View Full Version : Question: Nitor for energy on maintenance

04-17-2008, 10:25 AM
For all you users of Nitor out there.
I'm done bulking for the time and really just trying to cut some of the fat, while still gaining muscle mass. So I'm starting to do more cardio, while eating clean.

Just began taking Nitor for the first time today. How quickly have you moved up to the second "phase" (2 in the morning, 2 before 1)? I have always found that stimulants, such as no-doz, do nothing to me and I will likely be needing to be in the second phase for it to take its effects (but we'll see).

I'm really just taking Nitor for the increased energy for working out, and for a general increase of energy during the day (finals coming up in a few weeks). Will taking Nitor greatly diminish my apetite for eating?

Lastly, although I hardly drink at all (occasionally I may have a few drinks once a week such as on saturday), should I be concerned with any side effects in case I chose to go out for a beer on an isolated day? :alcoholic: Will my body kick my ass and get me into the fetal position for doing this one day? :bash: If so, thats coo. Just another reason not to drink (which doesnt bother me).