View Full Version : WannaBeBig? No, Just WannaBeFit

04-17-2008, 02:47 PM
It's been a long time. I've been a member of these forums for a long time, and have been gone for pretty much an entire year.

I've pretty much quit the weightlifting game... In fact, I've quit any physical activity at all. It's kind of sad.

I've seen my self go from fit guy, to tubby, and while I haven't gained a pound in weight over the past year, it's easy to see that I've lost plenty of muscle and my midsection has become wider.

That's not to say I'm fat... I'm only 5'9 175LBs. But in my eyes? Well, there's an unacceptable amount of weight on my gut, and I used to pride myself as being the only one in the family fighting that beer belly gene. Now I see myself slowly inching toward the gut level of my brothers and father.

So what went wrong? I turned 21 :P
A year of sitting around and too much partying does take its toll. But it's time to grow out of that.

So here I am. There's just something about making a journal that makes me want to keep at what I'm doing, so this is how it starts.

So what are my goals?

1. Fit into my work pants.

Simple goal, eh? They all used to fit so snugly, but now... Well, let's say they're still snug, but a bit TOO snug.

2. Look good naked. :moon:

Hey, don't we all want this? While I've never been the biggest guy, it was great to get looks from ladies when I decided to wear nothing but a wife-beater. As it is, my gut pokes out a bit too much for me to wear one of these in comfort.

3. Look Healthy, be healthy.

I'm not going to lie... there are some days where I just plain look like **** and feel like ****. This is no longer going to be acceptable.

4. Vanity

Yeah, this is one for everyone. We all just want to look good for ourselves. Why else would gyms have mirrors on every wall?

So what's the plan? No routines. That's it.

I'm going to mix in a lot of cardio for a healthy heart with moderate weight training once or twice a week.

Cardio will consist of running (Sprinting and distance running), swimming, and bike riding. I'd love to throw in some basketball, but I live in a totally redneck city and so basketball isn't a big sport around here.

Weight training will be traditional compound lifts. I'll either be doing upper or lower on one day, and while I'm not doing any heavy, heavy, lifting, I still do love 'dem squats!

Basically it'll be one pushing and one pulling movement when doing upper body mixed with a couple isolation exercises of my choice. When doing lower, I'll throw in some squats with a hamstring/glutes emphasis exercise.

Though as I said, I'm not sticking to a routine, so I may mix it all up just for fun.

Anyways, that's it. I've got to do some scouting tomorrow when I take a look at a local place with an indoor pool and weight room. I seriously hope they have a power rack, though if not I've got the necessary equipment at home.

Thanks if you actually read all this.