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Lazy Chump
03-31-2008, 04:59 PM

I'm new to this forum but I'm not new to training in general. Since I was a kid I've done soccer, football, basketball, handball and in the last five years I've dabbled with lifting weights. I started lifting weights cause I found myself being a skinny bastard the likes of which you have never seen. I studied training a lot and as I learned more and more about training I became more succesful. Since I started I've found out that big compoundmovements work best for me and you will see these in all of my workouts.

Unfortunately I sustained a kneeinjury in late november from which I am still suffering. The injury has been a serious inhibitor on my will to do any workouts but now I will try to regain control of my body and get back into shape.

Age: 22 years
Height: 6 feet 6 inches
Weight: Around 225 pounds

Personal bests:

Squat: 308lbs (ATG)
Benchpress: 231lbs
Deadlift: 419lbs

I am nowhere near these now but I will see what I can do to get back soon.

Lazy Chump
03-31-2008, 05:07 PM

Concept 2 Rowing

1 x 500m @ 1:42
1 x 500m @ 1:36 (PB)

It's a personal best for me, not that it says too much since it's only my fourth time on the machine. In the future I will strive to get two days of rowing to help my conditioning. I usually don't like doing cardio but it's very necessary for two reasons: 1) Bragging rights when I demolish the dorm record on the 2K and 2) Me and some of the guys are doing a little multiathletic competition where every competitor gets to choose their own discipline and as much as they know I will beat them in stregth stuff they also know I suck at any sport that requires work for longer periods of time.

The dorm best @ 2000m is 6:55 and hopefully I'll beat that.

Tomorrow afternoon I've got an upper body PULL workout coming up.

Lazy Chump
04-01-2008, 04:12 PM

Upper body Pull Heavy

Rackpulls (From just under the knee, no leg activation)

1 x 5 @ 44lbs
1 x 5 @ 132lbs
1 x 3 @ 220lbs
8 x 1 @ 309lbs

Haven't been to the gym for a long time so I decided to take it a bit easy overall. Back in my prime I was doing 440lbs for reps. :(


1 x 5 x 110lbs (warmup in the cabletower)
5 x 3 @ BW (230lbs)

A bit harder than I suspected, hopefully I will improve in this soon so I can start doing sets of 5 reps with added weight.

Horisontal Low Pulley Row (Straight Bar)

1 x 8 @ 88lbs
3 x 8 @ 132lbs

BB 'Cheatcurls'

1 x 8 @ 44lbs
2 x 8 @ 66lbs
1 x 7 @ 66lbs

It's good to be back in the gym and hopefully this time I'll be able to keep my motivation up! Tomorrow I'll be doing some upper body high volume pushing.

Lazy Chump
04-02-2008, 08:02 AM
Somehow my keycard has been disabled and noone was there to open for me. I'll have to get ahold of the administrator before my workouts on friday and saturday.

Damn it! :outnumber:

Lazy Chump
04-03-2008, 03:54 PM

Concept 2 Rowing

1 x 1000m @ 3:55.1

Just a quick 1K before bedtime. Was my first time doing a 1K and my back / arms were a bit sore from the back'n'biceps workout the other day. Over the next couple of months I'll work on the mileage as well as trying to cut down the time on my 500m, 1000m and see if I can get a good 2000m time.

I see lots of room for improvement not only in my conditioning but also in the gear. My feet keep popping out of the 'foot holder' and the machine isn't bolted to the ground so I keep skating around all over the place when I pull hard.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the gym.

Lazy Chump
04-04-2008, 02:03 PM

Upper body Pull Heavy


1 x 5 @ 44lbs
1 x 5 @ 110lbs
8 x 1 @ 176lbs

Pretty lightweight, just gotta start out on a light note to make sure I don't get any overuse injuries again.


1 x 8 @ BW (Pushups - Warmup)
5 x 3 @ BW (232lbs)

Gonna add some weights next time I do dips on this rep range.


1 x 5 @ 44lbs
3 x 5 @ 88lbs

New exercise I've added to my template, always wanted to start using it ever since I saw the weightlifters at my old gym do it. It feels great, I'm sure I'll be loving it by the end of the month.


2 x 10 decline crunch / 10 hanging leg raise / 10 crunches

Tomorrow I'll be hitting the gym for a pull day.

Lazy Chump
04-05-2008, 07:32 AM
Instead of hitting the gym today I decided to go shoot some hoops. Man I was a poor shot. It ended up being about 1 hour of shooting. Tonight I'll try rowing 2K seperated into 4 500m rows with a one minute break in between.

This means that I'll be doing the gym thing tomorrow.

Lazy Chump
04-05-2008, 02:45 PM
I was going to do a 2K split into 4 x 500m but after the first 500m I noticed that someone had tampered with the setting on the rower. I decided to use that as my warmup and move on to some rehab for my knees.

Squat (Rehab)

5 x 10 @ 22lbs

I'll be doing a lot of high rep, low intensity work and progress slowly in order to let my knees get used to it.

Afterwards I did 2 x 500m @ 1:57~ with a 1 minute rest in between.

Lazy Chump
04-06-2008, 07:06 AM

Upper body pull volume

Chinups (Light band)

1 x 8 @ 66kg (Pulldown - Warmup)
1 x 10 @ BW
1 x 7 @ BW
1 x 5 @ BW

First time trying chinups with bands, it seems that I'm still fat and weak!

BB Rows

1 x 9 @ 44lbs
4 x 8 @ 88lbs Nice and easy

Hyper extensions

1 x 5 @ BW
5 x 5 @ BW + 22lbs

DB Hammercurls

3 x 8 @ 35lbs

Supersetted with:


3 x 12 @ 22lbs

Tomorrow I'll see if I can get some basketball before school.

Lazy Chump
04-08-2008, 04:39 PM

Upper body push volume

Incline DB Press

1 x 8 @ 36lbs
4 x 8 @ 64lbs

CG Benchpress

1 x 5 @ 44lbs
5 x 5 @ 110lbs (Pretty easy)

Just letting my joints adapt to working out again.

Shoulder Press

3 x 10 @ 30lbs

Abs curcuit

1 x 12 @ Decline crunches / HLR / Crunches (No pause)

Nice and easy, have some pain in both elbow joints. I guess I started out too high on the rackpulls, I'll be attacking it slightly easier in the future.

Lazy Chump
04-11-2008, 02:49 PM
Lately I've been playing a basketball 1on1 every other day with the girl from my dorm. According to her my game has improved a lot but I'm still losing. It all comes down to my conditioning, when I've got my breath I can keep up with the points she put on the board because I've got a physical advantage. But when my lungs tear me apart from the inside she just runs rings around me. To prevent this from happening too much I've decided to follow a concept 2 rowing program from concept 2's own website. I'll do a 2000m testrun tomorrow to find out where I'll be at.

Lazy Chump
04-12-2008, 05:51 AM
I'm very stressed out atm with exams coming up and more and more basketball and rowing every week. This has made me make the decision to switch to DeFrancos WSB4SB3 in-season training program. I started out with a bit of it today.

Box Jumps (6 inches)

3 x 3 @ BW

- We don't have any really great boxes for jumping so the next couple of times I'll have to experiment with desks and other stuff down there.

Box Squats

3 x 10 @ 44lbs

Still just doing high reps and light weight to make sure my knees can handle it, I'll add a little extra weight every time I do it.

DB Press SS Band pull aparts

1 x 10 @ 36lbs
3 x 8 @ 52lbs / 3 x 12 @ Red mini band single

DB Laterals

1 x 8 @ 20lbs
2 x 12 @ 20lbs

First was meant to be a warmup set because I misread how many reps I had to do on the worksets.

Crunches SS 45 degree hypers

2 x 15 @ BW / 2 x 15 @ BW

Lazy Chump
04-13-2008, 04:34 PM

Concept 2 Rowing

1 x 2000m @ 8:20.2

Today I started a 2000m interactive program from the concept 2 website. The first session I had to do a 2000m as fast as I could and then I entered some data about myself before it put out a 16 week program. Hopefully it will improve my time on the 2K. It is going to be three times a week from now on.