View Full Version : Deadlift Speed Singles w/ bands Vid @153lb

08-21-2008, 06:25 PM
I tried some speed singles with bands this time as ben moore suggested. This helped reduce the amount of weight i was using and also gave me some good lockout work. workout looked like:

Deadlift Speed Singles (both mini and monster mini tripled around 6'in base, adds about ~180 at the top)

220x1 x 5 (good speed all the way through)
240x1 x 3 (good speed up till lockout where it slowed down a bit)

Here's a pic of the band set up, there's a third peg you can't see behind the bar that the bands are hooked around. i put three 2.5lb weights on the inside of the plates so that they wouldn't hit the pegs when i put it down.




240x1- you can see the bar slow down a bit at the top