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09-23-2008, 08:29 PM
Ok well finally got my copy of SS by Rippetoe and have been reading through that. Let me say you guys are right, before starting this book i considered myself an intermediate lifter, well I deffinately feel like a novice now but its a good thing. hit the gym doing his routine for the first time last night and let me tell you every single muscle included ones Ive never even worked before are sore as ***** today so I couldnt be happier with this routine. I followed one of the listed beginer routines and hit everything except my last 2 reps of deadlifts

Ill get some starting pics up soon, Im stuck moving furniture right now so Im posting on my snack break

As of today Sep. 23, 2008
22 years old
6'4"- 230lbs

Routine for monday:

3 sets of 20

45lb 2 sets of 5
95lb 1 set of 5
135lb 1 set of 3
185lb 1 set of 2
225lb 3 sets of 5

45lb 2 sets of 5
75lb 1 set of 5
95lb 1 set of 3
115lb 1 set of 2
135 1 set of 5

135lb 2 sets of 5
185lb 1 set of 5
225lb 1 set of 3
275lb 1 set of 2
315lb 1 set of 5 (only got 3 1/2 couldnt hold on any longer)

All of my last sets (working set) deffinately were in the right range the last 2-3 reps of each set I had to push hard through so I know the weight was good. Squats I know I could be doing more but I want to get my form down perfect.

1 hour bike ride- 29miles

tomorrow will be squats, bench, back extensions and chin ups.

Few questions. Should I keep at these weights for say 2-3 weeks and then start my 5-10lb jumps? Also a few bigger guys in the gym saw my deadlifting weight and suggested straps and a belt for lifting that weight, Ive always been told a belt is a way to hide a weak lower back so any input on this?