View Full Version : Carb Protein Layout question

04-17-2008, 10:56 PM
I am currently eating a very healthy diet consisting of:

50% Carbs- Mostly green vegetables like broccoli, Asparagus and sometimes whole wheat steal cut oats with non fat soy milk.
40% Protein- Egg whites, Turkey, Chicken, Tuna, white fish.
10% Fat- Mostly received from Cheese, Omega3 supplements.

As for amounts i eat at 9 am about 600 calories, 1 pm about 600 calories, then at 4 pm and 7 pm i eat pretty much however much i like. (Even in sedentiary periods of my life i have been able to keep a nice physique and that was on poor food choices.)

I have a few questions....

Since carbs are for sustained energy throughout the day shouldn't my morning meals be higher in carbs and my evening meals be mostly protein?

Would it be beneficial to switch my diet to 70 or 60% protein because i enjoy eating protein more than carbs?

I am eating very healthy supplies of protein so is it necessary for me to continue taking a whey isolate mix every day?

Thank you very much, i look forward to your feed back.