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05-05-2008, 11:02 AM
so here comes my journal ive been off and on lifting since junior year in highschool. At first i really had no clue wtf i was doing and really mostly wasted a whole bunch of energy. however senior year after stepping in on the football teams lifting sessions i started to figure things out. i quickly went made it to 185x6x3 with a 215 max at 145lbs. however my goal was never to be that small.
Currently i am 163lbs 5'8". I play tournament paintball locally playing 7-man Am. on the field i am a front player so getting huge is not really what I'm looking to do. so im thinking 180-185 with a 10% bf. i've still gotta be fast and able to blast people.

my current workout has been the WBB 1.1

have not been doing D1 because of broken gear at the gym.. we will be picking this day up very soon however.

Day 1 - Lower Body/Abs

Front Squat/Back Squat

Alternating Lunges

Good Mornings

Standing Calve Raises

Diagonal Cable Wood Chops


Day 2 - Upper Body

Straight Arm Pull Downs 120x8x6

Flat Bench Press/Dumbbell Chest Press 165x8x6/

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press 30x8x6

Dips bodyweightx8x6

Variation of Standing Biceps Curls 35x8x6

Swiss Ball Cable Crunches

Day 4 - Lower Body

Deadlifts 185x8x6

Step Ups 50lb dumbellsx8x6

Pull Through dont remember

Walk Outs

Side Planks

Day 5 - Upper Body

Chin Ups/ Modified Pull Ups

Seated Wide Grip Cable Row/One Arm Dumbbell Rows 60x8x6

Push Ups (variations)

Scaption 20x8x6

Dumbbell Skull Crushers 45x8x6

Leg Raises 120x8x6