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03-31-2008, 09:03 PM
I'm pretty new to olympic lifting, and I don't currently have access to a coach. I'd appreciate any criticisms anyone has to offer.

I know I need to improve my depth in the overhead squat position for the snatch, and the speed of the pull. In the clean, I feel like I don't get enough hip extension, and pull the bar higher than I need to.

If anyone could point out what they feel are the most glaring weaknesses in my form, and/or suggest ways to improve, I'd be greatly appreciative.

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03-31-2008, 09:50 PM
I'd say for not having a coach that it's pretty good. I'm not much of an expert but I watch quite a few lifting videos and the only thing I really noticed was the hip extension on the second pull. That and I couldn't really tell but it didn't seem like you were shrugging it up super hard at the top of some of the lifts.

04-01-2008, 04:00 AM
I cant give any technical advice because I'm in the beginning stages of learning myself - but for a beginner, you look strong.

Advice I've read from seasoned coaches is to train with little weight until you get your form right, so you dont get into bad habits.

I'll link it for you to the thread for you:


04-02-2008, 08:48 AM
Welcome to Olympic lifting! Your lifts are good for someone new to the sport, but there's a few things I would start trying to fix.

1. First thing is to fix your second pull (basically, from just below your knees to full extension.) You need to jump here! You are cutting it early and not fully extending, which I see you noticed. Really think of jumping up and shrugging hard!

2. Keeping the first comment in mind, in both the snatch and the clean, consider the end of the pull as a shrug and a squat. Try not to use your arms right now at all.. I'm seeing you muscle'ing the bar into position some, when you should just be using leg explosion. Focus on straight arms until you finish your shrug.
You can do empty bar drills to practice this a lot, too; get up on your toes and shrug, and immediately fall into your full squat receiving position without moving the bar up anymore.

3. As far as your first pull goes, which is from the floor to below your knees.. slow down. The point of the first pull is just to get in position for the second pull, and rushing is messing you up some.

Right now, I'd recommend doing a lot of work from the high and low hang positions (above the knee and below the knee, respectively) to really perfect your second pull. If your second pull sucks, it won't matter how good your first pull is. Also, start loading overhead squats to build up your stability and flexibility in that position. Work on trying to fully extend, as I said before, and never forget that empty bar (or 40kg for the clean, if you have issues wracking an empty bar) is your best friend when you are just starting out. Its a way to get in a lot more training without ramping up your total volume too much.

Nice shoes, btw. I have a pair of Ironwork II's that I hope will last me forever.

Good luck in lifting!