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05-29-2008, 08:43 PM
Just got ALN's results and decided to start a journal. I was on cell-tech for a few weeks and have been takin nitrotech for a bit now too. Love the nitro, pretty much hate the cell i retained so much water taking it slow i'm starting to settle back down. so I took that first serving of RESULTS..... tastes fine but the rush after about 50 minutes was intense. weighted for my girlfreind to hurry up and get ready so we could hit the gym.

Got to the gym today was basiclly fit in whatever i could to test the energy with results:


Shoulder press(machine):

Machine rows:

Dips no weight:

ez bar curls:
90x(almost finished 21's)

Leg press

Arm raises(i think thats what their called)

crunches on ball

normal crunchs

leg raises

... wanted to do cardio but... I had no energy for it.
Had a protein shake and went to a chinese buffet a couple hours latter.

Im a little bit bigger but hey I like to treat my self every once in a while and rice, chicken and fish isn't to bad but the sweet and sour sauce and the fried **** isn't the best for you, but what the hell I needed to eat plus i got one for free from a buy 9 ger one free card hehe...

Bottom line today was an akward work out but results got me fired up and ready to go. and I've been drinking caffine for the last hour and a half and playin on the old super nintendo with the girl. i got two days off lifting cause i work on friday and saturday anybody suggest taking the results in the morning if i'm gonna get that huge rush before i go to work at 5? ohh btw i dont usally wake up till 2:30 pm so its probably gonna suck to go into work all hyped up because I'm a server and i dont want to be freakin out all the customers? any thoughts?

05-30-2008, 01:21 AM
Went out to steak and shake.... my girlfriend wanted to go out and eat again... I got some chili it was good drank some water ten shared an oreo shake... I know my diet sucks but I'd rather not hear that from you guys yet until you see me mention it again a few times.... the day is just about over for me. ohh and a protein shake before bed that will just about do it.

05-30-2008, 03:45 PM
Hey man,
although you did say you don't want to hear anything about your diet, it is the basis of everything you do, its just as important as getting enough sleep of pumping some iron. Going off track of diet, is exactly like dropping a session, think of it that way, I doo and it helps for me.
Anyway man I was wondering, how old are you? and what routine are you following (if any)
Maybe a little intro at the begining of your journal would help.


05-30-2008, 11:53 PM
Well for anybody that wants a little extra info on me and my workout. I started bulking at 225 at the end of april . I was using nitro tech then two weeks started to use celltech and gained a few pounds right away. I droped the celltech and replaced it with results which im so sure will help me see improvements from what everybody says and I alredy feel good just from taking it after 2 days. I'm 18 years old and have been lifting for almost 4 years . Never been into doing heavy squats or deads I just did them for football in highschool 3-4 years ago. and I rarely did legs during wreslting season because after the intense practiceing i could barly lift at all. Um my body weight has been all over the place for the last few years. I slimmed down for last summer and lost most of my muscle mass due to a rather low calorie intake and no exersise. I'm ready to do some heavy lifting because i have a strong passion for self accomplishment and for me to one day be able to bench like 350 10 times I'd be pretty damn happy. I also think that self imagine is a very important aspect in life so I've been working for a long time to slim up and look buff. Lately I changed up my diet to include alot of foods that have protien like chicken fish you know the basics. at first my bulk was getting a little dirty but i changed it around to incorperate a much cleaner bulk. also if after 3 weeks of RESULTS shows me the PR's I'm looking for then I can trust ALN and will also by some nitor to help with the diet and more RESULTS to continue to help me throughout the summer. and as far as my routine goes... I do abs every other night. I lift on Sundays, Tuesdays and thursdays. I usally do heavy legs on tuesdays because work is easy on wednesdays for me so it doesn't bother me to work my ass off tuesday. Sunday I like to do heavy chest, shoulders, and back. and thursdays I like to lay off legs as much as possible so i try to exclude cardio from that because fridays and saturdays are hell at work and I can not put anymore stress on my legs. SO Thursday I like to do alot of bicep, tricep and forarms. Cardio is only done when possible on sundays or tuesdays sometimes swimming on thursday.

Doubt anybody will sit throught that but if anybody cares there it is. Any other questions about me or anything just let me know.

05-31-2008, 10:38 PM
Worked today it sucked. I also measured my biceps today... after two days of not working out they are 16.5 flexed... not terrible but they need alot of work, this summer I plan to get them to at least 17's cold and flexed if not 17.5 cold and flexed. I'm gonna measure them tomarrow once their pumped from taking some L-arginine, Results and after working out. ohh and I'm doing abs tonight. I found a really good 20 minute routine in a mens fitness magazine, and damn after one night i still feel the burn two days later. I'll post my workout tomarrow.

06-02-2008, 12:50 AM
Did my 20 minute abs routine last night ohh man it killed but my abs felt good today.
Ok so fourth day on RESULTS heres how it went.

(no girlfriend hold back any volume today)


decline bench:

Squats: (tried one of the machines that uses a guided bar)
205x2 (wanted to do more but the bar is tough on the shoulder

Dips (no weight)

Shoulder press

Curls (ez bar)

curl ups:
2 and one half

DB Flys

Standing DB shoulder press:
(should have done more wight but shoulders were getting worked)

Crunches on ball:

Between that and clear all that plates from bars that people left on for the gym I was spent.

Drink my Nitrotech. went to the pet store then Old country buffe...
I use to love the damn place but today I only had a big piece of steak some beans, mashed potatoes a little corn then went on to have a piece of cheese cake and some low fat no sugar icecream. The food was definatly not worth the price... 11.29???

Got a bit of cardio from playin baseball out in a feild with my little bro. and an even better workout with the woman. Very nice!!!

Also ate chinese food for dinner and took a little more creatine to help improve the recovery so I'm not dead at work tomarrow.

By the way I did take a measurement of my arms after working out taking arginine and RESULTs... Well they were only 16.5 even after working out compared to the 16.5 after not working out for a day. I'll check again shortly I don't know what the reason was for the odd discrepency.

The calories for today would have been right were i wanted them but the extra creatine with dextrose and cheese cake and icecream probably added an unessecary 500-600. putting me probably close to 2600-2900 just barely under matainance.

I'm looking forward to my day of rest before I hit my legs hard on Tuesday.

06-03-2008, 02:43 AM
Tonight is abs. I've barely been able to eat 2000 cals today the only reason its 2000 is cause i ate alot of ice cream even low fat yogurt too the rest was all protien shakes and a 4 egg omllette with cheese. so just out of curiosity is there such thing as a dirty cut not that I'm cutting anyway but I'm trying to keep my cals at mataince or lower which is 3000 or less? anyway tomarrow is legs I'm probably gonna work bi's just for the hell of it just to keep the arms looking pumped I'll post my workout tomarrow if I have time.

06-03-2008, 10:14 PM
cals today are a little high due to the fact that I had to eat fried fish and chicken but still probably not much more than 2500 as of now and I'll probably end up drinkin a protein shake before bed to day to be atleast at matainace.

The gym was a killer today I did alot of lifts to work on my core today because I felt that I didn't work my body enough on tuesday. I did alot of squats and I'm easily putting up more weight than before. Alot of it is probably cause I'm getting use to the bar and my form and also the RESULTS is giving me a huge rush before i head in the gym. And squats is quickly becomeing a favorite. Just gonna list the few lifts i did because I don't remember all the numbers from today.


Flat Bench

Decline Bench

Bicep curls

Bicep curls ez bar



DB arm extensions

hmmm It seemed like I did alot more than just that? but either way I guess thats all I did and I'm probably just gonna do another arm day.

So far after 6 days of Results I noticed an increase in strength especially in DB curls I was able to do a few more reps. However I'm extremly sore from the amount of squats I did. And I didn't take any before pics but I noticed after 3 nights of abs work out and Results also adding in more back workouts in the last 2 weeks I noticed maybe a little bit of fat loss in my back and I know for sure that if I keep this up I'll be feeling great.

06-04-2008, 12:38 AM
Good news... The girlfriend is saying I'm lookin thinner...! I'm not even cutting! I'm just keepin the cals alittle lower than the norm threw in results and doin ab work and she says I look better this is some of the best news I've ever heard in a while. I'd have to say that as of now RESULTS is the best thin that has happened to me I have so much more energy and I feel great after taking it even on off days.

06-06-2008, 01:13 AM
I worked out today... It was a bad one. I did triceps and biceps and extra abs because I felt that the abs work out that i did last night wasn't good enough. I also went to a vitamin shoppe to see about getting some more protein and a quick supplement to help help boost the metabolism... But I rememberd how bad their protein is at the VS and the sales dude convinced me to buy something to help with my thyriod I bought th**** but Am planning to return it because ALN just sent me a 10% off coupon in the mail so I'm probably just gonna buy some thermocin and their protein...

Any way from benching to much this week and over working my legs on tuesday My body is just completly shot. I need this friday and saturday break. But I'm gonna be starting over again this sunday and by then it wil be about day 10 on RESULTS and I know that by this thursday I am going to set some new PRs in the gym and thats why I'm gonna chose to go with ALN for my next sups. ANd atleast another month of RESULTS if not 2 months.

06-07-2008, 12:57 PM
MY legs are finally not sore anymore so I actually feel a little bit better. I did my abs last night. the routine I'm doin is actually starting to get alot easier than when I started but still my abs are getting worked.

Lately I've been noticing a big shortage in cals a day unless I eat a huge meal towards the end of the night. SO basiclly I'm gonna put myself on an offical cut. I play on still eating around 2300 calories a day which for some doesn't seem like its really cutting but its still less than my mataince so I should lose close to 2 bpounds a week doin that. I only wanna cut around 10 pounds and after that I plan on lifting really heavy . Chris Mason said that while he was on RESULTS he was able to cut and still gain a good amount of muscle so I'm hoping the same will be true from me.

I'll post my routine again tomarrow.

06-08-2008, 09:57 PM
Today was crazy after about 11 days of RESULTS... I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHY ITS SO AMAZING... I took it today with a huge omllet returned some **** filled my tank and hit the gym. The way my body felt and the intensity in the gym was crazy. here are the lifts I did

Bench press

DB press


DB Rows

DB curls

Curls ez bar


Started doing crunches but decided to just do my ab work out tonight

The diet was good today but I know I'll step it up even more when I'm popin thermocin twice a day.

Overall I can tell that when I go for my PR's on thursday I know I'll hit whatever I'm goin for.

06-09-2008, 03:29 PM
Worked my abs like I said I would last night then took an extra dose of creatine a bit before bed to help wioth the overnight recovery and I feel great today. My Nitrean and Thermocin should becomin soon and I really cannot wait to see what happens.

So far from takin RESULTS and the change in my diet I lost 5 pounds and I plan on easily losing another 10 in the next couple months.

06-10-2008, 03:13 PM
I have to work today because my ****ing work is selling pancakes for a penny its stupid so the place is gonna be packed. I request off tuesdays thursdays and sundays just for lifting but no they have to schedual me anyway. Its cool cause I'm taking a huge break and gonna set some huge prs on thursday when I step in the gym after a 4 day break. Anyway the cals have been under matainence for a little while now so things should be good. I'll let you know how those lifts go.. I hope to hit 285 on the bench and on squats

06-14-2008, 01:55 AM
So i lifted on thursday my squats are goin up like crazy I went from squating 45 pounds 10 times 2 months ago to repping 300 once. honestly it was extremely easy and I would have done more but I just couldn't position that much weight on my shoulders the right way... However since I've been cutting I only seem to be losing strength in my bench reps? All other lifts are becoming very easy I'm able to curl more and more every time I work my biceps.my shoulders and back are looking great even my triceps have become much more defined since cutting and the only downside is the loss of strength on the bench. It might be a while before I can hit my 285 goal but I know I will somehow hit 300 by the end of the summer . this is also like my 15th or 16th day on results and 3rd day on thermocin .... I feel like a champ! I was also pretty hungover today and to drunk to do my abs last night so saturday will be my "get my **** together" day. I wish I had some before and after pics to show you but I'm not ready to let the snake out of the cage.

06-16-2008, 03:09 AM
Terrible day as far as routine goes but overall not to bad of a day.... Well I needed to get a wheel alignment and an oil change and the coupons i had for this place expired after today and I needed this **** done. so that left me only 20 minutes to work out before my gym closed. I did some dips, shoulder press, 21's hammer curls before I had to leave. Chinese buffet again! it gets better every time. worked out at home for like 15 more minutes ((while watching a metal gear solid 4 cutscene they are ****ing long this time) while my girlfriend talked on the phone with some Military police officer who use to be in love with her... MP.... Military pussy) hes a scrawny ****) ate some pizza. a bit later ate some mcdonalds and shake from BK with my gf. chugged a 0 sugar rockstar and had a few fries which I had for the first time since I've supposedly been cutting and now I'm having a protein shake with milk.......!!! and I forgot to mention the RESULTS pre work out and the cearal i ate in the morning..... Yet after all that i think the thermocin and caffine from the rockstar really ****in rocked my metabolism cause I am not bloated at all and I can honestly say that my apperence looks good going to bed which I usally look all puffy and fat. But no joke I must have had at least 4000 calories compared to the 2500 I've been at for the last few days.... However from some of the old buddies and guys from the local metal bands definatly had alot to say about my body... especially my chest...

thermocin is suppose to have an appetite suppreser but for me its like and appetite booster???? I'll have to ask chris

anybody ever notice an appatite increase when taking fat burners or is it just spiking my metabolism so much that I natrually just get hungry even though I should be cutting???? someone let me know

06-18-2008, 02:07 AM
YESTERDAY AND TODAY both terrible diet days..... Yesterday barely ate anything until i ate Taco bell a few hours before bed..... today RESULTS then worked out really really hard felt great and then heres where it started i had ice cream with my women and sister???? dont know why.... then went out to a local wing shop and had about 9 wings.... and mozz sticks so far its still not that bad.... but it got worse i had a huge bowl of oat meal probably 500 cals with the brown sugar and milk added.... then a couple hours later had some mcdonals at least 900 callaries worth! a dbl cheese burger a few fries a bite of a snack wrap and some cookies.... I love they way my body is starting to look i know if i could keep on the diet the way i should I would be getting ripped day by day. thermocin is a big help but it has totally thrown my body into cravings of the worst foods for me. ohh and cant forget my post day shake...

overall not a terrible day got in atleast 50 minutes of cardio with the lady if you know what i mean. worked up a sweat fixen a flat tire on my car and plan on doin some hard ab work tonight because it is my night to do it again..
don't wannt post all the sets and weight but today was an akward mix day i did

cable pulldowns
started to do db press but changed my mind
db rows
ezbar curls
seated curls
one set of squats with just the bar to stretch my legs

then abs right now...

I've been focusing more on my form on the bench so I haven't been able to put up as much weight but I'm trying to get my bench maxs up since I'm losing some serious poundage on my cut. but I'm looking much more defined i just have a big belly from eating so much

I'll post more detail about how my cut is going in a few days but I really am thinkin about gettin my arms a bit bigger before I decide to really step up and cut..

06-20-2008, 01:42 AM
today was a mostly back and chest day even though most days usally are... or atleast twice a week... I added in some heavier squats along with my ab routine. I had a **** ton of calories but just around 3000 probably lower. I don't know how many cals are in chinese food but i was back at the buffet eating beef and chicken along with rice. I cant get enough of that place i just assume that i eat around 1200 callories there add in some oatmeal, chili RESULTS in the morning and a bit of sweets. Id say today was a little better than some of my other binge days but still I can't seem to keep the cals low when I'm not working I think the thermocin just gets my body goin that all the food is burnt up and I'm constantly hungry I think thats how people with fast metabolisms are. but so far the gains are looking great. my arms went from around 16.8 down to 16's but they are much more define and my triceps look much bigger. my back is showing some huge improvments and I feel great. ohhh **** well forgot to addin that before bed protein shake. that puts me overboard for the nigt. ****... well I'll be off lifting for my two day break then back on for 3 solid days next week.

06-24-2008, 02:31 AM
ok so I'm behind a few days basiclly i was cutting for a bit and now that i've started to lift heavier weights and get stronger i just can't stop eating especially icecream and ****ty FOODS!!! its crazy. I'm also almost out of RESULTS so its hard to say if I saw improvements with it or not my bench prs haven't went up but i changed my form so I'm doing less weight fewer times but i can't feel my self getting stronger anyway. my curls got bigger and my lean body mass definatly went way the **** up and i for sure want another tub but dropping 50 bucks right now is looking pretty tough why don't i buy some hmb and creatine then drink it with some cranberry juice cocktail i bet that tastes good and is alot cheaper. anyway I'm avoiding doing abs tonight.... well never mind I'm gonna just man up and do the damn work out... I'll try and post my diet and my routine tomarrow but i know for sure i got along way to go if i want to play some college football.

06-27-2008, 12:07 AM
I have felt so week these last few days... i skipped my ab session last night and had one of the sadiest lifting sessions i've ever had in my life. It was bad but not completly terrible. I can't make any excuses about it either like ohhh i didn't eat or ohhh i'm cutting so i'm tired or i forgot my supps... nope just ****ty lifting although I am gonna take my two day weekend break like usual and i'm gonna be kicking ass on sunday for sure and maybe i'll hit a new bench max soon the way i've been benching and with my new form and all IU should start repping 225 again and then hit 275 for sure. btw I'm just about out of results and I think to get my creatine i might just switch back to cell tech as much as i hate the bloating it should help till i can afford some new ****.

07-04-2008, 03:22 AM
I basiclly finished my tub of RESULTS I've been takining it only on days that i do workout so i can still get that boost before i work out... but man I have just been so damn lazy. all I want to do is sit around and eat . thermocin is helpin keep me in check by supressing my apitite but that only seems to work when i'm busy at work otherwise i just wanna eat. yet with my metabolism boosted from working out and the thermocin plus a slightly better diet i've manage to shed off a few pounds. ohhh and starting to do alittle more cardio nothing huge but just a game of basketball or golf or swimming. just little activities to get **** going. but today is one of the first days i decided to take off of lifting. I've taken a few days off of my abs routine but never messed a lifting day. damn I feel like **** so I'm gonna do my ab routine and some toning exersises before i hit the sack. basiclly I'm just about done with RESULTs and plan on using the last of my celltech then I'm just gonna cycle off creatine all together for a bit then back on again when i can afford another tub of results.

07-11-2008, 02:49 AM
ok so incase nobody else noticed my other post I am bulking and concernd with gaining fat rather than muscle results help while on my cut now its time to drink a few shakes work out heavy and get big.

08-01-2008, 02:38 PM
So I took a good 3 and a half weeks off of creatine, used some mass gainer alot of protein and now I've decided to try cell mass. So far no noticeable differences, however my workouts have been becoming a bit more intense hoping to increase my bench 25-40 pounds before my next cut and increase squat by around 30. Other than that nothin new.

08-08-2008, 03:51 PM
Well I'm suppose to be bulking, I'm using N-large 2 mass gainer and cellmass for my creatine... So far the gut is getting sligtly bigger but my arms and shoulders are looking more cut and my stegnth has gone up quite a bit. So far so good. So far pro lab has been good to me and for 30 days of mass gainer for 60 bucks thats almost affordable. I've also been following chris's Gain 30 pounds to your bench in 30 days routine. ITs working well.

10-08-2008, 04:26 PM
two months later its hard to say what changes have been made. I'm bulking the best way that I know how I'm using the best supplements that I have ever used I'm broader and hard then I have been in the past. People also have noticed that I've gotten a lot bigger some even say I've gotten huge! so some good stuff just following all the tips I got from you guys. and been doin a 5x5 for bench and slowly that is increasing too.