View Full Version : got a couple questions on my diet

09-24-2008, 10:39 AM
sup everyone.. let me start off by saying im 18 years old, 5'11 and 172lbs... after summer and a whole bunch of parties its time to start working out again ha. my main goal is just to lose all body fat and gain muscle.. i work out 5 times a week and after each workout i do around 15 minutes of cardio.. i eat 5 meals a day..

meal 1: 5 eggs. 2 whole 3 whites
meal 2: myoplex shake
meal 3: 6oz steak with side of rice and veggies
meal 4: same as meal 3
meal 5: shake

so my question is.. am i on the right track on getting my body to where it needs to be? any suggestions would be helpful. thanks!