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07-28-2008, 01:25 AM
Hi Guys, I have been speaking to cphafner re this and he has given me some great info, i just didnt want to pester him on the PM every 2 mins.

I have decided to try the TNT diet for 4 weeks and see how i find it, i love veg and meat so it should work well!!

I have out together this plan, currently i am about 184pounds and just over 6 foot. The plan is to lose a bit of fat first then after my holiday in 6 weeks i will start a bulk.

Anyway here goes the plan and questions below:-

Meal 1:6:30 omelet 3 eggs, cheese, and bacon
Meal 2:10:00 Pot of veg - brocolli, cauliflour
Meal 3:12:00 Tin of tuna, chicken breast, small handful of nuts, some more veg
Meal 4:2:00pm - Pot of veg - brocolli, cauliflour
Meal 5:4:00 (pre workout): Tin of tuna - until the protein powders come along next week
Workout 5 - 6pm
Meal 6 (post workout): 2 x egg whites
Meal 7: steak and green veggies

I am going shoppig tonight to buy; cabbage, cucumber, brocolli, cauliflour, sprouts and leuttice so i have a little bt of variety.

On the drink side i will be drinking about 5-6 pints a day (water) can you drink milk on this and also i have read about beer, i can easily cut out beer to once a week or even 0 a week for 4 weeks and just drink gin and tonic, would this be better for me?

Let me know if you think there should be any changes and ill get the ingredience tonihgt, the only problem i have is that in the UK i cannot get hold of egg whites so it is a pain to seperate them!!

Regarding protein, i have read as long as i have 40g of protein, 20 g before workout and 20g after workout then it doesnt matter what i get, i was thinking of getting some results but i am guessing the shipping will be high! CAn you recomend any other stuff to use??

Cheers everyone


07-29-2008, 06:45 AM
ok i have changed a little for day 2 but is it normal to feel tired and crave all kinds of foods!! it is a lot harder than i thought! I wish there was a list of all foods i can eat! (unless i have read it and i can only have meat and veg!!)

Yesterday i didnt end up going to gym so didnt have as much of my tuna, today however i am going the gym.

Meal 1:6:30 omelet 3 eggs, cheese, and bacon and tomatoes
Meal 2:10:00 Pot of veg - brocolli, cauliflour, mange tu, sprouts, green beans
Meal 3:12:00 Tin of tuna, chicken breast, small handful of nuts, some more veg
Meal 4:2:00pm - Pot of veg - brocolli, cauliflour same as meal 2
Meal 5:4:00 (pre workout): Tin of tuna - until the protein powders come along next week
Workout 5 - 6pm
Meal 6 (post workout): 2 x egg whites
Meal 7: lamb on the bone and green veggies

My question is i can have cream and i cn have cream in coffee, does this mean i can have milk? ALso would i be able to have chicken soup?? and maybe add more chicken to it to make it more protein hungry!!

I have been reading that you do this for 5 days then on the weekend you give it up and eat whatever you want, is this correct?? and when it says eat what i want does it literally mean anything!! curry, chinese, pizza, beer (in moderation), bread etc etc etc

Cheers guys

07-29-2008, 08:11 AM
I am going to make some protein bars so i can have then after my traiing, protein shake before and bars after,

If i make the bars out of the basic ingredience below what would i need to add or remove from them to make sure they fit in better with the TNT low carb plan.

I was thinking of just removing so much honey?? what do you guys and gals think??

I am going to make these but am after ones with low carbs,

100g - Oats
100g - Peanut Butter
100g - Whey protein powder - chocolate flavour
4 Tablespoons of Honey
30ml - Milk
Raisins (If desired)

07-29-2008, 08:31 AM
Have you read the book? the only one I know that knows much about it is cp... I don't know the details of the TNT, but try searching the forums.

08-01-2008, 12:33 AM
Thank for the reply, no i didnt reasd the book, CP said all the info is on the website, my weekworkout feeding is doing ok althoguh when i am in the gym i am really struggling, still completing everything but on wednesday i went to do a set of dumbell chest pres (after barbell chest) and picked up the 50 pound dumbells pushed above my head and nearly fell off the bench!! Got up and did it then but for some reason i am struggling with keeping awake! Must be the low carbs.

The part i am unsure of now is the refeed? I am guessing i can start this from tonihgt through to sunday ish and so what exactly does a re feed mean, is it - eat whatever you want within moderation??

08-01-2008, 12:34 AM
Forgot to add, this last few days i have lost about 2 pounds and cant see no change in muscle size so it does seem good just damn hard work!!

08-01-2008, 04:53 AM
Always feel free me. No issues with answering good questions! I'll take a look at your later, have to run to work.

08-01-2008, 05:54 AM
TheGman - I would encourage you to purchase the book. I know it has been released in the UK, pick up a copy. I have been on TNT since November and have become an advocate of it and Atlarge products. Your menues look pretty good for plan A. Your powerbar recipe will not work for plan A. The oats, honey, milk and raisins do not fit the plan A scheme. After the first four weeks, you can add some of these in.

Check out the book, it is worth the investment.

08-01-2008, 06:26 AM
I was wondering if they would fit in, yeah i may get the book if i can find it here, to be honest i have found it really difficult this week, i sem to be getting boar with what i am eating and tired all the time.

I suppose once i have re fed this weekend i will get that motivation to carry it on and of course if the BF is dropping that is what we all want!!

Cheers Bam and Cp for the replies


08-02-2008, 03:20 PM
I would try to get some protein in each meal. Take a look at the allowed foods. They allow cheese during the no-carb times, so that's a good way to keep you sane. For preworkout, if you can't get Results, I would just get some caffeine. The TNT site has a message board. You can use that as a resource. I went on there a bit when I first started.

08-04-2008, 02:58 AM
Ill give the message board a try and see what they say, starting back on the no carbs today! the supplement shop was shut this weekend so now i will have to try and go sometime this week, bit of a nightmare.

Re the weekendm, i have out on about n5 pounds, i ate the following:-

Friday night - Checken stroganoff (cream.brandy sauce etc) with chips and veg - Cheesecake for desert. - 2 pints

Saturday - Breakfast - same as weekdays, dinner - Chips, gravy, sausage and scollop (from chippy) then for tea i had fajitas, mexican, nachos, chilli, few chips, little bit of rice - 5 pints of beer

Sunday, Beans on toast, burgerking - burger, chips and water, snacks i had fruit and natural yoghurt, for tea i had chips, rice, chikcne in courtry frnech sauce - (creamy white wine and mushroom) - 2 pints of beer

So after all that i put on about 5 pounds, i dont feel too bad but i have a feeling the "reloading days" are not eat what you want days, i suppose we will see.

Have i eaten too much!!