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06-18-2008, 07:28 PM
Hey guys! Woha i havent been on here in forever!!!

Well anyways, I've been working on my bench ever since powerlifting season ended. I started out with a 90max (feb-march?? i think..) and last month i got 115 max ( without suit, with suit 120? 125? ) .. im not to happy about it. at all.

The suit pushs me up about 30pounds. so, i think i should have 145?
I want 200 by Christmas, is that possible?? ( 200 with suit, about 170ish raw)

I havent been lifting for 2 weeks now and its killing me. I cant seem to find the right gym, parents are being i pain with this. My parents want me to go to an all girls gym.. they act like im not already working out with gyms at my school gym. anywho, What do you guys think is the best gym for me to go to?

and can anyone tell me how to push up my bench alot more??

K thanks guys :]

06-19-2008, 12:02 AM
As much as I would love to say yes to that Chinaz, it isnt a feasible gain for you. I would say that by the next christmas you will be getting closer - but for us females 200 lbs is a lot of weight for a bench. Especially for someone as small as you are. Even if you are able to get 30 lbs out of your bench shirt you will still have to tack on 55 pounds in six months, and that is exceptionally difficult. It seems like we have tendencies to make quick gains to a point, usually just a little past our body weight, and then we creep up the rest of the way. These guys, unfortunately, arent able to fully understand how difficult it can be for us because they are generally a little more genetically apt in the bench department (as much as it sucks).

Best suggestion, push for about 170 by christmas - that is still a VERY large bench and it is entirely feasible, although it will take a tonne of hard work and dedication. Push for 200 in a little over a year.

You are very strong, just take your time and train right-- you will get there!