View Full Version : I am going to work the bicePTs every other day

05-06-2008, 09:56 AM
yes thats right bicePTs with a capital T, for Testosterone, actually a capital PT for preposterous amounts of testosterone.........PREPOSTERONE!!!

just to show people were that your arms will and can grow by doing uncanny direct work with the curlz.
lately i have been slacking with the curls and doing more compond work as that has been a priority to boost up my squats, deadlifts and bench, havent been focusing much on arm size lately, that and a nagging pain in my elbow when doing curls, which hasnt healed because i havent been working them.

so my routine is going to be doing different types of curls almost ever other day, probably about 3 times a week
and for you blue collar folks (jucespringstien) ill keep up my squats, deads and benching.
body weight is 165 not sure if ill gain much weight or loose weight havent decided yet
it begins today.

05-06-2008, 10:27 AM
Rawrrrrrrrrr! Love the title Hawk.

05-07-2008, 06:41 AM
for people that aren't sure this is no joke, i will seriously be working the gunZ every other day to disprove the WWB population's myths about bicep growth.
This will show the main things that are important in this order.
1. Consistency
2. Effort
3. A plan

measured them yesterday and yes they have indeed gotten smaller, they stand at a puny 16.75" and forearms at 14.0" held straight.
goals are to get an inch or 17.75 in about 6 months or real close to 18" by the end of the year.
will be working biceps 3 times a week doing various curls, and allot of reverse grip to get some meat on my forearms. Due to my heavy benching i will only work the triceps twice a week, once from my ME bench, and another time doing specific triceps work outs like close grip bench, skull crushers, pull downs etc.
Max allowable weight i will gain will be 181lbs or 16lbs maximum as i'm at 165lbs now.

well to start it off my first workout went like this
reverse curls
65x10 for 3 sets
standing curls
105x10 for 3 sets