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big calvin
06-10-2008, 11:07 PM
I wanted to ask if you guys think my maintence calories are to much for someone in my situation. I normally follow the same eating patterns and although I eat healthy foods I eat ALOT, which everyone seems to think is wrong. Im 385lbs 5'11" 25 years old and about 40%bodyfat. I eat roughly 4800-5300 calories a day which to me seems like im starving if I eat anything under 4000. My main source come in the morning and at night. The middle of the day is when im working and either I forget to eat much or dont bring much because im trying to eat smaller(2 sandwhiches and some fruit). Im getting tired of being so overweight and im really just trying to eat better for my health and yea I guess my looks also. Can I really lose weight if I cut 500calories? I mean I really never have tried it because I always cut them very low- for me anyway- to like 2500-3000 calories and maybe last a day or two before I eat normal again.

I have a desk job and dont do much exercise besides lifting weights 3 times a week. I was 455lbs years ago and lost weight with atkins because well I love food. Eating 4 pork chops for dinner was ok and filled me up. I was considering doing atkins again because I can still eat a good amount of food but still lose weight. It wouldnt be atkins because im more informed about nutrition than a average guy who has read atkins book and started doing it so it would be shakes and efa's but also the normal eggs & bacon for breakfast,ect. My wife and family want me to do a more moderate "everything in moderation is the key" but I just cant handle eating so small.

Anyone else feel this way? Maybe I should learn to eat smaller, I dont know.. any input would help.


06-10-2008, 11:44 PM
First you need to get more consistent. 4800-5300 is a pretty big range. Lets just say that you do average 5000 calories a day. Then a 500 calorie drop would be a 10% deficit. At your weight and bodyfat you could definitely do at least a 20% deficit (4000 cals a day). The key is going to be sticking with it. Stay at 4000 calories a day (and track exactly what you eat everyday!!!!!!!) until you stop losing weight. Then drop another couple hundred calories.

06-11-2008, 10:14 AM
Ya dude. stop eating so much.