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03-31-2008, 04:07 PM
I just finished up my last journal which was a 12 week cut in which I lost around 30 pounds and decreased my bodyfat from over 20% to around 12-13%. I went on a 1 week spring break cruise in which I didn't lift, ate a TON of food, drank and had a good time. My metabolism feels like it is ramped up again, and I don't seem to have gained much weight (besides water). I was very pleased with the results of my last cut, but now it is time for me to step things up a notch.

I will start new spreadsheets and logging tomorrow. My goal is to spend the next 8 weeks doing a modified powerlifting / DC training style routine, eating around 2500 kcal / day in a 30/40/30 ish split for the first 3 weeks (until my powerlifting meet on April 26). Then I will do a 2 week PSMF followed by 3 weeks of strict carb cycling.

I have a DEXA scheduled for April 15 which will allow me to get an accurate assessment of my bodyfat. Before I left on my cruise, my calipers were telling me 10-11% and people on here were telling me 12-14%. The last day of the cruise (after heavy daily binge drinking and 7000-10000kcal days), I had a professional body composition test done which read 14.1% @ 213lb. I am going to use that as my starting point. Keep in mind that I am being very conservative here - I have clear abs showing yet I am saying I am 12-14% (which is realistic). So please keep the stupid flame comments away saying (14% is not cut bla bla bla)..

Diet should look something like this for the next 3 weeks:
2520kcal (exactly my BMR - from the body composition test I did)
80g fat
200g carbohydrate
250g protein

I can feel that my metabolism has ramped up tremendously (I am starving as I am typing this and I've eaten almost 4000 calories today). The 2500 should allow me to keep LBM and still lose fat (my maintenance is around 3500-4000). I plan to do some form of training (cardio or weights) every day of the week. My lifting schedule will be a DC training 4 day split modified for powerlifting (deadlift only). I will do some form of interval training cardio on off days.

My final goal is 185-190lb @ 5-7% bodyfat. This based on my current prediction of roughly 183 LBM and 30 fat, minus 20 pounds of fat and 5-10 LBM, yielding 173-178 LBM and 10 fat.

For those of you who wanted me to bulk, sorry but being ripped is far more important to me for the summer than being slightly bigger but smooth everywhere.

03-31-2008, 04:14 PM
You've done great. It's your body bro, shape it how you want it.

04-01-2008, 11:50 PM
Tuesday, April 1, 2008; 216.7lb

11:30 AM: 1 cup of Oatmeal, 2 scoops of Nitrean, 2tb peanut butter, 1xmulti, 4xEFA, 4xfish oil, 4xETS
1:00 PM: 3 scoops of Nitrean
3:00 PM: 2 scoops of Results
5:00 PM: 2 scoops of Waxy Maize, 3 scoops of Nitrean, 1tb flax seed oil
7:00 PM: 6 inch Subway BMT
12:00 AM: 4 pieces of string cheese
3019kcal 111.9g fat 249g carbohydrate 254g protein 5g creatine 4370mg sodium

Workout (DC Workout 2 warmup sets not shown)

Powerlifting (Bench)
RAW Bench Press (full ROM) 275x3, 315xmiss, 315x1

Flat Bench Press 225x11 RP (9, 1, 1)
Deep Pec Fly Stretch 30 sec with 25lb DB

DB Lateral Raise 40-rep drop set [30x8, 25x8, 20x8, 15x8, 20x7, 30x1]
Shoulder Stretch 60 sec

BB Skull-crusher 110x8 SS (this set sucked, so I did another)
DB Skull-crusher 30x16 RP (10,4,2)
Tricep Stretch 60 sec

DB Alternating Curl 22-rep RP/drop set [50x5, 40x5, 30x5, 10 deep breaths, 30x5, 50x2]
Bicep Stretch 60 sec

BB Forearm Curl 70x12 SS
DB Forearm Curl 30x12 SS
DB Reverse Curl 15x15 SS
CoC Gripper 30-rep pyramid set 80x20, 100x10
CoC Gripper static hold 140x15 seconds


Good day overall. Had a lot of work to do for school. I loved the workout, it was nice and intense and I got back in the groove of things after taking that week off. Diet is leaving me pretty hungry (as expected coming off of a 5000-6000 calories binge), but hopefully the reduction of salt and increased water will let me dump away some of that puffy water retention I put on over the cruise. Going to cut off carbs at 6PM and aim for 2500-2750kcal per day with about 200 grams of carbohydrate until my DEXA (until April 15), then the week of my competition (until April 26) I will eat and hydrate well with around 3500 kcal, then I will go into a strict 3-4 week PSMF / carbohydrate cycling well into May. Im probably going to adjust this as I see the weight come off. Going to be out of town in Chicago this weekend, so it will be hard to count calories. Just going to focus on eating clean, no alcohol and cutting off carbs at night.

Calories were a little high today and sodium was stupidly high from the damn 3000mg subway sandwich, but overall, this wasnt a bad day. I was still 500-1000 kcal below maintenance (given my workout too).

04-02-2008, 06:46 PM
DXIW glad to hear the cruise went well and looks like you have developed a solid plan to follow. One small request, could you change your workout from "DC workout" to "DC inspired workout" just to avoid confusion for people who have no idea what DC training is, since a lot of what you are doing has nothing to do with true DC at all? Thanks man, hope your training goes well.

04-02-2008, 08:11 PM
I don't have a problem changing the workout title, but I definitely think what I'm doing is in-line with DC. I am doing rest-pause sets and static holds in my training, only one set per bodypart at max intensity, high protein diet, cutting off carbs at 6pm, etc...

04-02-2008, 08:13 PM
Wednesday, April 2, 2008; 214.0lb

11:30 AM: 1 cup of Oatmeal, 3 scoops of Nitrean, 1tb flax oil, 1xmulti, 4xEFA, 4xfish oil, 4xETS
2:00 PM: 3 scoops of Nitrean, 1 tb flax oil
3:30 PM: 12 double meat chicken teriyaki sub
6:30 PM: 6oz sock-eye salmon fillet, 4oz linguine, 1tbsp butter, 4 tsp parmesan cheese, 4 tbsp mango salsa
2821.5 kcal 76.4g fat 253g carbohydrate 280.5g protein 0g creatine 4260mg sodium

Way to crazy again with the sodium. Im slowly bringing down the calories and Im adjusting to it. Going to aim for 2500 tomorrow. Oh and, school sucks.

04-02-2008, 09:46 PM
So it's getting late here in the library and I needed some food to keep my mind going, only thing around was a bagel with lox and cream cheese... throw on an additional 400 calories.

I really need to workout more, I feel psychologically like a huge fat ass. It might just be the extreme water retention I'm getting from this damn sodium binge. Tomorrow I'm going all out on deads.. I might just eat 3000 kcal until my competition and focus more on the lifting (it's still cutting - my maintain is around 3500)..

Or maybe I'll just start PSMFing hardcore and just powerlift (extreme low volume) for a couple weeks with 1 scoop of results before working out.. I'm torn.. I don't know what will work better for cutting weight and getting stronger, yet keeping my sanity... this puffiness (water retention) and feeling "full" is making me feel like a huge fatass

Blaahhhh - I'm going crazy.. ****ing school stress

04-02-2008, 11:44 PM
Ok, so I sat down and looked through my previous journal and thought about what I should do and what works for me. I am going to do the following:

Sedentary Day -> 1825kcal 65g fat 60g carb 250g protein
Cardio Day -> 2340kcal 80g fat 130g carb 275g protein
Weight-training Day -> 2900 kcal 100g fat 200g carb 300g protein

Which is basically 1800kcal on sedentary days, 2400kcal on cardio days, and 3000kcal on lifting days. Cardio will be done all interval speed work, not for fat loss, but to increase aerobic endurance and explosiveness (trying to reach my 6 minute mile goal).

Notice how I share the same base, on cardio days adding 1 scoop of Results and 1 scoop of waxy maize (pre/post workout), and on lifting days I add in 2 scoops of each pre/post workout...

This is basically carb cycling (which has worked well for me in the past), with slightly higher calories than last time to support solid strength gains / LBM retention.

Lastly, I will be enforcing a strict carb cut-off at 7 PM (I usually go to bed at 12-1AM), and eat no high GI carbs (if any at all) after 3PM.

Schedule of Activities will be:
Sunday - sedentary
Monday - Lower Body (DC inspired)
Tuesday - Upper Body (powerlifting + DC inspired)
Wednesday - cardio
Thursday - Lower Body (powerlifting + DC inspired)
Friday - Upper Body (DC inspired)
Saturday - cardio

If I have time/energy I might throw in some extra cardio workouts in the AM.. but not until atleast after my competition

04-03-2008, 04:51 AM
Right on man. If you are gonna RP the bench, drop the weight a little bit and look for a 15-20 rep range just to be safe. Also, don't doubt what you are doing, you know your stuff. Pick a plan and follow it out, I am sure you will do just fine. Good luck.

04-10-2008, 08:22 AM
So this journal has been put on the back burner. I have an incredible amount (about 8 hours / day) of school work that needs to be done for the next few weeks for me to graduate on time. This doesn't mean I'm going to let my diet / workout slip. I'm just going to change my approach..

I'm going to post workouts in this log, but for diet, I'm going to try to go as close to zero-carbs as possible except for pre/post workout (which will consist of Results and Waxy Maize respectively). I will count protein to make sure I hit atleast 250g / day. I have been really ****ing around with my diet the past week or so (some days binge eating and other days nearly starving), and somehow I've lost some fat lol. I need to get back on to a relatively focused plan. I think given that I don't have time to really count calories, a zero-carb, high protein is the simplest and should work well, atleast for the next couple weeks.

Here is yesterday's workout:
Raw Bench Press (full ROM) 45x3,95x3,135x3,185x3,225x3,275x1,315x1
Shirted Bench Press(full ROM) 315x1, 365x1, 385xmiss, 375xmiss (the weight felt fine, I just kept getting out of my groove - next time I do bench I'm going to just practice my groove with an easy weight like 345, maybe do 10 singles or so)
DC Style Bench Press 225x12 RP
Wide-grip Pullups BWx8,BWx5,BWx6
DB Shoulder Press 70x10
DB Alternating Curl 50x6,55x4,60x2
BB Standing Curl 110x7,130x1,110x7
DB Overhead Tri Extension 75x10
BB Skullcrusher 110x3

Numbers looked decent.. I was pretty rushed in the gym and I wasted a lot of time with the heavy benching, so I just did a couple quick sets of everything to make sure I was hitting upper body completely... next workout will be a max effort deadlift workout with some heavy rack pulls and then DC style RP front squats, good mornings and lat work..

I found that I really like mixing in some heavy westside style work with higher rep rest-pause type work. Also, I'm going to switch to doing some heavy board work on the bench and a lot more tricep work. I've realized my lockout sucks and my triceps in general are weak. I can curl more than I can skullcrusher, which is kind of sad lol.

New changes effective next week:
Upper Body => focus on tricep and lockoutwork, by doing 3 heavy sets of tricep work at around 8 reps and then a RP set to finish it off, other body parts (shoulders, lats, chest, bicep, forearms) I will leave at 1 RP set. My lats tend to respond well to heavy pullups so I may do 2-3 sets of heavy pullups before my RP pulldown set. Routine willl look something like this:
M.E. or D.E. Bench (full ROM or boards, 2-3 working sets)
Heavy lat work (2-3 sets of pullups w/weight)
1 set RP chest work => incline DB bench
1 set RP lat work => pulldowns
stretches for chest/back
1 set RP shoulder work => lateral raises
stretches for shoulders
3 heavy sets of tricep work => skull crushers
1 set RP of tricep work => rope
stretches for tricep
1 set RP of bicep work => standing BB/DB curl
3 set RP of forearm work => forearm curl, reverse forearm curl, grip work

Notice how my main emphasis is on tricep and forearm work (my two main upperbody weaknesses)...

Lower Body => focus purely on deadlift until meet by incorporating max effort deadlift work, heavy rack pulls and then high rep front squat, good morning, hamstring and calve work