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05-01-2008, 01:27 AM
i'm currently sponsored by APT , USPLabs, and titan....i'll drop what i've been up to the last few weeks to now...

sorry for the inactivity...i've had a run of some bad **** the last few weeks and hopefully about to see some good returns...part of that bad **** was my computer crashing like it did 3 times...anyways...onward to the meet results...

BW: 327

BENCH: 451(SMOKED) - 500(MISSED) - 500 (MISSED)

***this is really goin to be a long post bros so bear with me here. first off, i'm very proud of what i did today despite missin a 500 raw bench which the strength is there...just need more time i guess and lockout work...yea i pulled another viking and missed 500 on the 3rd at lockout. the 722 squat and 741 dead were PRs. the 451 raw bench was strong and fast so there is no doubt that 500 would of fallen...just not today but hey, that' why we train! i DECIMATED PRs today so i'm very happy about that and it gives me an idea on where i'm goin to be at in gear...however, this is what i would call PYRIC VICTORY....a victory gained at too great of loss...

my former-partner, joe did a 500 raw squat, 361 raw bench, and 500 raw dead to total 1361 at 242 which is damn good for a first meet...but not so with joe. he didn't feel like did well. long story short, he felt like in powerlifting that he was below average in terms of strength. even after talkin with zak friewald and mike lanier, he still felt the same. he had came to the conclusion that powerlifting wasn't for him at all and he saw a 1361 total as losing. at this point, i couldn't do much to change his mind...if he didn't enjoy it, i didn't want him to do it. he really wished that he didn't do the meet and that really left me speechless. he was comparing himself to guys that had experience in the sport and it wasn't fair to himself. i didn't expect this reaction but his actions in the past few weeks told me of this but like usual, i deluded myself otherwise. i felt a good deal responsible for him feelin like that...and couldn't do much about it. i felt bad the whole way home for him cause i wanted him to feel what i felt...like the fire had been lit wantin more and doin it for fun and to better yourself...which i did...but joe didn't...so i'm back solo again...but i rather be this way than for his passion for lifting to die out which i didn't want. i told him to take a week off and do things that make him happy...my last piece of advice to him....

all in all, i guess it takes more than just physical strength and mental strength to be a powerlifter. my friend, jon oxford, pulled a muscle while attempting to bench 430 raw close-grip at 198. he had done an easy 415 to his surprise. he had already done a 600+ raw squat which he didn't want to lose so he pulled just the bar to keep it. that's heart...and the difference maker i guess. i also found out that's what i was tryin to do all along hoping that they would have this trait and it was a loss on both of us. hell, i found out that i'm not a salesperson and i hate my job so i feel joe on this. i wished now that i hadn't taken this new job already knowing this instinctively. i'm very grateful for joe for the help he put in. he didn't hold me back at all and him gettin stronger was forcing me to be stronger. i can respect joe cause he did better than the partners i've had in the past that jus talked about doin one but pussed out...he actually did it, it wasn't his cup of tea, so its kool...i also know he isn't as normal as he thinks he is..i won't believe that for a damn second...all in all, he was not a good partner...but a great one. either way, it sucks to lose one...

what did i learn from this meet...aside from the fact that i put up a damn good raw total and that i have more to expect when i get back into full gear...i learned that the qualities that we have as powerlifters we should be damn proud of. the fact that we chose not to be normal/average and want to be something more than that. i also learned that there are people who are fine with that and sometimes that in itself is hard for me to believe and maybe i never will.

i also learn that i can't do this anymore. tryin to bring in lifters that i had never heard of the sport let alone have the fire for it. havin the fire is one thing...that's something we can work with. but i've gone thru some partners...4 of which including joe, didn't have it. i've burned myself too many times to do this. don't get me wrong, i'm grateful for bring in guys like big nate who did his first meet last month, will and jay and others on here...they have that fire and i can keep it burning for them and show them a great sport and in return keep my fire burning bright... so now i'm solo again but i'm not takin on anyone else to be my partner after this unless that have it for the sport. period! it seems selfish but i'm not doin this to be average or normal...i hate bein normal as i imagine most of u guys here do...now more than ever cause i know of people who prefer that over challenging themselves...but its one man's choice and his direction.

i also know now its time for me to put some immediate plan to move to atlanta and may need help on this...cause that's where i need to be now. with other lifters who share that fire as i do as well as bettering themselves. i can no longer create that fire...it has to exist in the first place...and its easier for me to be around guys like i did last summer for the first time with big nate, tyler, will, and ryan...also like i did when i first came to my bench session at NGBB...and liftin with them and sharing that same love for the sport...regardless of the BS which is why i'm grateful to u guys, PLANETRAGE, BAG, ETC...u guys have it to be a powerlifter and proud to share the forum with you. at this point, i need to be around more of it and gettin a bit tired of the solo act too but in this situation i would go solo to save someone's love for lifting...

as u guys can tell, aside from my lifting, i wasn't too happy about the turnout of this meet for joe. if your reading this, learn from my error in this...and save yourself from the disspointment that i feel right now. but in light of this, the rage will burn brighter than before...cause i have direction...i also learned that u should do this sport for you and nuthin or no one else. better yourself first! that's what i did today and i'm proud of that regardless of the placing...but this is what it is...a pyric victory...

lessons learned but a great cost...but still i must walk the dark mile...

bw: 328(w/ abs visible...lol!)

raw bench
135x12-10 225x8-6 315x3-1 405x1

raw 3-boards w/ chk greens and dbl minis(+200/cluster style)
315x2 315x2

raw 3-boards w/ chk blues and dbl minis(+250/cluster style)
245x3 275x3

405x5 225x45

key presses
80x20 80x15 80x15

dips w/ 90lbsx 5
dips w/ 45lbsx3

pushdowns- 80x10-10-10

super pullovers(incline pullovers)

h-rolls(swing incline laterals)

***today was a kickass session...i passed up on squats cause of my hip a little less than normal from the meet but its all good. BRINGER reminded me what go him ****in strong on the bench and i combined that with the close-grip work and see if it helps my raw like it did my shirted. it went very well...all the reps were pretty easy which i'm underestimating my own strength in this fact...lol! i went to repout 405 but could only get 5 off a fubar liftoff. then i dropped down and got pissed and hammered 225 for 45 reps for a PR. did some key presses to give the shoulders a break and some drip with weight which keep in mind was a task after all the work i had done. finished up with pushdowns followed by some new movements, super pullovers and h-rolls.

travis bell is one strong ****er...lol! but these new movement gave the session a new feel. after that i was out...i was sportin the new planetrage tank today which was awesome! also, i've come to a decision that now is the time to make the move to atlanta. right now, i'm workin hard to find something out there first before anything else, so wish me luck on this...

nuthin but a raw thing...lol

bw: 322

raw bench
135x5 135x5 225x5 225x5
315x3 405x3 455x2 480x1
405x8 425x3


barbell rows

super pullovers

db shoulder press

db front laterals
70x3 80x3 90x3 100x5!!

db hammers
70x3 100x3 140x5 35x10

rolling extensions
80x5-5 55x10

***was a bit fired up from watchin the raw 242 dvd i have...****in motivation. we in tonite and ****in DID WORK BOYS! raw bench maybe a bit ****ty from the CG work friday but got up to 455x2 and 480x1 and dropped down and got some reps afterwards. went onwards to dips with 45lb plate and did sets of 10 and did some w/o weight for 15...went onto barbell rows and did sets of 5 and 6 and repped out 315 for 10. the super pullovers kicked ass! try'em out!! tried to see if i could rep the 100s but no go...shoulders were beat up from raw benchin and took it out on front laterals and worked up to 100s for 5 reps. finished off the nite with hammers and rolling extensions and i was out. dropped a bit in bw due to stress but didn't effect my strength any so that's good....tommorrow i'll be hittin legs with trent with the same effect...BUT i was goin thru this session like a train and wearing the tank "what's next" pretty much set the mindset for the session...

what's next indeed!