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03-26-2008, 03:18 PM
lets start off by stating some of my goals....
right now I'm about 295lbs roughly on an average day... I used to powerlift but I mainly just benchpressed... my best bench was in 06 I did 465 raw right after I did 455 raw.. I dropped powerlifting about a year and a half ago, and started lifting for my health... I was 350lbs in 06, and dropped down to 280lbs in 07... I'm now 295lbs from just free floating... I haven't even stepped foot in the gym in about 2 months, and before that it was very unfrequent when I did... my goal is to get my body weight down to 250lbs
but for now my goal is just to keep goin to the gym at least 3x's a week, and posting my workouts on this thread...

well today was my first workout in 2 months, and here is how it went as follows

benchpress: 45x15 135x12 185x10 225x8 (pretty easy, but don't want to push too hard right away)
dumbbellmilitarypress: 20'sx12 30'sx10 40'sx8
ezbarfrenchpress': 40'sx12 50'sx10 60'sx8
dumbbellchestflies: 20'sx10 20'sx10 20'sx10
treadmill: 20minutes
5min=2.0 5min=2.5 5min=3.0 5min=3.5mph

tomorrow depending on how I feel after work I may do some cardio but I'm leaving this up to my own discretion... but friday I will do back for certain

03-30-2008, 09:34 PM

barbellbentrows: 45x15 95x12 115x10 135x8 good form no momentum
dumbbellrows: 20'sx12 40'x10 60'sx8
ezbarpreachercurls: 40x12 50x10 60x8
behindnecklatpulldowns: 80x12 100x10 120x8
treadmill: 20minutes
2.0 5min, 2.5 5min, 3.0 5min, 3.5mph 5min
played on the inside basketball courts for 10minutes out of boredom and extra calories to burn