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Chris Dickinson
06-30-2008, 02:19 PM
Hi im Chris.

I've been going to the gym now for over 4 weeks now, training hard 4 times a week.

I weigh 178lbs and my height is 5ft 10".

My original goal for starting the gym was to look good for the summer holidays, which gave me about 3 months to achieve my ambitions. However my goal is now far greater then a simple workout every now and again...it is to become the envy of all fat and skinny kids who walk past me in the street, to become Mr.Muscle! :evillaugh:

For me its been a complete change of lifestyle. Ive quit smoking since I started the gym and my diet consists of:

Note: Ive stuck to this diet for 4 weeks now. :)


Typical daily calory in-take:

Bowl of Porriage with a bananna and/or apple. Cup of orange or water.

Lunch: Tin of tuna, lots of fresh salads which include lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers with dry wheat biscuits (We call them Rivitas in England! :clown:) Bottle of water with a low-fat yogurt.

Fruit and a protein bar.

Chicken Brest, Chicken Fillet, Steak or Tuna with steamed Vegtables and baked potatoe.

Late-night snack:
Fruit or bowl of cereal.

To help conquer the typical love of 'junk' food such as chips, chocolate and takeaways, I try to stick to one day a week...if anything to fit them fat foods in...usually Sunday's.


Typical gym work-out:
Mon, Wed, Friday, Sun

I usually train in the gym in the evenings, but occassionally workout early in the morning before work if im on a tight schedule.

Day 1:
Biceps, Triceps and Chest.

Day 2:
Abs, Back, Legs and Shoulders

Day 3:
Biceps, Triceps and Chest.

Day 4:
Light Cardio, Abs, Legs and Shoulders

I try to rotate my workouts for each area of my body on a fortnightly basis.

Biceps: Priority-Dumbbells such as arm curls, preacher curls, etc. Secondary-Bench Press, Deadlift.

Triceps: Priority-Dumbbells. Secondary-Machine work inc. Dips.

Chest: Priority-Barbell such as incline/decline flys. Secondary-Machine work.

Back: Priority-Dumbbells. Secondary-Barbell inc. Deadlift.

Legs/Quads: Priority-Squats. Secondary-Machine work.

Abs: Priority: Dumbbells such as bench crunches, situps, etc.

Note: I also spend aprox 10-15 mins per day and perform 5x20 sets of situps and 5x20 sets of pressups.


It is my online goal to take regular pictures of my changing body, and keep you all upto date with my weight and BF% including a run-down of each work out.

Thanks for reading and any advice and tips are greatly appreciated.


Chris Dickinson
07-02-2008, 05:55 AM
Wednesday 02/07/08

Time of workout: 7:30AM-9:00AM
(Remember I live in England :))

Warm up
1,000m Rowing Machine
5 mins cycle machine

DB Deltoid Raises (3x12 - 8kg/10kg/12kg per arm)
DB Front alternating Raises (3x12 - 8kg/10kg/12kg per arm)
BB Military Press (3x12 - 25kg)
DB Shrugs (3x12 - 30kg per arm)
Decline Shoulder Press (Machine 3x12 - 25kg/30kg/35kg)

BB Squats - (3x12 - 60kg)
Leg Press - (3x12 - 145kg/155kg/165kg)
Leg Curls - (3x12 - 55kg/65kg/75kg)
Leg Extentions - (3x12 - 55kg/55kg/65kg)

5x20 Crunches/situps
5x20 press ups

Today was a good solid workout. I started with the shoulders but I was left wondering if I should have started with my legs first, because I could barely lift the barbell over my head to do squats when it came to my leg workouts...?

Never the less, the squats went well and I am impressed with my leg press, even though im aware the squat workouts are the main focus. Im continuing to work up my sets and decrease the reps as I increase the weight, which is working well for me.

My workout of the day
Squats. I didnt put a great deal on because I didnt know if my shoulders could take it, but im looking to have it at around 80-100kg the next time I perform them.

Next up
Friday morning. Biceps, Chest and Triceps.

Chris D. :)

07-02-2008, 08:10 AM
not bad on the food, but you might wanna not hit your tris the same day as chest and you should do deadlifts for your back. Whatever dumbbell workout you're doing for your back won't involve nearly as many muscles as deadlifts will.

Chris Dickinson
07-03-2008, 12:11 PM
not bad on the food, but you might wanna not hit your tris the same day as chest and you should do deadlifts for your back. Whatever dumbbell workout you're doing for your back won't involve nearly as many muscles as deadlifts will.

Thanks for the advice.

Ive already had a workout from Monday morning which included deadlifts, but it was before I made the journal so thought I wouldn't put it in. :clown:

Think I might miss the Triceps out tommorow and focus on my chest and biceps for Friday. Then leave my triceps and back for Saturday along with a couple of lengths in the pool.:)

Chris Dickinson
07-04-2008, 07:19 AM
Friday 04/07/08

Time of workout: 8:00AM-9:30AM

Warm up
1,000m Rowing Machine

DB Curls (3x12 - 10kg/10kg/10kg per arm)
BB Curls (3x10 - 20kg/20kg/20kg)
DB Preacher Curls (3x12/10/8 - 10kg/12kg/14kg per arm)
Seated alternating Curls - (Machine - 3x12/10/6 - 20kg/25kg/30kg per arm)
Pulldowns - (Machine - 3x12/12/10 - 55kg/55kg/65kg)

Triceps - Light
Pushdowns - (Machine - 3x12/12/10 - 65kg/75kg/85kg)
Dips - (3x12)

Chest - Light
DB Flys - (3x12/10/8 - 16kg/18kg/20kg per arm)
Incline Pushouts - (Machine - 3x12/10/8 - 45kg/55kg/65kg)

Deadlift - (3x10/8/6 - 40kg/50kg/60kg)
5x20 Crunches/situps
5x20 press ups

Another fairly solid workout. I also felt my technique for my 'deadlifts' was good today and my short time target is to hit 100kg before the end of the month.

My workout of the day
Tricep Pushdowns - 85kg. I seem to be getting better at these every time I attempt them. Even though it is on a machine, I feel I get a good workout so enjoy them alongside Dips.

Next up
Saturday afternoon. Back, Legs and extra chest work - Bench press.

I may evaluate where im upto with Bench/Deadlift/Squats for my max, otherwise is a task for next monday.

Chris D. :)