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09-26-2008, 02:25 PM
Sneak preview body re-formation pic.

I just thought I'd snap this pic of my waistline. The pants
I'm wearing did pretty much fit towards the end of June
when I met that fit woman who rejected me for being
too fat.

I'm not sucking anything in and my waistline is about a 33.5"
now at 192lbs as of September 26th 2008.

Well with that said, I can actually see it with my own eyes,
and I'm quite ashamed, and disgusted with myself for what
my medical condition turned me into over the last bunch of

I could see why a fit woman would've rejected me, hell I'm
disgusted with myself and how I used to look just 4 months

The hardest part of it is to deal with is that nothing I did
over the past few years was enough to manage my weight
until now.

In late April, they majorly increased my T4 Synthroid, since then
that's when I was able to start losing body fat. Buy early July
I had already lost 20lbs but didn't show much.

I guess I had a lot of "internal" body fat to lose first.

The good part is that far past feeling sorry for myself b/c of
the medical condition and moving on with better things.

The worst part I will say in dealing with it is how the hole
10yr ordeal affected my careers/university, social life, and
personal life with women. I just can't believe how differently
people including women are treating me now in a positive way.

I guess that's the way society is, but I look beyond that and
always want to know people for who they are if they let me.

I guess I should take this as a major accomplishment as I've done it
alone the past 10yrs.

I want people to know, that I'm not doing this to be accepted
by society, I say screw society, I'm doing it for myself so I can
feel complete both inside and outside.

This is what you have to keep telling yourself to stay motivated.
If you do it for other people, there will always be people who won't
accept you. Once you do look "perfect", some where down the line
someone might reject you because of your personality after a one

The other thing I've learned is that in the end, we will all go
at some point so it won't matter what you look like as long as
who you have around you.

With that said, 2 people can have very strong connections
even if they don't speak or see one another, even if they're
seeing other people, but in the long run, it's that one connection
that 2 people share will be what really matters.

I will post full body shots from May and present once I start
looking the way I really want which is happening very quickly

Trevor, just wanted to let you know as you said the skin is
really starting to tighten up now with my body sculpting
exercises, cardio and diet.

I thank you for the encouragement on this subject.
Losing 100lbs and not having any operations to remove
loose skin is truly motivational for me.

09-26-2008, 03:48 PM
Did you seriously just post a picture of the "down your pants" angle?

09-26-2008, 04:38 PM
Good work, you should be proud of yourself. Keep it up and update us with some real pics :clown:

09-26-2008, 06:39 PM
Sorry about that post up there, it just really threw me off to click a link and see a shot down the pants...

That's an awesome transformation though man, keep up the good work!

09-26-2008, 07:45 PM
Hey guys,

Thanks for the encouragement, it's been a lot of
hard work but finally paying off.

Yes LOL it was a down the pants angle. I could see
how that could throw some people off LOL.

I couldn't figure out another way to really show how
much space/inches from my abs to the end of my pants.

I did have the courtesy not to go commando for
this pic LOL :)

More pic's will come soon once I feel less insecure.

This can be a very touchy subject for people who've
suffered a lot due feeling inadequate for such a long

But I'm definitely going to post the before/after
as it's quite a shock.

I've been talking with someone for about a month
now to work out these issues that have build up
over the years. I finally realized it's not healhty
to keep things bottled up, one day you'll end
up breaking down or exploding.

That's the funny thing with Thyroid dysfunctions
that emotions also come into play due to hormonal

Thanks for the positive feed back guys, it always helps!! :)
I'm starting to feel much prouder of myself these days, and

Thanks again, much appreciated!

09-26-2008, 08:20 PM
Next time you take a picture like that, don't wear any underwear.

09-26-2008, 08:36 PM
Next time you take a picture like that, don't wear any underwear.


I might scare a few ppl LOL

Your comment made me chuckle :)