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04-06-2008, 02:08 PM
I decided to start a thread here so I would have some sort of accountability for working out.
I'm so new to this, so dont laugh. I have a 5 day workout routine and I add weight every set, every week.

This is what I did last week.

monday-my chest day.
Flat bench-225x10, 235x6,245x4 or till failure
Incline bench-175x10,185x8,195 till failure
Incline bench-225x10, 235x4-failed
Lat pulldowns-150x10 (two sets)

Tuesday- leg day for me
Squats-2sets with 315x2, then 225x6 atg, then 245x2 atg I was exhausted at this point.
Lunges-185x5, 195x5
Straight leg deadlifts-185x10, 195x8, 205x6
Hamstring machine 90x10, 110x8 (ussually out of time by this point)

Wednesday Back day
Lat pulldowns 150x10(3 sets)
Freeweight rows(80lbsx10 each arm, 85 lbs x8 each arm, 90 lbs each arm x4)
Theres a machine I also work out on that targets the lats, I'll have to get the name of it.

Overhead military press-115 x10, 125x8, 135x6
dumbell shoulder flys-30x10, 35x8, 40x6(each arm)
*not sure what this excersize is called, but its when your standing with a dumbell in each hand and keep your arms straight, then you raise each arm individually in front of you keeping it strait.* 30x10, 35x8, 40x6(each arm)

Friday-Arm day.

I know I should focus more on dead lifts, squats, and compound excersizes like those but I've ussually done everything by fri. So I ussually do grip work and calve raises on fri, as well as more lat pull downs. So I guess to call it"arm day" is misleading. Its just the only day I do arm lifts.

sitting dumbell curls(impossible to cheat) 35x10, 40x8, 45 till failure
skull crushers-95x10, 105x8, 115x6

Any advice you guys have is welcome. My gym is small though, so theres not a lot of room for deadlifting. Its impossible to to cleans or anything of that nature. I'm particularly wondering how long I should pyramid my weight for?

04-07-2008, 08:47 PM
Lol my thread has been eaten by all the other high activity threads here. Thats fine with me, but its monday-chestday.

Flat bench press 235x7, 245x4, 255x2:redface:
incline-175x7, 185x4
decline-235x6, 245x4

Thats all I had time for before I had to get back to work.

I forgot to mention how much I weigh. 193 lbs, 5'11", ~18 % BF.

I consume about 150g of protein a day. roughly 3k calories(trying to cut a little bit).