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05-20-2008, 07:08 PM
Dec. 2007:
5"10 135pounds 7%bf
Bench 95x3
Regular Squat 205x5
Deadlift 155x8
100m 12.4s

150pounds 8%bf
Bench 115x8
Parallel Squat 205x5
Deadlift 175x6
100m 11.98s, 200m - 23.9

so yeah, i put on some pounds... still increadibly weak lifts.

however i'm content with my size for now. i only really want another 5 pounds by august (football season) and that will just come because i'm growing i think...

now i want to focus on being able to lift alot times by bodyweight. for example. i'd rather be 150pounds and be benching 160 or 165 pounds once, than be 175 pounds, benching 175 or 170 once.

and i want to lift for speed, jumping, and power. i want to train explosiveness and build fast twitch muscle fibers.

i want to become really quick, fast, cut well, and be strong for my size.

i already am quick and can cut well. i have speed maintenance. i lack top speed. my jumping is average. i'm 5'10 and touch rim so i'm guessing my vert is only 27 or 28 inches. want to see if i can get 30 or 31 inches...

i'm aiming for
155pounds by august
bench 165x1 @155lbs by august
PARALLEL squat 315 @155lbs by august
100m - 11.4s, 200m - 22.8

basically to sum it up:
i want to train to be explosive, quick, fast, and strong for my size
opposed to put on pounds (even though probably most of you all think i need to be at least 180pounds)

05-21-2008, 07:37 PM
Start doing sprints if you aren't already. Start doing olympic lifts or variations of them. Squat clean, power clean, hang clean, snatch, jerk, etc...

Eric Downey
05-31-2008, 08:27 PM

look at speed work.