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08-19-2008, 12:33 AM
About Me:

Hey everybody, I'm a new user here. I've been lifting for about 2 years, but I've only gotten serious about at the start of '08. I'm currently playing football (safety/wide receiver) which will be done with in some time, but I'd like to start planning ahead so that I can maximize my gains as soon as I get out. Coming into football I found that I'm one of the stronger skilled players, but also one of the slowest, and in some cases, one of the less explosive ones.

It's worth noting that I play baseball in the Spring and I will be unable to do any Upper Body Presses during the season to minimize the risk of rotator cuff damage.

Starting Stats (8/19/08)
16 Years Young
170-180 Pounds
About 10% Body Fat
Max Bench: 195
Max Squat: 275

Most Recent Routine

Over the summer, I went through a routine where I lifted upper body one day, lower body and abs the next, Monday through Saturday, and it went as follows:

Upper Body:
Flat Bench//Seated Row
Incline Bench//Upright Row
Decline Bench//Pullovers
Front Military Press//Front Pulldown
Back Military Press//Back Pulldown
Shoulder Raises//Crossovers
Tricep Extensions//Preacher Curls
Kickbacks//Forced Negative Curls

Lower Body/Abs:
Squats//Leg Curls
Leg Press//Leg Curls (different machine)
Calf Raises
Decline Crunches (holding a 25lb weight)
Back Raises (35lb weight)

As you can see, my upper body workout was a hell of a lot more thorough than my lower body and abs. I used whey protein as a supplement and I did my best to consume around 200g of protein a day, but I did not gain any weight, in fact I lost a few pounds.

Current Questions and Ideas:
- Let's just put it out there, what is a real good lower body workout? How about a good calf workout included in that, because mine refuse to grow or get more toned or stronger as far as I can tell.
- Ditto for abs, I understand there are many layers to the abdominals, and each needs to be worked out at it's own angle for it to effectively get stronger as a whole.
- What's a real good way to increase my speed? Really, my speed is the only thing holding me back, what exact muscles are crucial for increasing speed and how can I train them?

Diet Ideas
- I can't post a link yet, but I read that 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds contain 19 grams of protein... guess who's gonna be snacking on them throughout the school day?
- Trust me on this, I eat healthy enough. I generally eat a chicken salad about everyday at lunch and I rarely drink (soda) pop, I love my fruits and my veggies and I stay away from eating too many sweets. My main concern is protein.
- Whey alone just hasn't worked out for me as well as I'd hoped, and a friend of mine suggested Muscle Milk because of the extra vitamins and minerals and good stuff in it, despite it's price. A few questions here, is muscle milk really all that good? Would a mix between muscle milk after workouts and whey before bed be a good mix?

That seems good enough for now, thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

08-19-2008, 04:50 PM