View Full Version : Improving upper body strength, supplement shakes?

08-13-2008, 01:53 AM
Hi, i'm from the UK and i'm very new to lifting weights.
I have a tall broad shouldered frame but i'm quite slim (6' 2", 170lb).
I have been lifting light weights for around 6 months, I certainly dont want to get huge as I race karts but I'd like more core strength so i can hold myself in a good position through higher speed corners.

I used to weigh just over 180lb but dropped a little as I was too heavy for my class of racing, i improved my diet a little and massively cut down on my alchohol intake - i now have a BMI of 22.3.

What i worry about is the amount of protein that i'm ingesting (or rather the lack of it!).

If I am lifting relatively light weights (50kg bench, 10-15kg dumbells) in a variety of exercises, do i need to worry about increasing my protein intake?
I have been thinking about adding some shakes to my diet, i dont want to use the supplement shakes instead of meals but maybe just a little more protein as muscle growth needs protein from what i hear - please correct me if i'm wrong.

I want to add a little bit more size (but not so much that it dramatically increases weight) but mostly emphasising on strength/shape.

I train every other day, sometimes waiting 2 days if i have something else that i'm doing (busy life!) and only train for 45minutes to an hour at most.

I do 5 sets of 10 reps with about 30-45 seconds rest between sets i use 4/5 different exercises depending on whether i'm doing chest/shoulders/biceps/back and includes the normal exercises, nothing fancy.

Any advice is appreciated.
My apologies for the essay but I thought a litte background might help.