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07-12-2008, 09:17 PM
6'6" 210..i'm 18 i've been working out all through high school off and on and i was a basketball player so it was kinda hard to put on weight and just in march did i get serious.. since then i've gone from 190 to 210 and from a 185 bench to a 245 bench and i'm getting stronger each time i workout.. here's my routine, my goal is to get to 315 on bench by december and squat in the 300's (long legs, just not my cup of tea haha)

2xwide grip pull downs
2xback pull downs
2xv-bar pull downs
3xcable rows
3x dumbbell rows
3x bent over lateral cable raises

bench routine
3x incline
3x dumbbell bench
3x incline dumbbell bench
3x cable cross-overs

6x squats
3x leg extensions
3x leg curls
4x calf raises

tri-set 3x preacher curls, cable curls, seated incline curls with 2-3 minutes rest between sets
2x reverse curls
2x concentration curls

bench routine
tri-set 3x skull crushers, tricep pushdowns, dips until failure with 2-3 minutes rest
2x superset with seated behind the neck tricep extensions and tricep kickbacks

heavy low reps one week, medium weight high reps the next

also, i want huge lats, am i doing enough on my back day? any outher exercises are helpful

07-13-2008, 09:00 PM
6'6" 210..(snip) long legs, just not my cup of tea haha

I'm 6'8" and also have long arms and legs, but never use having long limbs as an excuse. Thats a negative thought, and I know some people may think this sounds crazy, but even a small negative thought like that will effect your performance and results.

But that's just my opinion. Good luck.