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08-02-2008, 05:31 AM
Hi guys I need some help with designing a bulking diet, I will make a list of the foods I eat and If you guys could advise me on the timing & amount of food to consume In a 6 meal format I would be very gratful. My goal is to bulk up for 8 weeks/2months and possibly gaining 15-20 lbs ideally distributed to mainly legs, back, chest & Arms. I would like this weight to be mainly increased muscle mass rather than excessive fat, However from my knowledge of bulking the caloric increase raises the body weight which is turn enables the person to lift heavier?

I dont think I would lable myself a "Hardgainer" yet I do appear to add size slowly from prior experience of consuming maintence level calories training 4-5 days a week. So therefore any suggestions with increasing calories without feeling bloated or full will be widley accepted. Furthermore I will be lifting heavy 5days a week and using 1 day rest and the other for light cardio & small muscle group such as Abs. I will include further on how my training will look and you guys can critic it also and make suggestions. Yet Diet is crucial for me to nail down.


Weight:155-160 Lbs (Need to double check this)
Bodyfat: Estimated 11-12%

Carbs Availiable to me:

Simple Carbs-Dextrose with Vitamin C & Banannas
Complex Carbs-Brown Rice, Wholegrain bread, Pasta (White) & Quaker Oats/Porridge.

Protein Availiable to me:-Eggs,Yellow fin Tuna, Chicken, Met Rx Whey Blend (2 scoops 39g Pro), Mozzerala Cheese, Linseeds, Semi Skimmed Milk & Minced Meat(Sometimes)

Fats Availiable to me:-Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Natural Peanut butter, Linseeds & Mozzerala Cheese.

Vitamins, Fruit & Veg:-Red & Green Peppers, Green Chilli's, Rocket Leaf, Mushroom, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Garlic, Sweetcorn, Oranges, Apples & Pineapple (Sometimes).

Foods I cant stomach:-Cottage cheese (All flavours), Brocolli, Cabbage & Pork.

Look forward to hearing from you

08-02-2008, 01:22 PM
Thought I would have got one reply over the last 6 hours but nothing? Ive give as much information as I could.

08-02-2008, 03:13 PM
Just eat. Your options are fine. Putting on 2-3lbs a week is pushing it. A lot of that would probably be fat. 1-2lbs a week is a more realistic goal.

08-02-2008, 06:46 PM
I would say set your goal at 15 pounds, and give yourself the full 60 days to do it. As far as a diet mix and match so that it is convenient to your schedule, also making sure you get about 150g of protein and 3,000 calories or so.

If you can get six meals in average them out to 400-600 calories per meal. What is your current maintenance level for caloric intake?

08-04-2008, 05:24 AM
Here is a sample bulk diet I've put together, there are no nutritional values added yet as I still need to scribble them all down and put into spreadsheet, so If you guys can critic the foods and perhaps the amounts Ive got here thats a wonderful start.

36g Quaker oats/porridge
180ml semi skimmed milk
2 medium egg whites
1 orange

56g Met Rx Whey
200ml semi skimmed milk

75g Brown Rice
70g Sliced Chicken
25g Diced peppers
1tsp linseed/flaxseed


56g Met Rx Whey
300ml semi skimmed milk
42g Dextrose+Vitamin C
20g Quaker Oats/Porridge

200g cooked Spaghetti
1 Can of Yellow fin Tuna (Drained)
2 tsb Extra Virgin Olive Oil
40g Rocket leaf & Tomotoes

2 slice of Wholegrain bread
3tsb Peanut Butter
2 Whole eggs

2 tsb Peanut Butter
56g Met Rx Whey
200ml Semi Skimmed Milk

Throughout the course of the day I will be drinking enough water to remain hydrated and also to help aid digestion, furthermore I Will usually get around 8-9 Hours sleep. I will obvousily be changing some of the foods around from Brown Rice to Pasta or a shake to tuna sandwich, just depends, However the foods I have In this sample diet I can obtain their Nutritional values and let you guys know what the marcos look like.