View Full Version : Regina Highland Games

05-18-2008, 07:21 PM
Well I had my very first Highland games heavy weights competition today! It was loads of fun and we had pretty good weather for the day too! Here's how I did:

Braemar Stone: 25' 3.5"
Open Stone: 29' 2"
Weight for distance (26lbs): 43
Weight for distance (56lbs): 21' 4"
Light hammer (16lbs??): 69' 1"
Heavy Hammer (22lbs): 51' 7"
Small Camber -- 12 feet, 70ish lbs: flipped it, they weren't judging this one.
Big Camber -- 17 feet, 90ish lbs: best was 40 degrees... This sucked!
Weight for height (56lbs): 11'
Sheaf toss (20lbs): 20'

I'm really glad I did this! It was tons of fun! :)