View Full Version : First post...Need diet for my goals

03-27-2008, 09:38 PM
Hey all,

First thread, great site. I'd like your feedback on how I can accomplish my goal of staying cut but gaining muscle and strength. I'm sure this is a common goal but some quick feedback would be great.


I'm 27 years old
185 lbs.
12% BF
I've been lifting weights since I was 16. I have a muscular/lean build. In college, I lifted about 4 x week. Right now, I'm at about 3 days/week with 2 days of cardio (I played collegiate soccer '03, and now play in men's leagues twice a week)

How can I keep my BF low but also gain muscle weight...Maybe 10 lbs? Do I need to eat like a horse, gain BF, and then cut down?

Diet tips? Work out tips?

I know it's a general question but I'm a rookie here...Thanks.

Bako Lifter
03-27-2008, 09:47 PM
Welcome to the site. A good idea would be to use the search and read stuff on diet and training. Once you've read a lot your questions will probably be more specific and you can get better answers that way.