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06-12-2008, 03:32 PM
I was e-mailed by a cat who wanted me to post this on its own thread.

Here are some of my favorite chest/tricep exercises:

Full range bands(double choked)
Bands(double choked) 2 board
Bands(double choked) 3 board
Full range Chains
Chains 2 board
Chains 3 board
DB Presses
DB presses incline
DB presses decline
DB presses on exercise ball
Floor presses(DB)
Floor presses(bar)
Pinpresses(my favorite exercise)
2 board presses
3 board presses
4 board presses
Weighted Dips
Skullcrushers with chains
Tricep pulldowns with a rope
Tricep pulldowns with a straight bar
Tricep pulldowns with a v bar

Muscle ups(this actually works more than chest and tris), but still a favorite.
Hanging olympic rings. Hang from them fully locked out arms, then pull your self up to a Dip position and then drive up to lockout.

for the next ones you lay on a flat bench/exercise ball put the loops of the bands in your hands after you run them through the KBs:
Band presses with KBs attached
Band presses with KBs attached on exercise ball

For the next one you have to get olympic rings attach them to the top of the
power rack. And do press ups off the rings. Then a weight jacket.

On the smith machine, lay on a flat bench attach bands to the outside of the smith and DETACH the cables connected to the bar.

this is just a few