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Orion Pax
09-27-2008, 12:30 PM
Well, here goes.

I used to be on these forums regularly (under a different user name), but fell out of it for a while. Not too long after that, I started to rack up a laundry list of injuries. Highlights include:

-L5-S1 disc herniation (plus the MRI showed degeneration of L4-L5 and L3-L4)
-A rib that likes to pop out of place from time to time. This actually started farther back (when I was on here regularly) although I didn't have an accurate diagnosis until more recently. This one responds well to chiropractic adjustment, but is very painful until then.
-SI joint sprain/strain
-AC joint strains
-Osteoarthritis in my shoulders, made worse by landing on the right one in a motorcycle accident late last year. My orthopaedist said, "It's the worst I've seen in someone your age."
-Neck pain, initiated by the motorcycle accident
-Patella-femoral syndrome, which started last time I tried to get back to training (after the motorcycle accident).

These days my training revolves around physical therapy, where I'm working on a flare-up of my low back, and my neck. Within the past couple of weeks, I've started to do some additional work outside of PT using resistance bands. I've also been doing some cardio in the form of cycling, and an ab and stretching routine to try to sure up my low back.

I'm also working on losing weight. It's probably not worth being called a cut, since I'm not particularly focusing on retaining muscle mass, just getting lean. I'm eating an average of about 2200 calories a day, and losing about 2.5 pounds/week. Over the past four weeks, my fitday averages are on the slightly carb-heavy side of isocaloric--33% fat, 40% carb, 28% protein.

My goal over the next couple of months is to get back to the point where I feel healthy enough to lift again. I'm trying to stay optimistic, but realistically, I probably won't return to a full-blown heavy lifting program like I used to, at least for quite a while. Until then, I'm following (and researching/evolving) a functional/GPP-type routine.

Orion Pax
09-27-2008, 12:41 PM
Training for the past couple of days:

Captains of Crush grippers:
Trainer x 10, 10, 10 each hand
#1 x 4, 4 4 each hand
#1 x static hold (x2) each hand

Standard core routine:
-regular crunch x 20
-knees up crunch x 20
-hip lifts x 15
-oblique crunch x 25
-side plank dips x 15
-oblique crunch with leg extension x 15
-cat/camel stretch x 10
-supermans x 10
-pushups x 11 (still some shoulder pain with these, but improving)
-heel touches x 20
-bicycle crunches x 15
-half-up twists x 20

This is the basic core routine recommended by my chiropractor some time back. I've been out of the gym for quite a while before this, so I have been pretty weak on these but am starting to progress. I'm probably going to buy a medicine ball today so I can start to add resistance to some of these (or start to use bands) since volume is starting to get excessive.

Then, resistance band circuit training. I try to stay in a general rep-range, but don't keep exact count--just try to keep moving.
-Chest press, black + red band doubled each side, 25-30 reps
-Standing row, black + red band doubled, 25-30 reps
-Standing calf raise (on stairs), BW x 25
-Standing Military press, doubled blue x 20
-Lateral raise-single blue x 20
-Upright row-single blue x 20
-Bicep curl-doubled black x 25
-Standing tri extension, doubled blue x 20
-Squat with twist, doubled black each hand x 15

Did two cycles of the above.

Orion Pax
10-11-2008, 11:57 AM
Well, I've been feeling pretty healthy lately. I've done a couple more gripper, resistance band, and ab workouts, and they've gone fairly well. Shoulders have been improving, although my knee still bothers significantly, so I'm going to have to work around that. That said, I tried out a new gym today. It's a small place, close to home, and the price is pretty good. And for a small gym, they have a nice selection of equipment, including a couple of benches, a cage, a platform, good pullup rack, a t-bar, and a multi-station cable setup. Should be enough to get me started again.

I did a workout there today before joining, more as a pain evaluation than to really push myself. Pain was minimal, weakness was excessive:

Flat Bb BP:
45 x 20
115 x 12, 11 Slight right AC joint pain, but no rotator/capsule type pain

Seated Cable Row:
#5 x 10
#10 x 15, 12 I don't like plates that are only numbered. I believe these are 10 lbs each.

Seated Db Military Press
30 x 15, 10 Left capsule/AC pain

Wide-Grip Cable Pull Down
#10 x 15, 10

Rope Grip Tri Extension
#10 x 12, #9 x 12

Preacher Curl
55 x 8 Right AC pain on this set
45 x 12 No AC pain with these

15 min @ 15degre incline, 0.8 mi, 283 cals

Nothing to write home about, but it was good to get back into the gym. I'm not going to be setting any PRs for a long time, and I'll need to concentrate on coming back slowly, but it's better than nothing.

Diet is going fairly well. I was 236 this morning, and I think I'll shoot for 220ish. The plot is attached.

Orion Pax
11-05-2008, 08:00 PM
Well, it's been a while. The workout posted above was a Saturday. Except for the pain noted, I felt good. That is, no lingering pain, didn't feel any strains, etc. Sunday was the same. Some DOMS, which I sort of enjoyed, but nothing else. Then Monday. I was in the shower in the morning, reached across my body (I think washing my left arm w/ my right hand) and I felt something let loose in my back. Neck, right trap, shoulder, etc tightened up. I knew immediately it was a recurrence of the rib problem I've had before (subluxation). So I waited to go into work, and tried to call my chiro, but he was closed for the day. I went to see another guy, who did some adjusting (and tried acupuncture), which gave me some relief, but not much. I went to work after that, and felt generally better the rest of Monday. Tuesday I was back to the same, and sitting at work most of the day made it worse. I got in with my regular chiropractor Wednesday, and he said I had four ribs out of whack. He adjusted, and I got significant instantaneous relief. There was still a lot of residual soreness, though, so I took off the rest of the day, iced it, and hit the muscle relaxant and pain meds. :drooling:

So that was about three weeks ago. I ended up taking a little over a week off from that, then headed back to the gym. First workout was another upper body:

Flat Bb Bench Press
45 x 20
115 x 15

Lateral (sort of) raise series:
2.5 x 15 pounds down, 10 side, 8 up (2 sets)
This is a series of exercises my chiro recommended to prevent recurrence of my injury. I lie face down on a bench, and start with my arms parallel to the floor. Then, I move them up from there (effectively reaching behind me). I forget what he called them, but I definitely feel them in the rhomboid/shoulder blade area.

Cable Wide Grip Pull Down
#5 x 10
#10 x 17, 11

Db Military Press
30 x 14, 10

Preacher Curl
45 x 12, 8

Tri Cable Press Down (cambered bar)
#10 x 15, 15

Forearm Roller
5lb x 2, 2, 2
Each 2 is one wrapping the cord up around the front, down, up around the back, and down

Core Routine (Chiro recommended for low back issues)
Crunch x 30
Knee up crunch x 20 w/ 8lb medicine ball touching top of head
Hip lift x 15
oblique crunch x 25 w/ 8lb med. ball
Oblique crunch w/ leg extension x 15
Side plank dip x 15
Cat/camel stretch x 12
Leg/arm extension x 10
Repeat obliques other side
Heel touch x 8
Half-up twist x 15 w/ 8lb ball

25 min at 15 degree incline, 1.29 miles, 489 cals

Orion Pax
11-05-2008, 08:02 PM
10/27/2008--Lower Body

Leg Press
sled x 15, +90 x 15
+180 x 15, 15
Some irritation of the patello-femoral pain with these

135 x 10, 10
Some knee pain first set, less on second

Seated Calf Raise
45 x 30
70 x 25

Standing Calf Raise
150 x 18, 100 x 20

Smith Shrug
135 x 25, 25

BW x 10, 10

Orion Pax
11-05-2008, 08:08 PM
11/2/08--Upper Body

BodyMaster crunch machine
#8 x 20, #12 x 21, 16

Incline Bb Bench Press
45 x 15
115 x 9, 8

Decline Bb Bench Press
135 x 3, stopped due to left shoulder pain

Leg Lift (hanging from dip rack)
Straight leg x 7 drop to bend x 9; bent x 16

Wide Grip Cable Pull Down
#6 x 12
#12x 12, 10

Seated Db Military Press
35 x 10
30 x 14

Preacher Curl
55 x 8, 45 x 8

Cable Tri Extension
#10 x 10, 10

Forearm Roller
5lb x 2
15lb x 2
5lb x 2

Lateral raise/back/chiro things
5lb x 10 down, 10 side; 2.5 x 10 up
2.5 lb x 15 down, 10 side, 10 up
Forgot to mention above, down/side/up is arm position.

Hammer Curl
25/s x 15

Orion Pax
11-05-2008, 08:12 PM
11/5/2008--Lower Body

Leg Press
sled x 20, +90 x 10
270 x 20, 180 x 20

135 x 15

Seated Calf Raise
90 x 28, 25

Standing Calf Raise
160 x 16 drop to 100 x 7

Smith Shrug
185 x 20, 135 x 20

Much better than the last lower body workout. Somehow managed to avoid knee pain on the leg press, although it did produce an alarming popping/tendon dragging sort of effect. I'm pleased with the bumps I've made. Still feeling weak, but I should be able to come with my weights fairly quickly. I'm still going to focus on light weight and higher volume for a while, though, to try to avoid any more re-injuries.

Weight is about 231, down about 10 pounds in a month.