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08-11-2008, 02:39 AM
I figured it was time to start tracking my progress and make a journal. Anyway, right now I am 15, 5'7, 140lbs... small. I have been lifting for about a year now but I didn't really have a good diet, routine.. anything. So now i'm starting fresh. I have recently started to bulk and I have been doing rippetoe's for about 7 weeks now. My starting lifts were: Squat: 135, Deadlift: 135, Bench: 120, OHP: 60, Bent-rows: 80. Very very weak.. I had to hold off OHP and bench because of a shoulder injury for a couple weeks, and i probably gonna start benching again next week, but dumbell flat bench doesnt hurt so i have been doing that currently with 55lb DBs, 6 reps. And my other lifts are currently, all with 5 reps:

Squat: 210lbs(could have done more)

Deadlift: 200lbs

Bent-Rows: 110lbs

OHP: 80lbs, still very weak but made a little progress after my shoulder stopped bothering me.

My sleeping pattern is very bad and I'm trying to work on it =/ I usually get between 6-9hours of sleep which isnt that bad but i go to bed really late and wake up late.

Diet: I have started bulking pretty recently, I have been going by a rule to have at least 8 glasses of milk a day and a protein shake after my workout or at night on non workout days. I don't get much calorim out a lot during the day but my body doesnt require much because I am gaining weight.

I really really need to improve my pressing. My lower body is progressing well and I think i can keep progressing for a while but as far as pressing goes, I'm pretty weak.

Welp that's all for now.