View Full Version : Chicken + pasta + Feta

04-26-2008, 10:44 PM
Ok, so i've devised a pretty damn easy way to make a pretty good dinner (depending on how much you like feta) I like me my Mediterranean foods ( it must be the Mediterranean in me... lol) So all you gotta do is- put some good ole chicken breast on the george foreman, and while grilling that, boil up the pasta of your choice (i like this Mostaccioli i have, but Penne might actually work better, haha) And i just cook some onions, olives and garlic with some greenbeans in a pan, add associated italian/mediterranean seasonings and then mix that into the pasta when its al dente.... Finally, after you mix the pasta all up, serve the chicken on top of it and throw as much crumbled feta as you want on everything. Added bonus: It looks all fancy, even though its not.

anyway, Feta+ chicken+ onion/olive/spiced green beans = goodness.

that is all. :)