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06-21-2008, 01:44 PM
Hello there, just joined and thought I should start a journal to track some of my progress. First off, I'm way too large and am working to get myself down to a normal weight. When I was about 24 years old I was in my best shape of my life at about 185lbs, would like to get back there.

So I'm 35 now and about 2 months ago I weighed in at 279 lbs, 5'10".

Currently I've got myself down to 254 and seem to be hitting a wall. Here's what I've done so far in my program.

Start of this program: 279lbs.

Week 1: I dropped my calorie intake to about 1,000 per day and got myself down to 274lbs.

Week 2: Stayed with the 1,000 daily intake and got myself down to 270lbs.

Week 3: Joined a 'Biggest Looser' thing with some friends, wish I would have gotten to count that first 9 lbs :-) Stayed with the starvation tactic and got myself down to 262. No exercise at this point, just starvin like marvin.

Week 4: Started exercising for 20 minutes a day in the mornings, made it 6 days straight. Workout included an arm exercise, some pushups, squats and a shoulder exercise using 15lb dumbells going through each one like a circuit. I kept watching what I was eating but had to eat more. I kept getting dizzy during week 3, lost a lot of weight but felt that I was paying the price. Got myself down to 260lbs.

Week 5: Kept the circuit style, one arm 8 reps, one pushup 8 reps, one squat 8 reps, one shoulder 8 reps. Would go through that circuit 4 times taking 20 minutes. Added a two step circuit of 4 stomach exercises afterwards, which added another 10 minutes. So 30 minutes every morning and I made it 4 days that week. Got myslf down to 255lbs.

Week 6: Real busy week for me so I decided to take the week off and no exercises. Lost 1 lb and got down to 254lbs.

Week 7: (this week) Turned the circuit way up. Targeting arms one day, shoulders the next, and back/chest the third day. Going 8 times around a circuit of 5 different exercises using 25lb dumbells this time, also kept the stomach circuit and moved the reps from 10 each to 20 each, all of which takes about 45 minutes now. So far I've made it 5 mornings, I hope to get the energy for one more this weekend. Should weigh in at 253lbs on Monday.

Obviously I've got a loooong way to go but I think I'm getting on the right track. I've been eating less still but have been supplementing a whey shake after my morning workouts. Also been taking GNC multi-vitimans and multi-omega3 pills in the morning with the shake.

My meal schedule has been:
5:30am small bowl of cereal with 2% milk for breakfast
6:30am workout
7:30am protein shake (just this past week)
8:30am apple on the drive to work
12:00pm tuna sammich for lunch on whole wheat, odwalla drink, airpopped chips (180 calories)
6:00pm can of soup (usually about 200 calories), chicken noodle or something similar.

Sorry if that's kind of long but it covers several weeks, it's good to get it put down so I can track it later. I've stuck to this pretty good but have had a couple of instances where I've thrown everything out the window for a meal or two, helps me stay sane I suppose.

Should be noted that I'm kind of not very smart so if anyone sees something that I'm doing wrong or could be doing better please let me know!

... more to come in the following weeks ...