/whatever
3 x 10 each side

superset Arnies and (front DB raises - each hand)

1 x 8 x 15 (same)
1 x 8 x 20 (same)
1 x 8 x 20 just arnies

SMITH shrugs

1 x 6 x bar
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 10 x 185
1 x 10 x 205

DB shrugs - each hand
1 x 10 x 55 (way too easy now - SWEET)
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 10 x 75

Seated calf extensions with leg press machine
1 x 10 x 70 warm-up
1 x 10 x 175
1 x 10 x 250
1 x 10 x 300

Same, but one foot at a time
1 x 8 x 175 (each)

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Progress, though still light, is being made. It is good to know that I can gain in the militaries. We figured out that my shoulder had an AC dislocation all those years ago, but its nothing that I will make worse, aside from dull pain. It's just a little floaty and needs to build up. The traps are going to have to be done with uber weight on the bench, I had no choice today but I want FAR less reps, more weight and growth.

I am going to work my calves twice a week I think, they are tiny but recover stupidly fast. Hypers are going to be done more to help with the deads and also the bent over rowing that I need to do.

I eat too many carbs now. Going to focus on tuna, eggs, chicken, and cottage cheese... It's a good thing I love these foods.:fart:

04-08-2008, 04:33 PM
It seems I am getting addicted to deadlifts. I can't go the whole week, so I guess 6 days is the magic number. Hit a new PR too.

I am going to do hypers with weight and other core work every day so that I can be absolutely certain my stability is top notch while I increase the DL weight.

Weighted hypers
0 x 12
10 x 12
25 x 12

Cap's Chair obliques
1 x 10 each side.

1 x 5 x 135
1 x 5 x 155
1 x 5 x 175
1 x 2 x 205 PR

(at home)
exercise weighted ball crunches (just dont like the way that sounds)
1 x 12 x 10
1 x 12 x 20

I know I can do more on the DL... But I may never have a 1RM because if I can do it once, I always justify doing it again. I may just say screw it and go for a 225 in 6 days since the last increase was 20 lbs. Using 2pps looks like a cheap thrill that I want in on. I cut the routine short today because I noticed a trend in a lot of my workouts: too many movements. I bet that is what's wrong with my shoulder. I am going to figure out a better theory with less reps, more weight. It's just that as a beginner, I find myself able to do either 100 of a certain weight, or 2 1/2. I can't find the middle ground often times. I think 6 or 7 is going to be my ideal rep range once I know myself better. In another month I will be a little better off, since I will have also had that much more time to read and also get a better read on my body/diet/motivation.

One more thing... This workout today gave me a massive pump in the erector spinae, but didnt stress the spine the way some people describe. I kept the arch in good form and barked up my left shin this time. Anyone else experience their back muscles having a pump you can feel with your hand? It rules.

04-09-2008, 05:23 PM
Leg day: barely worth writing...

I didnt even have the chance to eat right today because of a stupid shift at work. I did however stop being such a pussy and put more weight on the dreaded smith. I hate that ****ing thing. But it's the only way I'll be squatting until I can afford a good rack for my attic. I won't ever be going over 350 so I'll have a decent lower level rack in a couple months. My form on the smith squat seems OK, I figured out where to put my feet so I could get my ass about 10" from the ground. I use a really wide stance too, but the workout I got from this is SO MUCH MORE than leg presses or extensions/curls that I can't really compare. I didn't even do that much

1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 135
1 x 4 x 185
3 x 8 x 135

Also did some pathetic good morning / straight leg DL with dumbbells
1 x 10 x 25
1 x 10 x 30
Barely anything, but never done before so I wanted to try them out before I lost all energy for the day.


04-10-2008, 02:50 PM
Legs apparently WERE worth writing about, my hips, quads and hams are on fire today. I will keep doing the squats like this because obviously my entire posterior from my glutes to my knees needs a tune-up.

I benched again today, tried to make a workout of it. The shoulder stoped me but I didn't kill it today.

Flat Bench:
1 x 8 x bar
2 x 8 x 135
1 x 0.75 x 185 (ALMOST)
1 x 2 x 155

Better I guess.

V-bar Pushdowns:
1 x 8 x 85
1 x 8 x 130
1 x 8 x 145
1 x 4 x 160

Incline Flys:
1 x 8 x 30
2 x 8 x 35
Tried 40, got a partial after that. Doing them slow as hell so i am burning

5 x 6 x self
1 x 5 x self

Flat Flys (cables were occupied so no crossovers, too impatient):
1 x 8 x 30
3 x 8 x 35

DB kickbacks:
1 x 10 x 20
2 x 10 x 25 (last reps felt amazing)

Core: weighted decline 3 sets like before, weighted hypers, e-ball obliques with 8lb medicine ball, also threw in 2 sets per side on a torso rotation machine, 90 lbs and 130 lbs each.

I think it's time for a dip belt. Any thoughts??????? I did a set of 14 earlier in the week and that was my max with cold tri's. Doing small sets I can go for miles apparently. Might dabble more with DB benching next week.

04-11-2008, 03:33 PM
I took on more freeweights and a new movement, the t-bar row, arnold style with a barbell. Not sure if I like it but it seems to kick my ass. Also looked up proper form and paid attention on exrx and fixed my low (close/neutral grip) rows on the cable rower.... and holy COW did it make a difference.

(proper form) Bent Over BB Rows:
1 x 8 x bar
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 8 x 115
1 x 8 x 135
1 x 8 x 155
I could have added more. Next time I will add a bit more or go for a max without killing my lumbar.

2 x 6
weight-assisted drop sets:
1 x -40 x 8
1 x -100 x 10

Close grip cable (low?) rows:
1 x 8 x 120
1 x 8 x 160
1 x 6 x 180 (NEW)
1 x 6 x 200 (YEAH)

T-bar Rows:
Not sure how to gauge weight, I did not add the bar weight since one end is on the floor. Should I add it on there?
1 x 10 x 45
1 x 8 x 90
1 x 8 x 115 (form deteriorated-noted)

Wide-grip pulldowns:
1 x 8 x 120

close grip pulldowns:
1 x 8 x 140
1 x 6 x 160
(getting torn up!)

Bent DB rows (each arm so double the recorded "sets"):
1 x 8 x 50
1 x 8 x 65
1 x 7 x 75

DB hammer curls:
2 x 5 x 35
1 x 5 x 30

weighted hypers..... as always

I usually start with the pull-ups, the BB rows sort of got me. That's why I said "That's not enough" and flipped up the assist kneepad and took some weight off of me. More reps!!!!!!! I still can't believe I pulled 200 on the cable rows. I guess I was due to break that month-long plateau.

04-12-2008, 05:16 PM
So I figured out, that if I keep the lateral raises to a minimum and do more compound exercises, the level of pain in my shoulder is minimal. Score!

Standing militaries:
1 x 8 x bar
1 x 8 x 65
1 x 7 x 75
1 x 4.5 x 95
Fifth was more of a half mil half push-press.

Cable Cross Rows
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 30
Dunno if I'm going to bother with these, might just fry the rear delts on back day from now on with freeweights.

BB upright rows: (not smith)
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 8 x 85
1 x 6 x 95
1 x 6 x 115
painless... but I felt it in the delts.

Cable lateral raises:
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 20

BB Shrugs:
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 10 x 185 (5 were partial)
1 x 10 x 135

DB Shrugs (wt of each):
1 x 10 x 55s
1 x 10 x 65s
1 x 10 x 75s (good form, loving it)

BTN militaries:
(first time ever)
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 65
1 x 8 x 75
These feel friggin awesome but I can see how a couple degrees could ruin the show.

1 x 10 x 20
1 x 8 x 25 (getting nuked, still weak)

I also tried this exercise involving the traps, using the cable row and the ropes. Kind of like face pulls but more like trap pulls. Anyway I didn't like them so I stopped after 2 sets. No burn, but I guess that's what you get from a men's health mag right?

GOALS FOR NEXT SAT / Shoulder day:
Mils: 100 lbs x 1
BB Shrugs: 175 x 8+ in good form
BTB BB shrugs... dunno what weight to start with so probably 135.

04-14-2008, 01:01 PM
did weighted hypers before and after the lift. also did weighted decline crunches, 3 sets of each, 0, 10, and 25lbs x 10

Cable oblique roation (chops?)
1 x 10 x 20
2 x 10 x 50
each side.


1 x 8 x 135
1 x 6 185
1 x 4 x 205
1 x 225

After almost 3 months of fairly aggressive training, and 4 total sessions of deads, I join the 2 plate club. It felt pretty good, I actually switched to alternate grip this time, for the first time, and held it up for a few extra seconds, to soak in the moment. I want to be able to do most of my deads with normal grip so my wrists/hands don't get behind the rest of my body in development but I had the goal this week to pull it up no matter what. Last week I only put the 205 up twice, this week I could have probably pulled the 225 again but I got a hell of a workout and was satisfied with the pull. I will alternate weeks now to add reps and add weight, respectively. I am way closer to my goal of 275 than I thought I'd be at this point. The squats will help me immensely I think, and it seems like both exercises help each other to build so I am psyched to see what I am capable of pulling without hurting myself. I will have to put the cap on my limit eventually, until everything I do gets too easy. But, we'll cross that bridge when we get there right? ;)

04-15-2008, 01:36 PM
SMITH Squats:
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 95
1 x 8 x 135
1 x 6 x 165
1 x 2 x 195

DB SLDL (or good mornings or whatever they are):
1 x 10 x 30s
1 x 10 x 40s
1 x 10 x 50s

DB calf raises:
1 x 10 x 55s
1 x 10 x 65s
1 x 10 x 75s

cable oblique chops:
1 x 10 x 40
1 x 10 x 50
1 x 10 x 60

standing alt DB curls:
1 x 6 x 35
1 x 5 x 40
1 x 1 x 45
(dunno why I did these, felt like it)

Weighted hypers, obliques on ball with 8lb med ball.

I think I need to get leg endurance up, higher reps lower weight, maybe stay on 135 for a while on sets of 10 just to get the endurance up. I talked to PF about putting in a squat rack, they said maybe (HA).

One can dream, right?

04-16-2008, 01:07 PM
Cable Crossovers:
1 x 10 x 30
1 x 8 x 40
1 x 8 x 50
1 x 8 x 60
1 x 1.5 x 70 PR
Was 2 but the last one was a series of 3000 partials thru the 1 rep

I TRIED WEIGHTED! Until I get above 75, I'm gonna use a dumbbell between crossed ankles, resting on the calves. Works fine and I don't have any money for stuff other than food and whey if I can.

2 x 8 x BW
1 x 8 x +20
1 x 6 x +20 (AMAZING)

Flat Bench (shut up):
1 x 10 x 95
1 x 6 x 135
1 x 145
1 x 155
1 x 4 x 135
Benching + me = bad relationship. Oh well, time will bring gains. I need a spotter for the mental aspect of it. My form is spot on tho, and my trap/lat positioning is changing for the better.

Flat Flyes:
1 x 8 x 30
2 x 8 x 35
1 x 6 x 40 PR
The squeeze is getting better now, I can feel it through my whole lower chest.

Incline DB bench (shut up again):
1 x 10 x 20s warmup
1 x 8 x 45s
0 x 0 x 55s (fried)
1 x 8 x 50s

Incline front raises (for upper pecs)
1 x 8 x 20s
2 x 8 x 15s (these are unreal)

EZ Bar Skulls:
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 40
1 x 8 x 50

DB Tricep kickbacks:
1 x 10 x 15 (1 set each arm)
1 x 10 x 20
1 x 8 x 25

Weighted Hypers:
1 x 10 x ME
1 x 10 x 10
1 x 10 x 25
1 x 10 x 45 (NEW)

Weighted incline crunches:
I figured out that I was doing the incline crunches wrong and put the weight behind my neck. I did the pelvic tilt and everything. HOLY COW
10 x nothing
10 x +10 (crunch then got hips into it, 2 stage movement)
10 x +25 (couldn't get my hips activated but the abs burned like hell)

I have to work tomorrow for 10 hours or so, so my rest day is tomorrow ironically. I am going to feel this one. I refuse to not let the numbers rise every other week or so, with few exceptions.

04-18-2008, 03:13 PM
I did something stupid: I worked my final shift at the olive garden (PEACE), and then worked out... On a 99% empty stomach all day. I felt shaky and dizzy during parts of it. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to but I still pushed for form. I think my form was lacking because I didn't feel much until the end. I didn't even bother doing lat pulldowns today but next week will be an all out brawl with the weights. I will be training at my new job, a desk job for once in my life. I'll have TONS of energy to blow off at the end of every shift.

1 x 6
2 x 5
-45 x 8
-85 x 10 (instead of -100)

Bent BB rows:
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 115
1 x 8 x 135
1 x 8 x 155 (worked on form more - they got harder)

Low Rows:
1 x 8 x 120
1 x 8 x 160
1 x 8 x 180
1 x 6 x 200
Progress... Also tightened up form. got MUCH harder.

Lat Pullovers (felt faint before this so subbed pulldowns):
perpendicular to bench - first time
1 x 8 x 45
1 x 8 x 55

Stupid life fitness machine, supinated machine rows:
1 x 10 x 90
1 x 8 x 130
1 x 8 x 150

DB bent rows:
1 x 10 x 50
1 x 8 x 65
1 x 8 x 75 (HARD and form deteriorated last 2 reps)

and... weighted hypers. derp.

I plan on working on form, form, form. My rows are my favorite movement aside from the deadlift. As I write this, I can start to feel the after-effects of the back work. I NEED TO EAT MORE, JEBUS CRIPES. I am going to add biceps tomorrow during shoulders. I am going to keep supinated rows because I feel they will add a different angle that will benefit me. Might do them on the cable machine instead of the spiffy purple and black machine.

Something tells me that losing the cardio style job is going to do my body wonders. 8 hours on your feet, on quarry tile, is bad for you, period.

04-19-2008, 12:01 PM
Upper back definitely got worked yesterday... Feels good.


Standing Militaries:
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 8 x 75
1 x 5 x 85
1 x 6 x 85 (got mad at first set)
1 x 3 x 95...
1 x 1 x 100 (FINALLY)

BB Upright rows:
1 x 10 x bar
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 8 x 85
1 x 8 x 95

BB Shrugs:
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 10 x 155
1 x 10 x 175 (goal of form acheived)

1 x 10 x 15s warmup
1 x 8 x 25s
1 x 8 x 30s

DB Shrugs:
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 10 x 75

I hope that one day I'll be able to do some lateral raises with 30+. The theory is I will tighten up the delts then push the weight.

04-21-2008, 04:14 PM
5 x 135
5 x 185
5 x 205 PR
4 x 225 PR!!

Like I said, I am gonna let my body catch up and hopefully develop a bit more by adding reps or sets... I will go for 250-275 in a short while. I could have pulled 250 I am sure, but I didn't, and I am trying to follow that goal of a little more endurance before I go for max again. Maxing out every time is what I want to do but it would kill me eventually. So, maybe every other time ;)

Weighted hyperextensions
Stability ball crunches
SB oblique crunches

note to self: every dang PR is probably not worth noting 3 months in... almost every new session will have PR's until (if) I hit my first big plateau

04-28-2008, 05:24 PM
I think, after looking over my stuff, that I am going to switch up the routine...
monday: pull
Wednesday: push
Thursday: deads
Friday: legs.

I wrote a thread on the details, but I'm pulling tonight... be back with more. I took a few days off due to the girlfriend's family staying with us for 3 days. I worked out once pitifully before they came up so it doesn't count. LOL

Still not eating right. It ends TODAY.

04-29-2008, 03:54 PM
The internet can kiss my ass.
Anyway, here's the new routine:

Bent over BB Rows
Incline Bench

Extra weighted core work

Weds: rest

Flat BB Bench
Standing military press
Arnold press

"squats" --- I can't wait til I get my rack!
Leg Press
seated calves
standing calves

04-29-2008, 04:04 PM
Since I already did my pull day before I got straightened out by Songsangnim, I did a lot of isolation stuff that isn't going to matter as much as the compounds. I knew this but not to what extent until I looked into it further. So yeah, here's my rowing routine lol:

2 x 6, 2 x 4, 1 x 2 : holy shyte, I did 22 pull-ups

Cable rows:
8 x 140
8 x 160
8 x 180 (last 2 sucked)

Bent bb rows:
8 x 135
8 x 155 (sucked)
8 x 135
going to stick with 135 until I get really good at them.

bent db rows:
8 x 60
8 x 70
8 x 75

close grip pulldowns:
8 x 120
2 x 8 x 140 1 set palms in, one palms out.

hypers, etc.

So yeah.

04-29-2008, 04:18 PM
Today's lift:

6 x 135
6 x 185
6 x 205
6 x 225 (SWEET)
I started to feel a little froggy...
1 x 245 PR!!!

After 4 sets of 6, I almost didn't go for it, and my thumbs played very little part in the last lift. No alternate grip or anything, they just didn't really get used in the contact of the bar. My form is still spot-on. I can tell because it is starting to get easier, my balance is perfect as I drive through my heels, and the bar comes up parallel every time.

The new max felt awesome so I finished up with weighted decline crunches with the 10lb plate behind the neck, 25 lbs on the chest. Then I burned it out with 10 lbs on the chest again.

Time to eat like I am starving.

I am up to 178 again, from some twist of fate. I think that taking a few days off did me a world of good. In the future, I think that less movements could result in less calories burned, making my eating efforts all the more effective. If I end up looking fairly clean at 200 or so, I will do a 2 month cut just to look insanely ripped one time in my life before I go for more mass. That'll be a while yet. I'd really like to weigh 200 looking this lean or leaner. That would be a dream since my college weight was 195 all squishy.

05-03-2008, 02:59 PM
my push routine sucked. it just sucked. I am hurting on the bench but this might be what I need to get the numbers up.

Flat bench:
bar x 10
135 x 6
155 x 3
135 x 6
crap. gotta work on form more or something, arms are shaky.

65 x 7
85 x 5
95 x 3

arnolds: not gonna write these, small sets of crap.

Bad day.

05-03-2008, 03:02 PM
this was today... push was thursday and legs was supposed to be yesterday but I had stuff to do.

warm up bar x 8
135 x 8
155 x 8
185 x 6

warm up 95 x 8
135 x 8
155 x 8
185 x 8
I like these... first time doing them. Feel good, back is a little raw but nothing bad.

Seated calves:
warm up of something featherweight x 10
170 x 10
210 x 10
250 x 10

Standing calves, holding dbs
55s x 10
65s x 10
75s x 10

05-05-2008, 05:07 PM
I had a revelation: My shoulders are a huge weak point. I need to put my effort into them like crazy. All this anterior delt work just might do me some good. The back is a little raw before/after so tomorrow's deads will not be a max. I will go 2 weeks before I try for 255.

Pullups: 8, 6, 4, 4 = 22

Bent over BB rows:
6 x bar
6 x 95
6 x 135
7 x 135
(these make my back sore but the benefit is much more than the minor pain)

Dips: (exciting stuff)
6 x bw
6 x 20
6 x 25!
6 x 30!!!!!!
I love weighted dips. LOVE them.

Incline DB bench (WEAK!!!):
set on #4 incline
8 x 40s
2 x 8 x 45s
6 x 50s

I am trying to resist the temptation of flys at this point... I want my functional strength to increase and the extra isolation movements will probably burn more calories than they would build muscle. I want everything to grow in unison. I just wish I had an incline bench for a barbell so the upper pecs have a better shot at growing together. Form is my best weapon.

05-06-2008, 04:28 PM
6 x 135
6 x 185
6 x 205
6 x 225
Weighted hyperextensions, 10/25lb plates. Gonna do some 25/45 thursday with a 45lb DB since the plates are too large. My lower back is getting a lot stronger. One more week of this and I am going for 250+. Won't be too bad as long as I do it right as opposed to last week, where I added 20lbs after my working sets. I figure 5x135 to warm up, 3 x 185x 2 x 225 then 255 maybe try at 265 and if that was good, 275 which would be the goal I first set for myself 3 months ago... That would trip me out. My Bent BB rows tend to strain my back a lot the day before, even though it doesn't bend over like I've seen happen. I might go for cable rows instead just to give the lumbar a rest.

Sore back before, felt much better after. Is this normal? :eek:

05-08-2008, 04:02 PM
Funny sort of day. I put up 165 with little trouble at all, so I decided to try my nemesis of 185 after 4 sets, and it stuck at the bottom. Embarrassing but hey, I should have gone 10 pounds lighter. That, and considering I've never put up 185 I should have attempted it after less reps and sets and concentrated on form.

flat bench:
10 x bar
9 x 95
6 x 135
6 x 145
[edit: forgot this set] 4 x 155
1 x 165
0 x 185

Standing Militaries:
10 x 65
8 x 85
2 x 1 x 95

8 x 20
8 x 25
6 x 30
1 x 35

Weighted dips (not in routine but I felt the need to do more)
8 x 20lb
6 x 20lb

Weighter hyperextensions (plate against chest)
10 x 25lb
10 x 50lb

decline crunches, plate behind neck
10 x 10 elbows past knees
10 x 25 abs only, focus on slow reps (sizzle)

No shoulder pain today. I'm pretty happy about that.

05-09-2008, 04:14 PM
I decided to go for squats as low as I could today and I got WAY lower than parallel... Afterwards my legs were shaky as hell but I made myself do the rest of my workout.

Squats (ATF):
10 x bar
8 x 135
8 x 165
3 x 185

8 x bar
8 x 135
8 x 165
8 x 185
8 x 205
I must be able to do a heluva lot more weight... I like keeping the hams in this rep range though. I bet my true regular max DL is far more than 245. I imagine it's closer to 300 but baby steps will keep me intact.

Standing calves with dbs:
2 x 10 x 70s
10 x 75s
nailed the form with the balls of my feet on weight plates. Felt scrunchy.

seated calves:
10 x 190
10 x 230
10 x 260
see SLDL comment.

Great workout, doing full squats is much more work than the parallels. Feels amazing after. Tomorrow might be a rough one, will be static stretching and hopefully foam rolling if I can find one cheap enough. The size I want is about $35 at dick's sporting goods which is a bit outrageous.

05-09-2008, 07:06 PM
Oh baby, ATF. Your going to be feeling it tomorrow brotha. Lookin' pretty good man, nice lats for on the skinnier side. Bulk up and those things gunna be pretty beastly.

05-10-2008, 09:44 AM
fooz - thanks man, it's a long road ahead... used to weight 148 (craziness) but there's no stopping if I bulk clean enough. I just have to get myself on a proper diet and stop estimating calories cuz I overestimate all the time.


Not very sore today, I bet I should have done more squats. Either that or I'm starting to get used to them. I did all but the last 2 reps pretty quick yesterday even though squats were low as hell and my sldl's were heavier.

I am starting to eat at this local sandwich shop called Big G's and their breakfasts are 4+ egg omelettes, homemade toast where one slice is the equivalent of 3 grocery store slices, and a pile of home fries. Cheap as hell and the girls we ate with didn't eat the 5 pieces of bacon they were given so I was in heaven. I can get used to a 1000 calorie breakfast with over 60 grams of protein (we won't get into the fat or carbs hahaha). This is what it's gonna take for me to crest 177. 3 months and I am 12 pounds up, which is pretty good... i want MORE

05-10-2008, 10:16 AM
nice 12 lbs in 3 months. It must've been some pretty clean weight.

05-12-2008, 04:47 PM
I had a good day today, added a pullup - 1 rep at a time baby!
My rows are getting better and so is my flexibility. My second set was actually pendlay rows because I was so low anyway... about 2 inches or less form the ground. I wanted to get a taste of what the real deal was. The real deal is a bit more challenging but that's why I'm doing this right?
Turns out I had no idea on how to do incline dumbbell presses before... At my level I had way too much on an incline. One click down and it was smooth sailing. My weighted dips are growing like crazy. I think I'm gonna do those 2x a week like last week and leave it as a light day for speed. You powerlifters know your stuff (and bb's too of course). No way in hell will I take on the ME/DE split though, I wish I could.

8, 6, 4, 4, 1
Could have done a few more sets in the 3's but I wanted to save my biceps a little bit for the rows.

6 x bw
2 x 6 x +30
1 x something(5 or 6?) x +35

BB rows:
3 x 6 x 135

Incline press:
incline at #3 out of 6
8 x 45
8 x 50
8 x 55 (last one was something of a miracle)

Oblique ball crunches (OUCH!) medicine ball, ON a ball.
8 lb ball behind neck, 12 full extension and 8 isolated low ROM reps per side

weighted hypers:
10 x 10
10 x 25

Afterthought: Next week I think I am gonna get sick of BW pullups. Maybe a couple to warm up then I will add 25 lbs and go for a billion little sets... I desparately need a dip belt now, because I've been doing all these dips with a DB resting between my calves. Did anyone say compound exercise? :thumbup:

Another afterthought: I've never seen so many people doing 21's in my life. And only now do I realize how ineffective all my other exercises were. I see people doing all the isolation crap I used to obsess over, and they aren't pro bodybuilders nor are they anywhere near their peak performance... consequently they are showing fair progress at best, most are showing zero. Odd how all the people benching and doing the heavy compounds are much, much bigger than the other 90% of the world.

I have said it a million times: THANK YOU everyone for making me realize my errors. I can FEEL that my progress will skyrocket compared to how it would have been.

05-12-2008, 05:08 PM
live and learn. keep at it man, nice incline presses.

05-12-2008, 05:56 PM
Keep up the hard work. Computer geeks unite! Your lats look good, btw, nice wingspan.

05-13-2008, 04:01 PM
thanks fooz and killxswitch - I'm gonna be doing this for a very long time. I plan on updating my pics in another month or 2, now that I can actually AFFORD food again to show some progress. There's no point in a monthly update because the changes don't stand out as much.

I upped my working sets by 10 lbs and threw on a couple extra reps at 225. I almost lost the bar on the last one because I didn't released bar tension when I unloaded it. I completely let the weight down every time so the strain isn't as bad. Basically, I had it in the crook of my 4 fingers, absolutely no thumbs involved.
This workout, though shorter than I like, is my favorite. I am looking into a weight and rep scheme for some DB lunges to throw on top of the DL's. My goal for next week is a new max: I will do very few warmups, and singles through the 200's until I get to 255 or more. I really want more.

warmup: 6 x 135 (the bar is coming up mighty fast now, adding 20 lbs to this in 2wks)
6 x 195
6 x 215
8 x 225 (PR of 2 reps)

Captain's chair - hanging ab whatevers:
2 x 12

weighted hypers, 10 x 10&25lbs

05-17-2008, 09:44 AM
I've been taking it easy for the last couple days... my head is about to cave in, probably from the new job and not eating right. Once I get back on track and find a spotter there will be a lot of amazing progress made.

Skipped legs this week because I usually go until I'm light-headed so that would probably be bad for me right now. I do hate skipping.

6 x 135
6 x 145
6 x 155
6 x 135

Standing mils:
10 x bar
6 x 85
4 x 85
8 x 65
(doing drops this week because I obviously need to switch something up)

8 x 25
6 x 30
5 x 30

I went too fast this week but appreciated the burn. My traps were fried by the time i did arnies, I wonder if I am doing the militaries right???

05-19-2008, 04:17 PM
I had an awesome day, added another rep to my pullups. AND, I added 25lbs.
I also upped the ante on the incline press, and the bent bb rows. AND the dips! I am pumped about it.

6 x bw
2 x 4 x +25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 x bw
after entire workout:
4 x bw
3 x bw
total: 25! with 8 weighed!!!!!

Incline DB press:
setting #3 incline
9 x 45s
9 x 55s
7 x 55s

Dips: (these were full dip, 99.9999999% of full lockout)
6 x bw
2 x 6 x +35
4 x +40 !!!!!!!!!!!!

bent BB Rows:
6 x 135
6 x 145
7 x 145 !!!!!!!!!!!
good form throughout except last rep but who cares?

weighted decline crunch, plate behind neck, elbows to knees
3 x 8 x +10

I like steak. And weight gainer. And steak.

05-19-2008, 06:54 PM
Your strength is shootin up. Nice job man!

05-20-2008, 03:48 PM
Thanks fooz, I feel like I am getting a little stronger week by week. In between maxes, I notice I build more bar speed which is going to be my saving grace I'm sure.

135 x 5 warmup
225 x 1
245 x 1
265 x 1 PR
275 x 1 PR!
280 x 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weighted hypers 10 x 10lbs, then 25lbs
oblique crunches suspended in the chair: 2 x 10 per side

These are getting easier. I'm not gonna lie, the last one was a tricky one. I wanted to try for 295 but I know myself too well. That'll be in 3 weeks... maybe my strength will be even higher by then! I have found that waiting and doing working sets, and only doing one max a month is the way to go with these. Pulling in general is definitely my strong point.

I think I should be splitting up my accessory leg work like hams and calves, maybe do some direct ham exercise on dead day (NOT the SLDL's) and do seated calf raises one day, standing the next. I am also going to start alternating obliques and rectus abdominus like I have done this week to even it all up. If I can remember it then I'll be golden hahaha

Time to update the sig! :)

05-28-2008, 02:48 PM
I was really busy and missed a few days. not this week... i'm catching up and doing 4 days in a row. I had some progress in the last 2 days.

pullups: 6 x bw
4 x 25
3 x 25
2 x 30 pr

6 x bw
2 x 6 x +35
5 x +35
2.5 x 40!!!!

bent bb rows:
6 x 135
6 x 145
5.5 x 155
last one was crappy

I didn't get to my inclines but I worked my chest pretty well with the extra weight from the dips.

6 x 135
6 x 205
6 x 225
4 x 245
2 x 275

regular hypers
caps chair and cc obliques
3 x 10 total

One rep at a time!!!!!

05-28-2008, 02:56 PM
Some good rows man, i can see why now... from those lats haha.

05-29-2008, 08:03 PM
my traps are good and tight today...
tomorrow I go for max bench... hopefully an acquaintance from high school I see at the gym will be there so I have the mental security that I won't crush myself hahaha

06-02-2008, 05:42 PM
I am so effing lazy. I can't take my lack of motivation anymore so I'm just going to stop waiting for it.... I haven't benched in a couple weeks now and I got used to it. Now my inclines are down (though I did max out once again with dips)!!!

6 x bw
2 x 3 x +30
2 x 4 x bw and 1 more for good measure
21 in total
[EDIT: there were a couple mroe +30's in there but they weren't worth logging... they worked me hard though]
6 x bw
2 x 6 x +35
4 x +35 (pissed)
2 x +50 (SWEET)

Bent Rows:
2 x 6 x 135
6 x 145 (BORING)

Incline DB press:
6 x 45s
6 x 55s
0 x 60s (BLAH)

I've got to set a goal for this week and stick to it. If it's in writing I hope I'll get to it cuz I want to be big, not lazy!

tuesday: DEAD 300 DAMMIT!
Thursday: bench 185. OH press 100 lbs with strict isolation.
Friday: Squat anything, SLDL 215

You'll all be seeing some fireworks this week! And I'll be sleeping like a baby hahahahahaha

06-03-2008, 03:18 PM
I'm checking this site every day just to get myself back into lifting like i did a few weeks ago. I'm going to attempt a 300lb deadlift today... after I straighten out my account with the gym... The idiots took my billing info off and charged me a service fee because my girlfriend cancelled her membership, and they found it necessary to take her info off of my account too. derp! They're good to me though and said they'd fix the fees.

06-03-2008, 04:31 PM
I got motivated!

warmup: 2 x 5 x 135
1 x 225
1 x 275
1 x 300 (PR)
1 x 315!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A friend said the left side didn't come up as fast (just barely), but I evened it out and locked so I'm counting it! It felt good! I got a "damn!" from the peanut gallery too ;)
I am no longer a complete weakling I guess hahaha

weigthed hypers: 10 x +25 and 2 x 12 x +25

So my goal for wednesday is to bench 185 (IF I can find a spotter). If I can't find one then I'll work on reps at 165 since I know I am comfortable at least. Endurance before strength I guess.
"Like a blind man at an orgy, I was going to have to feel my way through."

06-07-2008, 07:26 PM
my bench is worrying me.

3 x 6 x 135
3 x 145

standing mils:
10 x bar
8 x 70
6 x 85
2 x 95
4 x 85
2 x 8 x 25
1 x 8 x 30
1 x 6 x 35
and a set of 10 lateral raises at a whopping 15 lbs lol

weighted dips
6 x bw
6 x +35
(i did these so I didn't feel like today was a waste.)

I either need a tutor on how to bench or my shoulders are worse than I realized. oh well, I might just do declines instead. my chest deserves a good burning out. I have been tossing a couple sets of 20 pushups a couple times a week, which I am fast at. WTF keeps someone from benching like this???
(don't mind the punctuation, this is a post from a pda phone and I get impatient with it lol)

06-07-2008, 08:42 PM
good work in here man, the bench will come. Work on the tricep, lats, shoulders HARD.

07-01-2010, 05:19 PM
Hey everyone, after 2 years of going absolutely crazy, and losing lots of strength at my desk job with little physical activity, I officially am 2 months back in the gym. I did some research and I'm going to go with a fairly standard push/pull split, with 2 pull and 2 push days, and a leg day. The days of rest will come when needed.

This is what I've learned about myself:
1. A normal routine doesn't always mean a better routine in the case of a hyper ectomorph.
2. I burned an insane amount of calories 8 hours a day when I worked in a restaurant. Now that I don't, my eating is going to the right places. Parts of my body, like my chest, are already bigger than they were for 6 months in '08.
3. I was doing some wrong exercises for my body type and situation. For instance... I doubt I'll ever be doing a lot of weight on the bench press... my arms are stupidly long. So, I'm going to focus on the DB Benches and just hit the ever-loving hell out of my chest.
4. I was using improper form on some exercises too. I don't know why, but I get a much better workout, and LESS pain doing shoulder presses (with DB's for now) in a pseudo-behind-the-neck position. Also, behind-the-neck pulldowns give me an insane burn after pullups and chinups.
5. I am going to have a hell of a time building up my upper pecs. They will be a goal, as well as my shoulders, now that I can actually WORK THEM OUT.
6. I have not surpassed the 315 deadlift simply due to grip. In time I will get over that weight, but I have no plans to rush this one up. In fact, if I don't do the right combo of reps, I can't hit 315 some days. 2 fails 2 weeks in a row so a deadlift max is not the current strategy.
7. I can gain weight now that I have been nicotine-free for 2 months as well! I actually quit slightly after starting back, but I have been moderately eating and gaining 1 to 2 lbs/week. Current weight is 177 (was probably at 165ish average prior to April), and I will maybe kinda sorta stop if I hit 195, depending on how I look and BF%. I can see some lines coming back in the midsection so that means I still am going through noob gains, which is exciting me a bit!.
8. Drop sets make me happy in pants.

9. Short story that will make you laugh: there is a new Smith guy in the gym. This is what he does: stretches, loads 275 on the Smith to do bench presses, stares at himself in the mirror doing arm circles and doing almost a weird "most muscular" post at the end of each revolution. After 10 reps of circles, and of course setting the stops at 8+/- inches above his chest, does half-reps to failure then SLAMS it down on the stops. Repeat arm circles, add plate, repeat entire cycle. Gets up to more than 365, which I honestly couldn't dream of moving at this point, but it is still a sight to behold. After that, he leaves. In 2 months, I haven't seen him do anything else except run, cycle, and do these Smithies. I am going to assume he does more elsewhere, or has some athletic purpose that I'm not familiar with, but I can only pray for his upper back stability.

11. I like to ramble.

Anycrap, The moral of the story is I will be working out to failure, abolishing barbell work until later when I am stable, bludgeoning my midsection and lumbar, and in 2 weeks I am going to be back up to where I was before. Now to find a dip belt so I can stop getting those looks when I snag and bolt with 2 different size DB's! :)

07-01-2010, 05:57 PM
If I set milestones and hit them or come close then I am guaranteed some gains!

Dips - I can do set of 12 x bw, or a 1 x +45 lb max.
GOAL - 30 x bw set, or a +60 lb max.

Pullups - 8 x bw
GOAL - 20 x bw and 1 x +35+++

Low Rows - 120 x 4
GOAL - bw x 6

BTN Pulldowns - 1 x 120 (BARELY)
GOAL - 6 x 120 and maybe go higher on 1rm

Curl - hmm...
GOAL - to be able to do a set of 10 at 25's or higher in strict form AFTER doing my obscene back/pull day. :ninja:

DB Lateral raises - 7 x 20
GOAL - 6 x 35 without pain.

DB Seated Shoulder press - 10 x 25's
GOAL - 6 x 50's without pain

Deadlift - 315 (still :( )
GOAL - 365

Leg Press - 3 x 10ish x 310
GOAL - 3 x 10 x 365++

Calves "maxes" are going to be hard to measure due to the way I am going to work them out.

But yeah, there's the 3 month point. If I can get this all accomplished, that'll kick ass.