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06-11-2008, 09:54 AM
since i will be playing football for high school i have decided to put up the routines we have to do, we do squats, bench pressing dead-lifts and conditioning. Unfortunately for me weight training start June 16th.
As of June 16th i will post every routine we have done, i just could not wait to put this up at my "High School football Journal"

I hope that you guys could help me and guide me of what i should do afterwards, because we only train 3 days a week and we work out for 2 1/2 hours. Our Field house is being renovated thats why we get to train less.

June 16th :

June 18th :

June 19th :

June 23rd :

June 25th :

June 26th :

July 7th :

July 9th :

July 10th :

July 14th :

July 16th :

July 17th :

July 21st :

July 23rd :

July 24th :

July 28th :

July 30th :

July 31st :

August 4th :

August 6th :

August 7th :

August 11-18th : training camp may or may not go.

August 18th-28th : Pre-season camp may or may not go.