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03-20-2002, 10:24 AM
Never used an online journal. I figured why not. Well, Im trying to cut down for the summertime, as everyone else. I'm hovering somewhere around 240 at 6'2, and my waist is 38 inches. I wanna get down to the 215-220 range, and I have incorporated a 40/30/30 split. My biggest battle is with my diet, I am not worried about my overall activity, because I am an exercise nut. I love lifting, and I love sports, and I am always playing them. So, here is my futile attempt, at trying to bring out the hard earned muscle that is hiding underneath a cloak

03-20-2002, 10:37 AM
Let me put in my meals for yesterday as well as so far today.

yesterday 3-19 non lifting day
meal 1
3/4 cup oats
2 scoops pro lab protein powder

meal 2
8oz chicken
1 cup brown rice

meal 3
2 skinless roasted chicken breasts
1 cup brown rice

meal 4
8oz chicken
3/4 cup brown rice

meal 5
1 can tuna mixed in with salad w/ french dressing

late snack
2 heaping spoonfulls of peanut butter
i only ate 5 meal yesterday cuz by time I got home from school and ate meal 5 it was almost 10pm, and I went to bed at 11:30, thats why I ate some pb late

today 3-20 training day(not until nightime)
as of now

meal 1
1/2 cup oats w/ cinnamon
2 scoops protein powder

meal 2
2 cups fat free cottage cheese
1 handful salt free cashews