View Full Version : First day back to lifting..

06-28-2008, 11:03 PM
I had some shoulder problems.. I'm pretty out of shape=X took a3 month break, Weight: 175
Height: 5 11
Benchpress: 230
Squat: 380
Curl: 120
Tricep pressdown: 135

Age: 17
I'll be back with more pictures next month! i plan on working my ass off.

06-29-2008, 07:25 PM
Your back doesn't seem to have much to it.. :X

Deadlift any?

06-30-2008, 03:26 PM
I never dead lift=/

06-30-2008, 03:33 PM
You should! I bet you'd see a huge improvement in your body as a whole.

06-30-2008, 08:09 PM
What all would the improvements be? i would but i dont have a gym right now=/ im getting one soon