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07-30-2008, 01:01 AM
Well, I have been a member here for quite a while, but haven't posted much in the past three years. My daughter was born in 2005 and since then, my exercise and diet have really fallen off. I like to say I haven't had enough time while taking care of a kid, but that's just an excuse. For reference, I am 30 years old and weigh 191 lbs (down from 201) at 5 feet 10 inches. I would stimate my BF at 14-17%

When I initially joined WBB, I weighed 145lbs at approximately 11% BF. Over the course of a year, I went up to 175lbs and approximately 13%BF. I gained a lot of strength and read everything I could on here to learn about nutrition and weight training.

After my daughter was born, my workouts became sporadic and my diet fell apart. I got up to 201 lbs. Recently, I have found some motivation to get back into the routine I used to love. I have cleaned my diet up pretty well over the past couple of weeks and aimed it towards lowering my BF a bit and getting my weight to around 180-185, which is where I feel most comfortable and my clothes fit best. I am still trying to decide what to do about my workouts. I am going to get a gym membership very soon, but I only have access to body-weight exercises until then. So, for now I am running and doing pull-ups, dips, push-ups, etc. I am anxious to get back to weights, so I plan to try and start up my membership tomorrow.

I have significantly improved my diet from all the garbage I ate over the past couple of years. I know its not perfect and I haven't been tracking calories, but it's quite a step up from where I was. A typical day looks like this:

Breakfast - 2 or 3 eggs (hardboiled) and a piece of fruit, glass of milk
Snack - peanuts and/or apple, water
lunch - turkey sandwich on ww bread with mustard, water
snack - same as above
dinner - fish filet or chicken breast, broccoli and rice, glass of milk

My work hours change daily, so sometimes those meals are in a different sequence. Some days I have had more vegetables in place of the fruit and occasionally, I add another turkey sandwich in for a snack after dinner, instead of after lunch. I drink a lot of coffee, (1/2 caff) which keeps me from drinking soda. I don't get quite a gallon of water in every day, but I have been doing better.

I will try and keep up with this fairly regularly. I haven't done well with journals in the past, and my work schedule is a nightmare, so every two or three days may be the best I can do.

07-30-2008, 11:14 PM
Well, I went and got my gym membership today and got in a light workout. Just enough to try out the equipment there. It's pretty small but has a moderately equipped weight room, some cardio machines and a pool. Definitely wouldn't be my first choice, but it's only a mile away and only costs $15/month and I am a major cheap-skate, thanks to my wife (hence the lack of supplements in my diet). So, this will have to do for now. It's certainly better than just doing bodyweight exercises.

Today's diet: (No breakfast today. I was on night-shift last night, so I woke up at noon and Lunch was my Breakfast)

Lunch - 3 eggs, glass of milk
Snack - peanuts
Dinner - Large grilled chicken breast, green beans and 1.5 baked potatos, light salt, 1 tsp butter, glass of milk
Snack - Smoothie made with fresh peach and banana and milk
Late Night Snack - Peanut butter on WW bread.

2 pots of weak, black coffee today and about .5 gallons of water....I need a catheter. The only supplements I am taking right now are omega 3 caps. My cholesterol is a bit high.

Tomorrow, I will go back to the gym when I get up and begin my split with leg exercises.

08-01-2008, 03:20 AM
Today was Leg Day. Had a decent workout but I am not very pleased with the gym's equipment. It is sufficient for now, but I may opt for something else in a month or two as I progress a bit. It should take me a while to get back to where I used to be anyhow.

Today's Diet:

Breakfast - Oat-bran cereal and milk (I normally don't go near cereal, but I feel like I should be taking a break from the eggs due to cholesterol)
snack - PB on ww bread, apple
Lunch - talapia filet, broccoli, rice, glass of milk
snack - turkey sandwich on ww bread, with mustard
snack - peanuts

Drank just under a pot of coffee and had some Diet soda at work. I probably need to make some changes, as I am finding myself full after eating, but quickly I am very hungry again. I may get some whey to add a shake in everyday. I used to buy ON but I haven't checked the prices lately.

08-02-2008, 01:50 AM
Off-day today. I am actually pretty sore from the last two days. My work schedule tomorrow is going to be really jacked up, but I plan on getting some cardio in if I have time. Going to watch Bigger, Stronger, Faster as soon as I finish typing this. :)

Today's Diet: (no breakfast shown because I worked last night and woke up at 1:30 p.m.)

Lunch - Turkey Sandwich (ww bread, mustard), glass of milk
Snack - 2 HB eggs
Dinner - Turkey Sandwich (ww bread, mustard), large apple, 1/2 cup peanuts
Snack - PB sandwich, handful of peanuts
Late meal - Broccoli and rice

I drank just over a pot of black coffee, quite a bit of water and a diet soda at work.

08-03-2008, 07:02 PM
Well, I got home from work at 7 a.m. today and got to sleep around 8 a.m. I woke up at 1:00 (after noticing the air conditioner broke...thankfully the heat index was only 120 degrees......). Went to the gym around 2:30 and did my chest and shoulders. I'm really not digging the new gym very much. Hardly anything to work with there. It's only a one month tryout membership, so I'll probably go elsewhere next month. However, one wall is nothing but windows overlooking the pool, so at least there is some scenery!

Not much else to write today. I have to work very early tomorrow, despite getting home so late this morning, so I will likely only get 3 meals in. Tomorrow, after work, I'll do my back workout.

08-08-2008, 09:48 PM
I haven't been able to post much lately because I have been working a lot. I have kept up with my workouts and diet though. Got the air conditioner fixed finally, so life is good again. I have been getting at least 8 huors of sleep, regulary, which is a big improvement from a month or so ago, when 5 hours was the norm.

I found a new gym that I am going to switch to next month. The current place has nothing I can use for deadlifts and only 300 pounds of plates. The new place is well stocked, so I can get in some better workouts hopefully.

Today's diet: (No breakfast ,due to night shift. Woke up at 1:30 p.m.)

Lunch - 2 HB eggs, peanuts, milk
Dinner - grilled chicken breast, peas, rice, milk
Snack - Protein shake
Late night meal - Turkey on ww bread with mustard, apple

Tomorrow is an off-day, maybe some cardio, then I'll do back, bis and abs on Sunday

08-13-2008, 01:37 AM
I haven't had much time to post in here the past few days, but I have still been doing good about my diet and workouts. I tipped the scale this morning at 188. I can notice some decrease in my bodyfat. The creatine has made a noticeable difference in my endurance in the gym. I have seen some increases in weight on most of my lifts. I look forward to changing gyms next month and doing deads again. My lower back does not look forward to it though.

Yesterday was back day. Today I did Legs and I'll go in tomorrow for chest/tris if I have time. If I can't tomorrow, I will be there Thursday night for sure.

Today's Diet:

3 a.m. - PB sandwich on ww bread, milk
Sleep - 8 hours (4-12)
12:30 p.m. - banana, peanuts, milk, creatine
1:30 - workout
2:30 - protein shake, peanuts
4:30 - 1 raw carrot
8:00 - Turkey sandwich on ww bread w/ mustard, large apple, cashews, milk

I normally eat more than this, but was just too busy with the kid and work.

I've noticed that I have unintentionally eliminated cheese from my diet. Is it worth adding it back in when I am trying to cut?

10-06-2008, 01:42 PM
Well, I haven't posted in this thread for a while. I was out of town on business for a week and then my wife had our second kid when I got back, so I haven't had much free time. I have kept up with my training and diet the entire time though.

I have started noticing some reduction in my bodyfat and some decent strength improvements over the past two months. I switched to a much better gym. The drive is a bit further, but it has everything I need, except a place to do weighted dips, for only $150/year. I couldn't pass that up. To pick up where I left off, here's what I did today:

Today's Diet:

8 AM - Two slices of WW toast, glass of OJ
9:30 AM - Two HB eggs, creatine
11 AM - workout
12 PM - Protein shake
12:30 PM - Turkey sandwich on WW bread, banana, small glass of milk
(below is what I plan to eat for the rest of the day)
2:30 PM - peanuts, apple
5:30 PM - two 4oz Talapia fillets, steamed broccoli, glass of milk
9 PM - PB sandwich

Today's Workout:

1 arm DB rows

BB Shrugs

(Reverse grip)

Cable Upright Rows (not totally sure about the weight here. The plates aren't marked and the machine is very old. They are 10lb plates I assume though)

Seated Wide-grip Machine Rows
I felt like I could do more weight here. Next back day, I'll start at 180 and work up from there I suppose.

Seated Close-grip Cable Rows

That was all the important stuff. I finished off with a couple sets of DB curls. I have not been doing deads every back day. No excuses really. I just need to do them more often. I have been training legs all along, but I need to tone it down until the 23rd. I am substituting running three times a week until I finish with a run that I am training for. My legs get much more sore than the rest of my body and if they are sore from squats, I know I won't get out and run. So, until then, I am just running on my leg days and doing calves as needed.

10-09-2008, 01:30 PM
Well, today my diet got a little messed up. I had to take my youngest kid to the doctor first thing this morning, so I didn't get to eat breakfast until 10:30. I just had time to grab an apple on the way out the door.

My workout went pretty well today. I got to the gym at just the right time, so there were very few people in there.

I weighed myself at 180 today at the gym. However, the doctor's office weighed me at 196 last week and my home scale says 185, so who the hell knows. I don't have any idea where my bodyfat is right now, but I can see that it has dropped some.

Today's Diet:

9:00 - Apple
10:30 - 2 eggs, 2 slices ww toast, glass of milk, creatine
12:30 1:30 - workout
2:00 - Protein shake, turkey sandwich on ww bread w/ mustard, raw carrots
4:00 - Banana and some peanuts
6:30 - 2 Tilapia fillets and broccoli, glass of milk
9:00 - PB Sandwich, maybe another protein shake

Today's Workout: (Chest/Shoulders/Tris)

Seated Hammer-Strength Bench Press
135X8 (warmup)

Seated DB overhead press
45's X 10
45's X 10
45's X 9

Some ab stuff

Hammer-Strength Military press

Machine Delt raise

Pec Deck

Cable Press-downs

That's pretty much it for today. I did a few BP lockouts before going home. I really wish there was a place to do weighted dips here. I guess I just need to buy a belt and do them at home. The BP sets were a PR for me in terms of weight for reps. I haven't tried a 1RM for a long time.

10-10-2008, 08:07 PM
Today was an off-day. I spent most of it building my kids' swingset. Nah, I'm just kidding....I spent ALL of my day doing that!! I did get some shoulder work in by Mil pressing the 16 foot, 4X6 beam over my head though.

Last night I found some chain in the garage and rigged it up so I can do weighted dips and chins at home. I look forward to doing those now. I threw 30 pounds on it last night and was able to do 10 dips, so I'm gessing I'll bump it up to 40 next time.

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday party, so I am going to try and get to the gym early if I can finish the swingset.

10-15-2008, 10:12 PM
Finally made it back to the gym today. The diet is still going well.

Today's diet:

8:00 - 2 HB eggs, glass of milk, protein shake
11:00 - Turkey on WW bread w/ mustard, carrots, peanuts, apple
2:00 - Powerbar
5:00 - Small amount of pasta, creatine
6:30 - Workout
7:30 - Protein shake
8:30 - 2 Tilapia fillets, peas, glass of milk
10:30 - Peanuts

Today's workout:

DB Rows
65's X 10
80's X 8
80's X 8

Machine Rows (Wide-grip)
180 X 10
195 X 10
210 X 8
225 X 8

Some Ab stuff

Lat pulls
125 X 10
137.5 X 7
(Reverse Grip)
137.5 X 8
137.5 X 7

Calf raises
330 X 16 X 3

Cable Upright Rows

Seated Cable Rows (Close-grip)
100 X 8
110 X 8
110 X 8

That was pretty much it. I just did a couple sets of curls at the end. I thought about doing some pullups at the beginning, but the bars were being used when I first got there. I do a lot of them at home throughout the week though.

10-17-2008, 02:53 PM
Today's Diet:

11:00 - Oatmeal, toast, glass of milk
12:00 - Creatine
1:30 - Workout
2:30 - Protein Shake
3:00 - Turkey on WW bread w/ mustard
4:30 - Apple, peanuts
6:00 - 2 Tilapia fillets, peas, glass of milk
8:30 - PB sandwich

Today's Workout:

Hammer Strength Seated BP (I don't have a spotter)
135X8 (warmup)
245X8 (PR)
255X7 (PR)

Seated DB Overhead Press

Some AB Stuff

Flat DB Bench

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press

Finished off with a couple sets of cable press-downs and the pec deck. I felt really strong on the benchpress today. I hope I can keep bumping the weight up.

Today's thoughts:

Except for the last three months, I have always worked out at home. Now that I go to a gym, I know what a "curl-jockey" is. I have been reading about them on this site for ages, but never saw one. There also seem to be a lot of people who are "jacked", but lift even less weight than I do. I don't get it.

10-23-2008, 09:03 PM
I am trying to keep up with this as best I can. My diet and workouts aren't suffering any, I just don't seem to have time to sit down and type in this journal as much as I would like.

Yesterday's workout:

I did about 3 hours of MMA at a seperate gym then went to my regular gym a couple hours later for the weight training.


DB Rows:

Seated Cable Rows (Close-grip):

Some ab stuff

Calf Raises

Cable Pulldowns:

Machine Rows (Wide-grip)

Upright Rows

I should've used more weight on the upright rows. I have done them on a cable setup in the past, but used barbells this time. Evidently the weight plates on the old cable machine were 15 pounders, rather than 10's. That threw me off a bit when I did my first couple of sets and they seemed too easy.

Starting with chins seemed to be really effective at fatiguing my biceps, so I saw no need to do any curls. Actually, my biceps are really sore today, which hasn't happened before. I hope that's an indication that I did something right.

I need to do deadlifts.

My creatine supply ran out and I am going to take a break from it for a month or so. This was my first workout without it.

10-24-2008, 09:38 PM
Today's Workout:

DB Bench:

Some Ab Stuff

Hammer Strength Bench:

Seated Overhead DB Press:

After this, I did a few sets of machine delt raises, tricep press-downs and a couple sets on the pec-deck. Next chest day, I will start with more weight on the DB bench. I wasn't really sure where to start and the 75's felt a little too light. Tomorrow will be leg day.

BTW, yesterday I finally got to go to a seminar where Lt. Col. Dave Grossman spoke on the "warrior spirit" and combat psychology. Very impressive.