View Full Version : Westside 2008 Power Station Pro Powerlifting meet

Joe Black
08-06-2008, 03:47 PM
We are proud to announce we are sponsoring the hugely anticipated Westside 2008 Power Station Pro Powerlifting meet!

The meet is being held on Friday August 22nd through to Sunday August 24th and boasts some of the strongest powerlifters on the planet!

Find below the flyer for the event and also a line up of powerlifters who will be competing in the PRO division:


Pro Division Powerlifters

A.J. Roberts
Donnie Thompson
Matt Wilson
Chuck Vogelpohl
Matt Wenning
Greg Panora
Brian Schwab
Jeremiah Meyer
Matt Kroczaleski
Shawn Frankel
Tony Bolongne
Amy Wiesenberger
Chris Taylor
Luke Edwards
Jason Adams
Shawn Nutter
Jason Coker
Dan Blankenship
Mike White
John Manly
Charles Bailey
Jim Grandick
Laura Phelps
Chuck Fought
Dian Soppelsa Clinton Smith
Angelo Berardinelli
Brian Tincher
Al Caslow
Dalen Randa
Dave Hoff
Jo Jordan
Dan Petrillo
Jeremy Frey
Brian Strickland
Brian Carol
Shannon Hartman
Mark Bell
Naleykin Sergiy
Soloviov Alexey
Sergiy Karnaukhov
Tony Ramos
Ilkka Mursu
Mike Schwanke
Daniel Adams
Travis Bell
Ryan Goldstone
Aaron Gibes
Sakari Selkäinaho
Nate Strong