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03-25-2008, 01:44 PM

I think anyone who follows this journal will find that I can offer a unique perspective that not many can. Anyone who is interested in what a basketball player playing for an elite basketball program goes through on a daily basis will be able to see that im my journal. Along with the extra hours that I put in the weight room that you will see, You will also get a look at all the other aspects that go into the making of a player that hopes to play professional basketball oversees, then eventually, nba. Also, I have suffered from an ACL injury that doctors thought would end my career. This journal can serve as insiration for anyone that has suffered this injury that with hard work you can come back as strong, or even stronger, than you were.


I am a freshman basketball player at a high level d2 in Ohio. Our season has just ended. After taking a week off, I am starting my training. I have incredible, but not unreasonable, expectations for next year, but to reach them, I am going to have to work harder this upcoming year than i ever have before.

My team went 32-5 last year, and we are returning all but one player, who came off the bench and played only a few minutes. With all the players returning, it is going to be an absolute battle to gain playing time for a younger guy like me. I am coming off an ok freshman season, I had a season high 11 pts on two occasions, but the most minutes i played this year in a game was 20 minutes, or half a game. still, with only playing spare minutes, I was able to establish myself as one of the teams best defenders.I feel that all the sucess I had was just from hustling and athleticism, I feel, and many others do, that I have a ton of untapped potential that I am going to tap into with the work I will do this off-season

My vision is to average about 16ppg, and 8rpg next year. I plan to do this with having an unstoppable face-up game, being a beast on the boards, a lethal jumper, and being able to handle the ball so well, big men that are matched up on me will have absolutly no chance to stay in front of me. With these stats and the team we have next year, there is a great chance i would be an all american.

I am about 6'6 220 at about 8%bf right now. By next season I hope to be 6'6-6'7 235 7-10%bf. Also. as you may have seen in a post in the Sports training forum, I have aspirations of having a 45 inch verticle by the time i graduate. Currently, my vertical is 36 inches (approx) by next year i would be happy with a 39 inch vert, so i will try to improve that aspect 3 inches this off season, which will be tough, but is possible.

But it is time to hit the gym, I will post Day 1 tonite or tommorow morning, Thank you for reading

03-25-2008, 02:29 PM
I am looking forward to this good luck with all your goals bro and holla to tall people

03-25-2008, 03:56 PM

Hit the weight room around 11. I havent lifted in about 2 weeks with all the traveling we have had to do for the tournament. I chose to do the Westside barbell for skinny bastards from Defrancos website. I like the idea of being able to change everything up fairly easily without having to find a new program, plus ive heard good things about westside programs im also doing a bench program and im starting a squat program the next lower body day. supposidly it will increase my bench about 40 pounds, id be happy with 25-30. I wasnt able to finish out the last 3 reps on the bench, but i havent lifted for awhile so im not too concerned. Good lift besides that. trying to work up to about 30 mins cardio before my lift, thats what i was doing last summer and i got great reults from that....might add in some jump rope....Trying to find a good plyometric program to add

(weight x reps x sets)

10 mins bike warm up

Bench press 135x10x3, 175x5,185x5,195x5, 210x2

flat dumbell bench press 50xMAXx2

dumbell rows 60 x 10 x 4
rear delt flyes 30 x 10 x 4

behind the back shrugs 175 x 15 x 4

dumbell curls 35 x 10 x 4

Skill training- Went to to gym 4 times today and was always occupied. Frustrated i walked to the rec center to use those **** courts to find that there was a dinner going on in there. This pisses me off more than anything, how the **** can a basketball player not find a basketball court?? tuition here is $30,000 a year and a student here would have no place to work out today i think im going to start start doing my ball handling in the middle of the cafeteria :bang:

Im going to try and see if the gym is freed up 1 more time, if it is then i guess im going to have to take today off :bang: :bang: :bang: this is why i wish i wouldve went d1!!! lol

03-26-2008, 04:16 PM
Day 2

Easy work out by design in the WBB routine. Back hurts from deadlift :(

10 mins bike

Box jumps 5repsx6sets


split lunges 30pds x 10reps x 3 sets

deadlift 185 x 10 x 3

Hanging knee pull ups 15 x 4

Gyms closed off again, i found a corner and did some ball handling for about 30 mins. looks like im going to have to start waking up around 6 to get time in there....I hate waking up early but that would make stuff so much easier..well see

03-31-2008, 06:11 PM
Day 3

First mandatory lift with the basketball team, we will have mandatory lifts monday through thursday, individual training on tuesdays and thursdays, and "open gym" on tuesdays and thursdays for the next month.

This was a goofy lift today, we had a different trainer then normal

Ab circuit

Hurdles/ Hip flexibility

1 foot line jumps for 15 seconds each foot, forward and backward and side to side


barbell box step ups 95pds 2 sets x 10 reps
Pulls ups 2x max


dumbell shrugs 85s 2x10
Quad stretch 2x hold for 15 secs

Lunges 45s 2x 10
Partner hamstrings 2x6

Shoulder mobility

Bench program

Pretty easy lift, first day taking NO Explode, only took one scoop but i could feel it, i think i will take two scoops on the days we only have lifting and 1 on the days were we have a lot of other stuff to do. right now im 220, my goal is to be at 230 by the time school lets out, 10 pounds in a month? its doable...

03-31-2008, 07:44 PM
Keep at it bro, no-xplode is great first few times you use it and then you get diminishing returns. I have to 3 scoop it now to get something out of it and I only use it once a week when I'm feeling tired before a workout.

04-01-2008, 06:15 PM
Day 4

Bench Program

135 2x10

165 1x8

185 1x5

205 1x3

225 1x2

205 x3

185 x5

Arnold press 30S 2x15

incline flys 35s 2x15 45s 1x15

Close hand push ups 3x15
shrugs 135 3x15

box jumps 6x5
footwork drill

delts 20s 2x15
Partner tri's 1x10

Calf raises 2x30
dips 2xmax

Had individual traiining at 8am, played well. Got in an argument with a teamate and played him 1 on 1 for about an hour, lost by 1 3 games straight! pissed...Open gym after lift for about two hours, played bad defense but my offense was okay, if this is where im starting going into my traiining that is a good sign...im exhausted...Homework, shake then sleep, wake up at 7:15 and get back at it.

"the game will give you what you give the game"- mj