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09-22-2008, 08:01 AM
I just finished double checking all of the results and going to the closest decimals with the caluclators and here is the results that I have sent to the USAPL:

Night of the Living Dead: Glory


Name bodyweight coefficient lift in kg wilks total place

Tom Eiseman 81.76 .6736 331.82 223.51 1

Tee Meyers 88.56 .6437 338.64 217.98 2

Robert Herring 88.22 .6450 320.01 206.44 3

Bob Eucker 107.27 .5932 344.73 204.49 4

Josh Rohr 82.89 .6680 292.57 195.437 5

Mike Nease 152.41 .5521 333.39 184.065 6

Mike Stanley 75.52 .7092 254.01 180.17 7

Dean Nichols 156.04 .5502 320 176.07 8

Charlie Conner 89.58 .6398 238.14 152.36 9

Paul Sutphin 98.77 .6117 231.33 141.48 10

Holden Blevins 55.33 .9210 138.35 127.517 11

Paul Mount 39.12 1.3341 77.11 102.97 12


Rhonda Sams 73.03 .9669 192.78 186.46 1

Sarah Kapoor 49.9 1.2866 99.79 128.39 2

Submitted by Alex Campbell (not verified) on September 21, 2008 - 11:41pm. quote
FOr you non kilo guys, the top placings were:


Eiseman 730@180.25
Meyers 745@195.25
Herring 705@194.5
Eucker 760@236.5
Rohr 645@182.75


Eucker 760
Meyers 745
Nease 735

Female Wilks:

Rhonda Sams
Sarah Kapoor

it was a great show with one of the greates 181-195 pound showdowns ever. Tom took the risk of cutting down to 180 with a 2 hour weigh in. His form and total suffered, but his Wilks was higher. Tee stayed up at 195 and pulled the biggest with 745. Herring also took a chance by doing a raw warmup meet the week before. He pulled 705 so easy and then pulled 640 but it did a littel bar dip off the floor that cost him. I think he also pulled ti with absolutley no warmups. &05 stone cold! Those guys are freaks. They are also great gentlemen. They were all talkinging and cutting up with each other in drug testing.

All 3 of these men should be heralded for doing what they did. So many people will not do what it takes to face off against the best. Tee like WNPF, Tom WABDL, and Robert the 100% RAW, but all forgot those loyalties, laid it on the line and came together to give powerlifting and its fans what they wanted to see. A head to head to head show down for the ages. It was not easy. Tee's brother died the night before and he came anyway. Tom had to fly in all the way from NJ and cut the weight on the trip. Herring drove about 8 hours and with his military commitments from the Army. But they did what champions do. The true greats are not afraid of competition but instead welcome it. It was a great night for powerlifting. The only thing freakier is that they will go up against about 5-7 more freaks at the Arnold in front of 10,000 plus. That will be an epic show for the ages.

09-22-2008, 12:48 PM
There will be more info forthcoming, but I wanted to tell everyone that if you are looking forward to antoher great duel, Expect some huge firewarks at the Arnold when the 4 from the NOTLD (Herring, Eiseman, Meyers, and Eucker) go up agains the likes of Craig Terry, Gillingham, Ricks, etc. What a lineup!

09-22-2008, 01:16 PM
Eiseman is a beast on DL. One of the best ever, for sure. Yes, that Arnold battle will be epic.