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Time + Patience
03-19-2002, 05:38 PM
I decided I wanted to jump on the Westside band wagon.

today I did the Speed day, or DE squat/dead day. I got this routine off of the article from WBB, it looks different than the 9 week sample one off of elitefts.com

Squats- said to use 50% of 1RM, so I estimated around 235, did that for 10 sets of 2.

Deadlifts- did 265 for 2 sets of 1, then moved up to 275 for 4 sets of 1

Then did some Conventional style deads, don't know how to do those different exercises listed.
275x8, 295x7, 305x5-2 sets

Did 3 sets of Reverse Hypers, those things work your back!! I need to add more weight next time, don't know how I'll do that.

Then I called it a night, forgot to do some abs, maybe I'll do them later tonight.

Using the light weights felt weird, but I was trying to get that explosion it talks about in the article.

I'm not doing everything exactly how it says, but I'm going along the same guidelines.

Mystic Eric
03-19-2002, 05:42 PM
good luck bro.

glad to see you over here. the majority of boards on the net are crap; this one is awesome. hope you stick around.

03-19-2002, 07:02 PM
How much are you weighing now time? 470 squat is very nice! Do you lift raw or equiped?

Time + Patience
03-22-2002, 10:12 AM
Adam, I used a suit for the Deads, and I used knee wraps and a suit for the Squats. My goal for now is to be able to get up around 500 on both Squats and Deads with only a belt, and I wanna get up to 300 on my bench.

Friday, I had DE Bench Day
Flat BB Bench- 8x3@155
3 Board BB Presses- 205x5, 215x5, 225x5
T Bar Rows- 125x10, 135x10, 140x8
Skull Crushers- 90x10, 100x6, 100x6
Side DB Raises- 2x15@15

Was a good workout overall, I can really feel it in my delts and tri's today. I had to use school books instead of boards.

Next day I'll be lifting is Sunday with the ME Squat and Deadlifts.

Time + Patience
03-24-2002, 09:32 PM
ME Squat/Deadlift

Good Morning-close stance
235x2, form really started to Fuk up

Box Squats
205x8 225x8 245x7

Reverse Hypers
BWx12 BWx15 BW+5x10

Decline Crunches- 4 sets with weight

I was realy tired after the Box Squats. Next workout, I'm gonna work on my Good Morning form, I felt like I was rounding my back to much.
On Box Squats I'm gonna start off around 235 for my first set
And on the Reverse Hypers, I'm gonna start holding weight tween my feet.

Here are some rough estimates for goals
Weight- 185
Squat- 495 w/suit and wraps
Deadlift- 485 w/Suit
Bench- 260
Total- 1,240

Goals for October
Weight- 195
Squat- 565 w/suit and wraps
Deadlift- 545 w/suit
Bench- 315
Total- 1,425

Those are what I want to get, but we'll see if I progress a lot or a little over the next few months, I may have to tweak them, hopefully by making them higher!!

Tuesday is Bench day.

03-24-2002, 10:00 PM
Looks good, man. Any idea what your max squat/dead are without equipment?

03-25-2002, 09:33 PM
Those are some nice numbers!
what kind of suits are you using? right now i use a champion squat suit and just singlet for the deads. I have a centaurion nxg but have to send it back for alterations.

Time + Patience
03-26-2002, 03:39 PM
DE Bench- 8 sets at 160x3, then 195 for 1, speed was good I think at least
Close Grip 2 Boards- 215x5, 225x5,4
Skull Crushers- 85x10, 90x9,9
T-Bar Rows- 80x12, 90x10,10
2 sets of Side DB Raises

Workout was good overall, I think my speed is good, but not sure exactly how fast you are supposed to do the weight, but I think I got it down. Also am I supposed to be increasing my weight 5 % each week or what?

Adam, I'm not sure what type the suit is, my gym owner gave it to me. I will eventually probably get a new one, that is better, and I may end up getting a bench shirt also. I'm not really experienced with PLing equipment yet, so I don't know what is good and what sizes and how it should fit.

I didn't realize to wash my suit before my comp, so it was real lose, I doubt it really helped all that much, I could get it on myself without much struggle. Compared to when I first put it on, I needed help, it just got stretched more and more.

Adam correction, my suit is a single ply, that's all I know, didn't ask what maker, but I'm thinking in the future, like end of the year, I'll get a new and improved suit.

Time + Patience
03-27-2002, 10:13 PM
I am leaving for Panama City, Florida tomorrow night! So I won't be filling out much in my journal for the next week.

I will be going to the gym down there, and I'll be trying to eat good also, not sure how good I'll be able to eat though. I won't be doing Westside while down there, I'll just be doing whatever to get my lift on.

And tonight at Rugby I got a hard knee right to my right thigh, swollen like hail, we were planning on running on the beach, and I had DE Squats/Deads tomorrow. Hopefully it will be better in a few days.

Well I'll be back next Saturday, later guys.

Time + Patience
10-28-2002, 12:36 PM
I'm going to jump back into my journal. That injury from Rugby, put me out of the gym til around June. I got lazy also.

Have been back into things for about 3-4 months. Deads are at an all time high... 495 for 1 with just a belt. And I weigh around the same but am bigger than ever!

I had some high goals when I look back on my journal.

I am torn between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. I think I'll be sticking wih more PLing, and try to gain size through my diet, while keeping my weight around 195-200 at the most. Plan on competing at the 181 lb class for PLing

Current stats
Weight- 188ish
Bench- 270x1
Dead, sumo- 495x1
Squat- 405x2
** all raw

I have intentions of competing in a PLing meet around March. Not sure which Federation I wanna compete in.

Would also Like to do a BBing comp sometime this next year also.

Time + Patience
10-30-2002, 11:21 AM
For Tuesday 10-29

Back and Biceps
Pullups- 14, 10, 10, 9, 11, a few were assisted at the end of the sets
BB rows- 155x10 175x10 185x10 195x8 then a drop set, took 20 pounds off until I hit 95 pounds, very hard set, loved it
Shrugs- 3 sets for feel, dont really keep track of weight
Curls- 6 sets for feel, stayed on cables, went light and high reps.

Workout went good, will add weight on the pullups next week, and will start out heavier on the BB Rows. That drop set took a lot out of me.

I have legs in about 1 hour.

the doc
10-30-2002, 07:25 PM
good luck T&P

glad to have ya back around

10-30-2002, 07:39 PM
Good to see ya around man.

Time + Patience
10-30-2002, 07:55 PM
Leg day

PowerLifting Squats
355x5 365x5 385x4 365x4 375x3 I was mad cuz the 355 and 365 felt heavier than they should have

Box Squats from a 15 inch box

225x4 245x3 265x3 275x3 295x3 315x3

Glute Ham Raises 3 sets of around 15 reps
Leg Extensions 3 sets of around 15 reps

Was out of it after the Squats, cuz I was mad that the weights were feeling so heavy.

Not a bad workout, the Box Squats felt good, will start off a bit heavier next week.

I think I'll be going a little lighter next week. I am contemplating doing Squats twice a week, I just need a kick in the ass with my Squats and legs.

Shoulders and Tri's tomorrow. I will make up for today's workout!!!

Time + Patience
10-31-2002, 06:57 PM


Arnld Presses DB
60x9 60x8 60x9 60x8 dropset 40x8 40x12

Side DB Raises Loose form
30x12 30x8 30x8 30x8 drop set with 15 and 10

OverHead BB Extentsions
90x12 95x11 100x9 drop set 80 and 60

Calf Raises 5 sets

Had an ok workout, felt ****ty coming in, but got better after my first set of Arnold Presses. I haven't really been focused lately, not sure if it's my partner or what??

Mystic Eric
11-02-2002, 12:04 AM
Hey dude! What's happening?

Time + Patience
11-02-2002, 07:02 PM
I work at the gym i workout at, and I worked from open to close.

So I just did some Squats

Close Stance Squats
245x10 255x10 265x10 275x10 295x10

I didn't have much energy, but my legs felt that.

I normally Dead on saturdays, and do box squats afterwards.

Tomorrow is Bench day.

Time + Patience
11-03-2002, 10:12 PM
Sunday Chest and Tri's

Flat BB w/Chains
205x3 210x3 215x3 225x2 185x5

Lockouts w/Chains
185x3 205x3 215x3 225x3 245x3<--- did this last week w/out chains

Incline DB Flyes
40x15 45x8 45x9

JM presses
95x15 105x9 105x10

Heavy DB Laterals
35x10 35x7 35x6 35x5

My chest and tri's were pretty fried, a damn good workout.

The chains are 5 feet long and 1/2 inch thick, the collars and chains weigh about 50 pounds at the top of the bench, I use the whole set for Flat BB Bench, but for lockouts, I only use the 1/2 inch chains, so that's only about 40 pounds at the top. I've been using them for about 3 workouts now. I like them a lot so far.

My next goal is to be benching around 300 by X-Mas. I think i'm around 275 now.

Tomorrow is an off day and Tuesday is back and bi's

Chris Rodgers
11-03-2002, 10:19 PM
How do you set up the chains so they rest on the floor with only using the 1/2" chain?? I only do that with floor presses because you are so close to the ground anyway. On normal benches and squats I have to use the smaller chain to rig it up.

Time + Patience
11-03-2002, 11:12 PM
I do the same thing you do, you must have read my post wrong, i said for floor presses I only use the 1/2 inch chains, but for Flat BB Bench I gotta use the smaller chains and the collars so the 1/2 inchers will reach the floor.

How do you like the chains? I have yet to use them on Squats, how do u like them for Squats? I was thinking of trying them for Deads sometime also.

Chris Rodgers
11-04-2002, 05:00 PM
I gotcha.

I like em. I have experimented a little with using both bands and chains on the bar for box squats. Those were cool. I have not done regular squats with bands or chains, only box squats. They are excellent on the box though. Haven't tried them on deads yet.

Chain on floor presses are great too. Have you done any suspended work with them? Goodmornings or anything?

Time + Patience
11-06-2002, 07:34 PM
Ok I"m a day behind on posting, had a busy day yesterday, school, gym, then worked both jobs.

Yesterdays workout....

Back and Biceps
Weighted Pullups
BW+10x8 +15x9 +20x9 BWx13

BB Rows
165x10 175x8 185x8 205x10 215x8 Dropset *the drop set was killer

Pulldowns Behind Neck
3 sets for 15 reps, went for the squeeze

Didn't have time to work biceps, cuz my training partner is so slow and he's a puss. He was being a whimp about the drop set on the BB Rows.

Good workout for my back

Today was Leg Day

20 Rep Squats*first time ever for these
2 warmups then 315x20
** After my 12th rep I knew I could of added 5-10 more pounds, but the 16th rep and beyond were so damn hard. Dropped to the floor as soon as I was done. My legs weren't as shot as they should have been.

Box Squats w/chains-15inch box
245x3 265x3 275x3 295x3 315x3 325x3

SLDL- didn't go heavy on these
135x10 155x10 175x10 185x10

Overall a good leg workout. I liked the 20 reppers and Latman, the Box Squats with the chains were great!!

Tomorrow is Shoulders and Tri's

Time + Patience
11-07-2002, 01:41 PM
Delts and Tri's

BB Military
165x6 175x6 185x2 185x2 drop to 135x9

DB Military
70x5 70x6 70x6

DB Side Raises
35x10+5 half reps 35x6+6 35x6+6

Overhead BB Ext
90x10 95x10 100x8

Was a good workout for my shoulders, I usually train tri's twice a week once real hard and once light.

Time + Patience
11-09-2002, 07:34 PM

Deadlift Day

Sumo Deadlifts
405x1 455x2 475x1-easy 500 couldn't get it first time around then regrouped and got it past my knees then just lost my balance, I basically got it, so I was happy. I'm thinking I'll be doing high 500's at my next meet!!

Speed Deads
235x2-3 quick reps for 6 sets

Box Squats- sumo stance and 13 inch box
235x3 245x3 265x3 275x3 295x3 315x3

BB Rows
155x12 160x12 165x12 165x12

Light Bi work

I realized after my workout that my weight for the speed Deads was to light, I should be using around 260-280. And I just wanted to do them again, I know Westside has a separate day for Speed work and Max Effort. I like doing the Speed work after the heavy deads. I don't like doing the Speed work on a day of it's own.

I'll see if doing it this way works, so we'll see at X-mas time. Goal is to Deadlift a 525 at X-Mas.

Overall it was a good workout. I know there is no real method 2 what I do, but I like it so far.

Tomorrow is Chest and Tri's

Mystic Eric
11-09-2002, 07:53 PM
Remember "The Terminator" from MM.com? Well that's me. What's happening bro?

chris mason
11-09-2002, 08:25 PM
You gave really progressed in the last 6 months or so.

Time + Patience
11-11-2002, 12:46 PM
For Sunday 11-10

Bench and heavy Tri's

Flat BB w/chains
205x3 215x3 225x2 230x1 235x1 240x1

Floor Presses w/chains
225x3 245x4 265x2 270x1

JM Presses
95x15 105x13 115x13 120x12

Side DB Raises
35x10 for 3 sets, 40x6, used momentum and held then resisted the negative

Close Grip Bench
175x6 175x6

My tri's were fried. I think my bench is on track for 300 by X-Mas.

It was a good workout overall, I could have gone a bit heavier on the bench but I had no spotter, so I don't wanna risk getting trapped, cuz sometimes I lift after I close down the gym, so NO ONE is in there.

Eric, what up, I just faded away from this site after I got that bad leg injury from rugby, so I'm back here trying to get back on track with a journal, it's helping with goals.

Chris, yea I've progressed quite well, especially in my Deadlift strength and in my overall size, I've added maybe 5 pounds over that past few months, but damn near an inch to my arms!! I'm working on strength now, and I know the size will come from eatting.

Time + Patience
11-13-2002, 01:39 PM
I didnt do Back yesterday, cuz I was so sore from my workout this weeken, and I was very exhuasted.

Wednesday Nov 13 Leg Day

20 Rep Squats
325x20 I racked the weight for a few seconds after the 16th rep, then finished. God damn these are hard!!!

15 in Box Squats w/Chains Middle stance
275x3 295x3 315x3 335x2 345x2

225x5 245x6 265x6

My legs were very soar and beat up after the 20 reppers, more so this time around compared to last week.

I went heavier on the chains, 345 was a struggle! I always start off 2 light.

I went heavier on the SLDL, but didn't feel the stretch in my hams as much for some reason, and my form was about the same.

Good workout overall, legs are shot.

Mystic Eric
11-13-2002, 05:30 PM
325 for 20?? holy ****!

Time + Patience
11-14-2002, 08:06 PM
Delts and Tri's

BB Military
155x5 170x5 180x4 195x1, missed the second

BB Upright Rows
95x12 105x12 115x12 120x9

Side DB Raises
22's for about 10 reps for 3 sets
Did these facing the incline bench with it almost vertical, I liked them, couldn't use any momentum.

Skull Crushers
90x12 100x10 105x9

Pretty good workout overall. Just hoping I can work on that military, I did 205 a few months back, I think I'll surpass that soon enough.

I'm going to set out some goals soon enough. I have quick ones in mind, but I wanna plan it out!

Eric, Yea i know man!! Hopefully I can jump up another 10 pounds next week! Those 20 reppers are hard as hell!

Time + Patience
11-16-2002, 11:25 PM
Saturday, Deadlift day

Sumo Deadlifts
405x2 415x2 425x2 for 6 sets, took around 2 mins max rest bewteen sets

13 inch Box Squats-Sumo
275x2 295x2 315x2 335x2 345x3

I'm still starting off a bit light on my Box Squats, hoping to hit 405 on the box squats soon enough.

11-17-2002, 12:10 AM
Originally posted by Mystic Eric
325 for 20?? holy ****!

ya, that is crazy TP. Keep it up!

Time + Patience
11-17-2002, 08:15 PM
Current stats
Wt- 190ish
Bench- 265-270x1
Squat- 405x3
Deadlift- 500x1

Goals for March 1
Wt- no more than 200
Bench- 315x1
Squat- 495x1
Deadlift- 545x1

I made a little progress video tape tonight at the gym. From reviewing it, things I need 2 work on over the next period of time are...
Calves- add more mass
Quads- more mass to teardrop
Biceps- add A LOT more mass

*My biceps really lack in my rear double bi, not to bad from the front.

On an up note my back looked real good, I was very happy. I have quite a few veins running around back there also. My X-Mas tree shows nicely also. My legs were looking very good, just need more teardrop.

I've been pretty dedicated the past few weeks, I still need 2 pick it up a notch.

Time + Patience
11-18-2002, 09:45 PM
I postponed Bench day, I should note, that I lifted at the Gold's Gym in Columbus tonight. I am doing a report for school and am comparing and contrasting my gym verse Gold's Gym. I can't say I loved my visit to Gold's, but they had a reverse hyper in the corner, and I swear I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on that thing.

Chest/Tri's/light Delts
Flat BB
225x7 245x3 225x2 for 3 sets

Incline DB
95x7 100x4-5

Floor Presses
245x3 255x2 275x1 295xmiss

JM Presses
115x10 125x10 135x10

*did some extra machines just for the feel of it.

The 225 on Flat BB felt easy, so I'm getting stronger! Not as much as I'd like to be though. Was really happy with the 100's on Incline DB.

I was disappointed with not getting the 295 on the floor presses.

My tri's weren't as fried as normal, so I was able to throw up more weight on the JM presses, and my form is a bit different cuz I get some biceps pain if i use 2 wide of a grip.

Overall was a good workout, still need 2 work harder on bencH!


Time + Patience
11-20-2002, 07:20 PM
20 Rep Squats
335x19 I had to rack it again after 16, my body was numb as hell. I had to have help on my 20th rep

15" Box Squats w/Chains
275x2 315x2 335x2 345x2 365x2
**I was only anticipating 1 rep with 365, and got 2. I think next week I'll try to go for 385. I'd like to be around 405 within the next month.

I was exhausted after the 20 rep set. My body was numb, and I felt like i was gonna get sick. First time I've felt like that. It was nice knowing I worked that hard.

Time + Patience
11-24-2002, 09:16 PM
Sunday- Deads and Back

Speed Deads
**my speed was pretty good IMO, not sure what is optimal

T-Bar Rows, close grip
80x12 90x12 100x10 110x10

Pullups, close grip
5 sets of 8-10 reps

Hang Cleans
135x12 145x10 145x12 145x12
**these felt good, I feel the higher reps in my traps more

I went slow on the T Bar Rows and Pullups, I'm trying to focus on the stretch to focus on the lower lats and the contraction at the top of the movement. Good workout overall.

Time + Patience
11-25-2002, 10:59 PM
Monday- Chest/Tri's

Flat BB
225x5 235x4 245x3 255x2 260x1.5

Close Grip w/Chains
175x3 180x4 185x3 195x3.5

DB Flyes
55x8 55x10 55x6

** I am very disappointed with my bench, I can handle 225 and 235 much easier than I used to, but the higher I go in weight I don't see much improvement.

If anyone can help me with my bench and all that, please do, I need some help.

A 270 pound bench is not good for my weight in Powerlifting. I really need it to be at least 300. What do some think about the DE and ME like Westside does, would anyone recommend it? Any different set and rep schemes. I was thinking of trying 6-8 sets of doubles with only about a minute of rest between sets.

Time + Patience
11-27-2002, 11:28 AM
Tuesday Back and Bi's

90x15 100x12 115x10 130x9

Close Grip Pullups
BW+10x10 +15x8 +25x8 +25x8

I did about 6 sets for bi's, I don't care much to put the weights down.

Today I will try to do Squats if I'm not 2 tired from work.

11-27-2002, 05:53 PM
Did you used to do westside? I thouhgt that you did but i can't remember that well. If you didn't difenatly try it out at least for bench.

Time + Patience
11-28-2002, 11:51 AM
Wednesday Squats

Powerlifting Squats
365x3 385x3 405x2 425xvery slow rep

I only did Squats due to time constraints, I thought I'd get 445 or so, so I was disappointed.

Adam, I started Westside for about a week until I got an injury. I think I'm going to try Westside for just my bench.

Time + Patience
12-08-2002, 08:21 PM
I've lifted a few times over the past 2 weeks.

I've done 2 sessions of speed Bench, and a session of Speed Deads.

I used 165 (60%) on the Bench and it felt good, and I used 325(65%) on the Deads. I think the speed is good on both.

I've been busy.

I'm still not sure what I want to do. I've been gaining quite a bit of weight, not sure if I wanna drop some pounds to keep my weight in check for PLing, or just let it go to gain the size?

Time + Patience
12-11-2002, 12:36 PM
Tuesday- Back and Bi's

BB Rows
155x15 185x10 205x8 220x6

Cable Rows
3 sets, just went for feel not weight, good sets

BB Preacher Curls
70 3x10-12

DB Curls
45x12 50x10

Time + Patience
12-11-2002, 12:38 PM
Wednesday- Squat Day

11 inch Box Squats
245x5 265x5 275x3 295x3 315x3 330x2

Good Mornings
225x3, 3 265x3 225x8, 8

The 11 inch Box Squats were nice, and very low, the weight didn't seem 2 get any heavier, should start off heavier next week.

My form felt off when I got to 265 on the Good Mornings, that's why I went back down in weight, I'll eventually work up to heavier weights after I get my form down.

I threw in some supersets for calves, they are looking better.

Time + Patience
02-18-2003, 01:27 PM
Originally posted by Time + Patience
Current stats
Wt- 190ish
Bench- 265-270x1
Squat- 405x3
Deadlift- 500x1

Goals for March 1
Wt- no more than 200
Bench- 315x1
Squat- 495x1
Deadlift- 545x1

It's been a whlie since I've stopped in here. But Just gonna pick up where I left off.

Here's where I am at with these goals.

Last week
Bench- 285x1 295xalmost
Squat- 440x4 470x1
Deadlift- 545x1

All this is raw, so I'm very pleased with my Dead and Squat. My bench is still lagging.

I have some goals made out which I'll be posting soon.

05-27-2006, 03:43 PM

Trying to attach a picture, not sure if this is working

05-27-2006, 03:54 PM
Wow man awesome strength with squats and deadlifts, lookin forward to seein some big numbers.

05-27-2006, 04:24 PM
Looks like you lost your old password. You could probably re-sign in at your original SN with the spaces and all. You are strong, though. That's for certain.

06-07-2006, 11:15 AM
Doing a test run 2 see how this picture comes out.

It is from January 28, after about 4 months of continuous working out, I stopped working out for a long time, probably over a year, so the progress I made was good for that time frame.

I will be posting more pictures for some before and after pictures.

06-07-2006, 08:51 PM
I've been on and off with my lifting for about 2-3 months now, so I'm still trying to get focused and consistent.

Back and Bis

Rack Deads
315x3 315x4 315x5 315x4 315x4 quick sets

BB Rows-Underhand 185x8x5 sets

Pullups wide grip 3 sets of 7

DB Curls 40x8x3 sets
Hammer Curls 40x9x2 sets 45x7x1 set

Good workout, looking to jump up quickly in weight.

06-08-2006, 08:47 PM
DB Raises 35x14 35x12 35x12
Superset with
BB Upright Rows 95x12 for 3 sets

Then I hit the punching bag for a few minutes.

Good workout for the time available.

06-12-2006, 09:03 PM

Squats 315x5 335x5 335x5 335x5 365x2 365x2

SLDL225x8 225x8 225x5 225x10

I haven't squatted for a few months, so I was satisfied with the weights I did. My grip is bad compared to the past so SLDLs I had to use wraps last set. Probably should use them for a few weeks.

Legs are already hurting. Good workout Short and Sweet

06-12-2006, 09:09 PM
Nice job on the squats and SL DL's man. Like you said short and sweet, and nice weight for not squatting in a while! Keep it up T&P

06-14-2006, 04:13 PM

Flat BB- 205x5 215x5x 5 Sets

Close Grip Bench 165x8 185x6 195x5 195x5

1 Arm DB Ext 30x6 30x8 30x8

Another short workout. I haven't been consistent for the past 2-3 months, so I don't want to overdue it. My legs are soar as hell from Leg day.

I was satisfied with the bench I really haven't lost much strength I'll be doig my old weights by July!!

In a week or 2 I should be full swing into my workouts.

Some rough estimates on goals and my game plan.

I'll start to bulk around September/October....

End of December (all weights Raw)
Weight- 207
Squat- 485x3
Deadlift (sumo)- 525x1
Bench- 305x1

I'm probably going to watch my weight for the rest of the summer though, then start the bulking up, so I should blow up when I start eatting heavy, I hope!!

06-14-2006, 04:16 PM
A few pictures to keep for future progress pics.... I'm happy I finally got my pictures to post!!

06-14-2006, 04:17 PM
A few more...

06-19-2006, 11:57 AM
Late posting this workout.....


Rack Deads 335x5 for 6 sets

Underhand BB Rows 185x10 for 5 sets

DB Curls 40x10 for 5 sets

Still short and sweet. I'll be working out more every week when my body gets adjusted to working out again.

06-19-2006, 12:41 PM
im confused as to your strength, did you get injured or something? I would just assume someone with a 485 squat and 525 dead would do rack deads with more than 335 and squat more than 365 for a double. Awesome workouts regardless.

06-19-2006, 02:41 PM
im confused as to your strength, did you get injured or something? I would just assume someone with a 485 squat and 525 dead would do rack deads with more than 335 and squat more than 365 for a double. Awesome workouts regardless.

I started this log about 3 years ago, check the post dates. I stopped lifting for some time, and have just recently begun to get back into working out. I just took a 2 month break again, so I'm getting back into it again.

I was really strong about 3 years ago, if I never had those damn breaks/layoffs, I'd be doing some serious numbers, maybe a 1550-1600 total?!?!?

02-10-2007, 12:31 PM
I'm just going to pick up where I left off.

Fridays workout....

Military BB- 155x8 165x8 165x8 175x6 175x6
Incline BB - 175x6 175x6 185x5 205x2 205x1 205x1
Skulls- 90x9 90x9 90x8 90x7
Cleans - 185x6 185x6 205x5 205x5

I also did 3 sets of
DB Side Raises
1 Arm Tri Xten
DB Kickbacks

Great workout, the Incline BB is a PR for me

the doc
02-10-2007, 12:32 PM
damn T&P, glad to see you back!

02-13-2007, 07:03 PM
From Sunday 2/11

Squats- 315x4 315x5 335x5 365x3 365x2 385x1 385x2
SLDL- 185x12 185x12 205x10 225x8 225x8 275x5 275x5 275x8

Good workout, I finally decided to start going heavy on SLDL's and I am going to continue to do so. And the Squats felt really good, and I am looking to get that 405 soon.

02-14-2007, 08:43 AM
Tuesday 2/13/07

BB Rows- 185x10 205x10 205x10 225x8 225x8 245x5 245x7

DB Rows- 85x9 85x9 85x9

Cleans- 185x6 205x5 215x3

BB Curls- 90x12 90x10 100x10 100x6

Hammer Curls- 35x10 40x10 45x8 45x9 50x6

I'm starting to go a little heavier on BB Rows and am really liking the feel of these. I am trying not to swing the weights to much, but every once in a while I might load up the bar some more.

I just started going heavy on Hang Cleans, I'm looking to really get my shoulders pumped up and improved.

I always keep putting goals down, but never really try see where I am by the time they come up, but here are some now that i want to accomplish by the beginning of July.

Squats- 485x1
Military- 225x1
Hang Cleans- 245x3
Flab BB- 275x5
Skulls- 140x6
Sumos- 495x1
BB Rows- 255x8
BB Curls- 135x5
SLDL- 315x5

I think the BIG 3 will be my harder goals to get. I put down BB Curls and Skulls for goals, but I never seem to focus on either exercise let alont bodypart, not sure why I keep doing that??

I have not been doing Sumo Deadlifts often, so that might be hard for me to do. It's just hard for me to incorporate Deads and Squats into the same week, cuz some weeks I like to do Squats twice, once heavy and once light.

The SLDLs are just an estimate. I finally decided to start going heavy on these, so I might start progressing quickly.

02-16-2007, 05:36 PM
Friday 2/16

DB Military- 85x4 85x5 85x5 85x5 85x4

BB Military- 145x10 155x6 155x6

Hang Cleans- 165x8 185x8 205x6 225x4 225x8 245x1 (didn't feel or probably look the best)

The DB Military felt really good and it really hit my delts harder than the BB Military. I have some Select Tech DB's, the adjustable ones, but they do not go past 52.5 pounds, and 85's are the only solid DB's I have, so this was the first time I gave them a shot on Military. I was surprised I got em up, but damn were they hard. I guess my goal will be to do those for 10+ reps.

Doing BB Military after the DB's felt really good, my delts felt really good after doing those 2 exercises.

The Hang Cleans I had a mixed feeling about. Up to the first set of 225 they felt great and easy. That set of 225x4 felt very odd. Then I went back at it again and tighetend up the wraps, and then did double!

For anyone who does Cleans how do they recommend the weight, sets and rep schemes?? Advice is needed here.

A very good workout overall. Shoulders haven't felt this good in a while. Definitely going to keep doing the DB military then the BB. I recommend trying that out for a change for a shoulder workout.

02-18-2007, 05:14 PM
Sunday 2/18

Sumo DL- 315x5 365x4 365x4 365x4 365x4 365x5

BB Rows- 205x8 215x5 225x6 235x6 255x4

Wide Grip Pullups- 36 reps between 5 sets

Hammer Curls- 45x11 45x10 45x11 50x8 50x7

DB Curls- 50x5 50x6 50x6

I did Calves and AB work.

The Sumos felt good, I haven't done these in months. I'd like to move up on these quickly, I might try and do these every week for a few weeks to get back into the groove and then do them every other week, because I want to focus on my Legs, so I don't want to do Deads and Squats together every week.

The BB Rows felt really good, I think I will see some nice improvements in my back using the heavier weights.

I couldn't do nearly as many pullups do to the other back work ahead of it.

The Hammers felt good, I have been feeling a strain in my brachialis on certain exercises so I am gonna do more brach work to strengthen them up.

Good workout overall, but I tend to gake to long for my workouts, it's something with working out at home makes my workouts longer. I should just keep myself in there and never leave the room.

02-23-2007, 01:28 PM
Friday 2/23

Back and Bi's

Wide PullUps- 15-13-11-11-8-8

BB Curls- 85x12 95x10 95x10 105x8 105x8

Hammer Curls- 45x9 45x9 45x9 45x10

Concen Curls- 30x8 30x8 30x7

I also did AB work

I was just doing a light Back with a Heavier Bicep day.

I am looking to get more Pullups in each week. And keep the Bicep work heavy.

02-24-2007, 08:15 PM
Need to update the routine in here. I just switched to second shift this past week, from 3rd shift, so I don't have much time for long workouts during the week, but SAT and SUN are my longer workouts.

Mon- OFF
Tues- Heavy Back/Light Bi's
Wed- Heavy Chest/Heavy Tri's
Thurs- Off
Fri-Light Back/Heavy Bi's
Sat- Heavy Legs
Sun- Heavy Shoulders/Light Tri's/Light Chest

Right now I am just trying to lift hard and stay consistent. I have some goals, but I am not sure what my plans are with PLing or when I plan to compete again. I am just trying to lift hard and eat to gain some size. After summer if I have been consistent I will try to get my bodyweight up past 200, never have done it, but always wanted to, so I hope I can get past that.

Sat 2/24
Squats- 225x27 315x5 345x3 365x2 385x1 385x1 385x1

SLDL- 225x10 275x7 275x7 275x 275x7

I wanted to do the 225 contest they have going for the fun of it, but I wasn't going to push it, cuz I wanted to get my workout in. I could have got to 40 I think. But it sure started to burn around 25. I video taped it but I can't get it on the computer. I also video taped the 385 just 2 check my depth, and I know I have the depth, but I used to always go to low, which can make a difference. I am trying to find my ideal depth.

This is the 2nd time going heavy on the SLDL, and it was some hard Shiiii doing 275. I hope my hammies really show when I start doing 315.

Great workout. Looking to add more weight on the Squats now that I got the feel for them back.

02-25-2007, 05:13 PM
Sun 2/25

DB Military- 85x6 85x6 85x6 85x6 85x6

BB Military- 155x7 175x4 175x4 175x4

Cleans- 185x10 205x6 205x5 225x5 225x5 245x3

INC BB 60 Degree- 155x6 165x6 175x5 185x4

Skulls- 80x12 90x9 90x8

Great Shoulder workout, but the Cleans still feel "funny". But I just started doing them with heavier weights for a few weeks/months. I'm gonna do a search on em and see what I come up with.

I tried a higher Degree on the INCLINE, I liked em with that degree, but I also put that arch in my back which puts the focus a little more on my chest.

Just light work on the Tri's, i'll hit em hard later this week.

02-25-2007, 05:53 PM
your strong as hell man

02-27-2007, 11:18 PM
Tues 2/27

SUMO's- 365x3 385x2 405x1 435x1 455x1 455x1 455x1 485xMISS

BB Rows- 205x10 225x8 225x10 245x5 245x5

BB Curls- 85x14 95x10 105x8 105x8 115x6

Also did Calve work.

My workouts during the week will pretty much be short and sweet, especially if I try and do a power movement like Deadlifts, due to less than 1 hour of time to work with b4 work, some nights I might try and finish up a workout after work, but that's hard to do around midnight when I should be going to bed.

The Sumo's felt nice, first time going this heavy in over 6 months. I should see some nice gains, I'd like to do them every week, but doing Heavy Squats and Deadlifts is just hard 4 me 2 do.

The BB Rows felt great, I felt really strong, I'm thinking by July my legs and back are going to be looking larger than ever.

I'm doing the BB Curls with the Olympic Bar, I'm really liking it right now compared to the EZ Curl, I used to not notice the difference b/t the 2 bars, but I can tell now (Experience I guess??)

Another Great workout!!

Stump, Thanks. I am trying to get my numbers back up near where they were. Hoping 2 surpass those old numbers.

03-03-2007, 06:17 PM
Late Post....

Wednesday 2/28

Incline BB 45degree- 185x6 185x7 205x4 205x4

Incline BB 60degree-185x5 185x6 205x2 205x2

Flyes- 40x10 40x8 40x8

Close Grip BB- 175x8 185x8 205x4 205x4

Overhead BB Ext- 70x10 70x10 70x10

Also did 3 sets of Kickbacks along with numerous sets of Calves.

I'm trying the Inclines using 2 different angles, just to try something different. My upper chest is lagging a bit, and I am working on my delts more, so the INC's use more front delt.

I felt really strong on the Close Grip BB. I'm looking to be repping 225 on these soon enough.

Another Great Workout, I hope to keep the Great workouts coming.

03-03-2007, 07:59 PM
Sat 3/3

Arnold Classic

I'll start off by saying that the Classic has lost the feel that it used to carry a few years back. Maybe it's partly due to my growing up and maturing. But it doesn't seem that many of the Pro's or even top NPC competitors come out and show support of the Classic. The booths aren't jumping lik they used to, and the deals are not there like they used to, you could get anything for very cheap.

Anyways I talked to a few guys King Kamali, Chris Cormier, Darrem Charles, and Melvin Anthony, more so about trying to get them interested in a business venture (HeavyWeight ENT I) am looking to have ready by next years Arnold Classic and hopefully running a booth of my own, Cormier and Charles were real interested which was a big boost for me!!

I am going back tomorrow hoping to see Dexter and Johnnie Jackson. and looking to get some of the BBing videos for cheaper than the $30 they charge!

Onto the Workout...

Squats- 315x5 365x3 385x2 405x1 425x1 425x1

12" Box Squats- 225x5 225x5 225x5 225x5

SLDL- 225x7 275x7 275x8 275x7 275x8

Also did some BB Curls, I didn't do em Friday.

The Squats felt good, the 425 was heavy and hard to get up, but I can't test my limits with no spot available. My Quads weren't fatigueing much at all. I had a goal of 405x3 for March, but I'm not quite there. But I'm satisfied with knowing I could do 385x4 if I had a spotter 4 safety.

I wanted to do some Box Squats but they felt odd, probably cuz I haven't done them in a while, I'm trying to decide on how I want my stance. ADVICE ON BOX SQUATS FROM ANYONE WHO READS MY JOURNAL.

The SLDL's aren't going up, which I thought they would go up for a few weeks, but I'm not gonna push it, I'll just try to get 9 reps for all sets next workout.

Great workout again.

03-04-2007, 06:55 PM
Sun 3/4

DB Military- 85x6 85x7 85x7 85x7

BB Military- 155x5 155x7 155x7 175x3 175x4

Upright Rows- 95x10 115x11 135x6

Close Grip BB- 185x8 185x8 205x5 205x5 205x5

Overhead Tri X- 60x8 70x10 70x10 70x8

DB Side Rasies- 30x10 30x10 30x7

Hang Cleans- 185x8 185x8 205x6

I'm getting 1 more rep a week on the DB Military, so I am happy with that. I can't wait to see how my shoulders look when I am doing over 10 reps on these. The BB Military felt alright I had trouble trying to find out how I wanted to start these.

The Close Grip BB felt good, I'd like to rep 225 in a few months!

It was another great workout!!

03-04-2007, 07:04 PM
strong workout man

03-20-2007, 01:33 PM
I went on vacation to Houston last week and I took a few days off, more or less being lazy, I'll probably take another week to get back to where I was with those great workouts.

Sat 3/17

Squats- 315x5 315x5 365x3 365x3 365x3

I was going to a Cleveland Cavs game Saturday night and this was my 1st workout since my vacation, so I was making it quick. It was nothing spectacular, but it was something.

03-21-2007, 01:08 PM
Tues 3/20

Rack Deads- 315x8 345x5 365x5 405x5 425x3

BB Rows- 185x6 185x6 185x7 205x3

BB Curls- 95x12 115x5 115x5

I kept it short and sweet those Rack Deads took a lot out of me, I went a lot higher than I expected to go for this workout.

I was dead tired during the BB Rows, and I threw in some Curls, but I was restricted on time once again.

Today I am really sore from that workout.

03-22-2007, 01:02 PM
Wed 3/21

DB Incline- 85x10 85x9 85x8 85x8

BB Incline- 185x6 185x6 185x7 205x3

Close Grip BB- 185x8 185x7 205x5 205x5 205x5

DB Kickbacks- 30x11 30x12

I'm amazed how sore I am from these past 2 workouts, and I only took 2 weeks off. And I could tell my muscles were fatiguing quickly.

03-27-2007, 10:58 PM
I skipped a few days again, I got caught up in watching the BBall games this weekend. I watched my Oregon Ducks lose that game to Florida, man I was rooting for them hard, I almost didn't want to do my Sunday workout cuz of that, but I said I gotta get back on track and do it.

Sun 3/25

Inc DB- 85x10 85x10 85x10

Inc BB- 185x5 185x5 185x6

Military BB- 155x8 165x8 165x8

Overhead X- 80x9 80x9 80x9

Close Grip BB- 185x8x 205x5 205x6 205x5

Not a bad workout. But not a great one.

This week I'll hit all of my days that I need to workout.

03-27-2007, 11:01 PM
Tues 3/27

Rack Deads- 315x8 365x6 395x5 435x2 435x2 455x1

BB Rows- 205x10 225x6 225x7 225x6

DB Curls- 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x8

The Racks felt great up to 395 and then I couldn't get a good grip on the sets after 395, so I tried to use the wraps and that didn't feel right, so I just went chalk, and the 455 almost fell out of my grip so I had to stop b4 I hit the top, and I sort of tweaked my back, but I have til Saturday until I Squat.

The BB Rows feel great after the Rack Deads. And I didn't have much time to do curls, but I'll get em good Friday.

04-01-2007, 07:21 PM
Wed 3/28

DB Military- 85x5 85x6 85x6 85x6

BB Military- 135x6 135x11 135x11 135x11

DB Raises- 30x12 30x10 30x10 30x13

Cleans- 185x8 185x8 185x8

I superset the BB Military and the DB Raises, which felt real nice, but we'll see how that turns out with progression.

The Cleans went well, I could have done more weight, but my form was on point!

A nice workout, so everything should start rolling good again.

04-11-2007, 01:39 PM
SAT 3/31

Squats- 315x6 345x4 365x3 365x3 385x2 385x2

SLDL- 225x10 275x7 275x7 275x7

The Squats and SLDL went very nice, it's hard to really push myself on the Squats, with no partner, every once in a while when I feel good I'll go over 400+, but it's sort of scary at times.

I think the SLDL's are starting to come along nicely, I can see my legs gaining some size.

Sun 4/1

DB INC- 85x10 85x11 85x10 85x6

BB INC- 205x4 205x5 205x4

DB Raises- 30x12 30x13 30x13 30x10

DB Uprite Rows- 45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10

Close Grip BB- 185x8 185x7 185x7 185x8

BB Overhead EXT- 70x11 70x7

A good workout, I'm trying to get all of my DB INC sets at 10 reps, and then I'm gonna switch to BB Inc first.

I superset the Raises and Uprite Rows together which felt great, I just did a little something for my shoulders, bu tit was good.

I hit my triceps real good also, I should have done a little more, but I think that's sufficient.

01-14-2008, 01:46 AM
I can't believe it has almost been 6 years since I started this log, and I still have some of the same goals I have not reached.

I am coming back once again, maybe I'll be consistent with my journal entries, it appears to be the same thing with me over and over again, I get back into for a few weeks then drop off.

I am trying to watch some of my old PLing videos, and read up on old workouts, trying to light that powerlifting fire again. I'm going to watch an IPA meet next weekend.

I need to string together at least 6 months of strong workouts, if I could stay consistent I'd be very content with my lifting, but I always find a way to fall off track.

I'm just blogging a little bit so I can find my training log a little easier when I post my Leg workout later.

01-15-2008, 09:54 AM
Sunday Jan 13

315x5 365x2 365x2 385x2 385x2 405x1

225x8 275x7 295x6 315x3

185x8 205x5 225x3 245x2

I wanted to do 405 for 3 but the 1 rep was very hard, so hopefully next workout I can either go heavier for 1 rep or do 405 for 3 reps.

That's the heaviest I have every gone on SLDLs and I am feeling it in my hamstrings still. So that looks like my new thing, to hit SLDLs heavy on a regular basis.

I am trying to go heavier on the Cleans, and that is the highest I have ever done, I'm hoping to see some of the positive gains from incorporating Cleans into my workout.

I started to do some Arms today, but I started to feel some pain in my left bicep, so I just finished up with some Tricep work, and am taking it easy, I was looking to Deadlift this week, but I may not due 2 the bicep pain. I am going to strictly work on hammer curls trying to work my brachialis, hoping that helps with the bicep pain.

01-22-2008, 12:05 PM
I have tried to take it easy this past week, not doing anything that really uses any biceps, and a week later I still have a little pain.

Thursday 1/17

245x10 245x10 265x6 315x3 335x3 335x5

I just wanted to do some Squats, but I was doing them with the bar high on my shoulders so I wasn't putting much pressure on my biceps. I'm getting back to that feeling of loving to Squat again. When I put up my PR's I was really enjoying Squats.

Sunday 1/20

Incline BB
165x8 175x8 205x5 215x3 225x2 235x1-PR

BB Military
135x10 165x5 165x5

The 225x2 and 235x1 are PRs. I haven't been back into lifting hard for more than a month, and I'm already at some of the numbers I'm at now, so I'm very happy with the progress I'm achieving.

Tuesday 1/22

315x5 365x3 365x2 365x2 365x2

I tried the first set of 365 with the bar low, but felt some pain in my bicep, so I did the last 3 sets with the bar high, and I forgot how big of a difference the bar placement on your back can make.

I'm going to have to keep Squatting with the bar high until my bicep heals up. I'm hoping next week I can get back into things a bit harder. I'll just do exercises this week that don't require much if any bicep assistance.

01-30-2008, 10:17 AM
Saturday 1/26
Squats- 225x12 275x10 275x10 315x5 315x5 365x2 405x1
SLDL- 225x8 275x5 275x5 315x5

I'm still doing the Squats with the bar sitting high on my shoulders, I'll probably have to do this for a few more weeks, maybe this will help when I transition back into Squatting with the bar lower on my back?

I tried the SLDL this week, my biceps don't hurt when I use an underhand grip, which it is my left arm with the pain. So the 315 didn't hurt to bad, I'm not sure if I can do numerous sets like that?? I'll see how this weekends workout turns out.

Sunday 1/27
Incline BB- 185x6 215x2 215x3 215x3 225x2 235x1 235x1 235x1 240x1
Military BB- 165x6 175x5 185x5 205x miss

I do Incline BBs outside of my squat rack and got stuck with 235 on my chest on the 2nd rep and had to roll it down my chest, Chest workouts and squats are definitely days I miss having a partner or at least a spot. The 240 is a PR, so anything from here on will be great progress.

I haven't gone this heavy on BB Military for a while, I was happy with the 185, but I tried the 205 a few times, but I should be there soon enough. I start my Militarys off of safety pins, which is harder to do when I'm trying a heavy weight, cuz I don't get that downward movement when you normally start on a Military BB's.

Wednesday 1/30
Underhand BB Rows- 185x10 205x7 215x7 235x5 245x4
Pullups- 10/9/8
DB Curls- 30x11 35x10 40x8 45x8 52x4

I can do back as long as I use an underhand grip and it doesn't affect my left Bi, I tried a few pullups with an overhand grip, and I could feel a tightness afte the set, so I still have a few weeks probably.

The 245 on the rows is the highest I've done in quite some time, my goal is to get to 275 for a few good reps.

All 3 workouts were very good workouts, so I'm excited about that, and I'm still taking it easy on certain things. I haven't had a set routine, due to my schedule, but I'm hoping to get onto a set schedule if I can wake up early continuously.

01-30-2008, 10:26 AM
During December I laid out some goals I had set for April/May when I'm done with my bulking cycle, and before I start trying to cut some weight, i'm getting married in August, and then the honeymoon, so I want to be in shape, cuz we plan on doing a lot of activities, wether we go to Arizona or Tennessee.

So here is what I have laid out.

Weight- 207
Squats- 455x3
Deadlifts- 455x3
SLDL- 365x3
Flat BB- 300x1
Inc Bb- 245x4
BB Rows- 255x5
Cleans- 275x5

The bodyweight has been climbing, I am finally 200 pounds consistently, and that is the heaviest I have ever been, some days I'm 203, and I'm also bigger than I have ever been.

And for only lifting on a consistent basis for 6 weeks I'm doing some of the heaviest weights I ever have.The Rows, Incline BB, Cleans and SLDL are the heaviest weights I've done or right around there.

The Deadlift and Squats are going to be the harder ones to achieve

But I still have about 3 months to get there, the extra bodyweight should help me with my goals. So when May comes I'll pretty much coast with making goals while trying to probably get down to a bodyweight of 190, and then when fall comes around I'll make up some end of the year goals.

02-07-2008, 09:37 AM
I seem to like to post my workouts in bulk. But here are my workouts from the past week, and once again, numbers are looking better and better.

Friday 2/1
BB Military - 175x8 185x7 185x7 195x4 195x5 203x3
Incline DB - 85x9 85x9 85x9 85x6

I did the Military BB first this time and I was able to get 205 for a triple as opposed to not being able to do it last time. If I can continue at this pace I would be ecstatic to be able to get 225 for at least 1 rep. It was just a quick workout getting some heavy weights done.

Sunday 2/3
Squats - 315x3 345x3 365x3 385x3 405x3 435x1
Leg Press - 12 platesx5 14x5 16x5 17x3
Leg Curls, Seated and Standing

Went to a local gym with a buddy, so I was pumped about that, cuz I figured it would be time to try some heavy Squats having someone spot me. I could have done the 405 for 1-2 more reps probably and I could have maybe attempted 455 for a single, but we were going to do more Leg work. I was impressed to do 17 plates on the Leg Presses, I could have done more weight, but this was the first time to do Leg Presses in a few years. The different Leg Curls really hit my Hammies hard, I was extremely soar for 2 days straight. Great Workout.

Wednesday 2/6
BB Military- 175x6 185x6 185x7 195x5 205x2 205x2
Side Raises - 30x12 30x12 30x12
SuperSet With
Arnold Presses - 52x9 52x8 52x10
Skull Crushers- 60x12 70x12 80x8 80x8
Bent Over Raises 4 Sets
Kickbacks 4 sets

I just stuck with shoulders assuming my buddy and I might workout this weekend again, and I'm sure we will do Chest. I started the 175 by trying to do Standing Presses but that just didn't feel right so after that I went to Seated Presses, I still got 205, but only for 2 reps. Within a week or 2 I'll try for 215 and see what I can do with it.

The Side Raises with Arnold Press Supersets killed my shoulders, I was feeling some good burn and pain on those. I haven't been doing much Tricep or bicep work, I love hitting everything else hard except my arms, I'm going to focus on going harder working out my Arms.

Thursday 2/7
UnderHand BB Rows- 185x10 205x10 225x7 255x4 225x4
Rack DLs- 315x7 335x4 335x4
BB Curls- 4 Sets

I'm not really a fan of Underhand Rows, but I rarely do them, they felt good until I tried going up to 255, I just wasn't feeling it in my Lats, like the previous sets. But since I'm gaining weight I'm trying to move heavier weights to see the effects. I took it easy on the Rack Deads, cuz I don't want to test my left bicep, I don't feel much pain during workouts, but a little at work due to repetative movements.

I'll note that February 6th, I started to take NO-Xplode. That stuff really gets me going during my workouts. My weight is really starting to stay up, I'm starting to fluctuate right around 205 on a regular basis. I've been eatting really heavy for about 2 months straight, and I could probably eat more, I'm not sure when your metabolism starts to slow down, but maybe mine it starting to a little, but I am also not as active as I used to be, especially during the Winter months.

I'm thinking 210 will be where I end up by April, but there is a chance I start cutting weight in March.

Paul Stagg
02-07-2008, 10:05 AM
It's good to see you back.