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09-29-2008, 03:27 PM
I have been away from lifting for quite a while. I attempted to begin a journal several months back and also attempted to finish an unbiased review of ALN Mass Stack. Both attempts failed due to injury. I was also a part of the recent winter bulk which for obvious reasons I had to drop. I have several back issues which have hindered me from reaching goals. I have just been released by the doctor so my goal is to start slow and ease back into lifting so I do not cause a reversal in the injury. My pelvis was twisted with the right side pushed forward. This caused my leg joint to swell and it actually got stuck in position. My left side was carrying the load which caused obvious problems. It got to the point where I could not walk and my wife had to try and hold me up, all 220lbs of me. When the pelvis twisted it caused my spine to begin to twist as well. All is back in place and is finally holding. Now my journal begins.

02-15-2009, 07:13 PM
Last Mondays Workout (2/09/09)

I used very light weight and only one set per exercise. First time I lifted in a long time so was really skeptical do to previous injury.

Squat 80lbs 1x10
Bench 70lbs 1x10
Dead lift 40lbs 1x10
Military Press 40lbs 1x10

02-15-2009, 07:17 PM
Wednesday (2/11/09) Tested myself a little further.

Squat 130lbs 1x10
Bench 120lbs 1x10
Dead lift 120lbs 1x10
Shoulder Press 70lbs 1x10

Workout felt really good, but I did not want to push it to much farther. I had not been released by the doctor fully. She told me to resume normal activity and to not lift heavy. I was concerned I may have pushed the bar a little to much.

02-15-2009, 07:22 PM
Friday (2/13/09) I was released by the doctor on Thursday the 12th. The Pelvis and spin set and stayed where they needed to be. Did not push it more than Wednesdays workout.

Squat 130lbs 3X10
Bench 120lbs 3x10
Deadlift 120lbs 3x10

I am very tempted to increase the weight but I have to remind myself to take it slow. Will have to see what happens next week. I have also begun taking my ALN Mass Stack as well.

02-17-2009, 05:00 PM
Had to go back to the doctor Monday because things did not seem just right. Turns out that while I was a little paranoid my pelvis was off just about an 1/8, if even that much. I really have to focus on lifting with both legs at the same time. Something I never considered before, just thought I automatically did this. I decided to not do deadlifts just yet. I will continue to do the above mentioned workout through this week and next week will start the routine which is suppose to add 30lbs to your bench. I tried my one rep max and I could not get 220, but was able to get 200. Will try again at the end of the week when I am refreshed.

02-25-2009, 01:20 PM
I have been taking the ALN Mass Stack. The taste is great and it is helping me recover and I feel great overall. I mix about a 3/4 gallons worth of maximus and drink it throughout the day. I usually use Muscle Milk but think Opticen is right there with them on taste. Will post workouts after todays.

02-26-2009, 07:08 PM
When I am done with the current program I would really like to do some powerlifting. I could use both the increase in strength and thickness. Problem is I know nothing about PL. I have read the information provided and looked over the videos in the powerlifting forum but I still feel lost. Can anyone direct me to some good reading on PL for beginners? I need to know all the basics and where to start.

02-27-2009, 04:04 PM
Week one of adding 30lbs to bench in 30 days was as follows:

Bench Press 130x3
Skull Crushers 20lbx10, 40lbx10 (realized 20 was way to light)
Tri Push Down 55x10
Squat 80x5, 80x5 (atf)
Lat Pull curl grp 55x10, 55x10
Calf Raise 130x2 to failure
Ab Crunch 2 sets to failure

Bench Press 150x3
Tri Psh Dwn 60x10
Dead Lift 120x3 (was scared to do these, but it was fine)
Ab Crunch 2 sets to failure

Bench Press 170x2
Dumb BP 20lb Dmbs to failure (44 reps)
Skull Crushers 40x8, 40x8
Tri Psh Dwn 60x10
Squat 80x6, 80x6 (atf) (still skeptical about doing these)
Lat Pl Crl Grp 55x10, 55x10
Calf Raise 130 x 35, 130x 20 (both to failure)
Ab Crunch 2 sets to failure

02-27-2009, 04:16 PM
So far ALN Mass Stack is great. It helps me get the total number of calories I need and it is helping me recover and fell overall great. Been using it for about two weeks now. I remembered to weigh myself this morning right before I left for work. The scale said I gained 10lbs, but that was with the clothes. Will weigh again in the morning for better results. The good thing is I ordered two complete mass stacks so I should have enough for a while. I am starting to feel and see the results of "Results". I was jacked up when working out today. Part of that is because I feel so good and it feels good to be able to hit the weights again.

02-27-2009, 04:55 PM



I am 6' with a thin frame but have never let that stop me.

02-28-2009, 09:23 AM
Ok, not has hopeful as I wished but I weighed in first thing this morning and gained 4.4 lbs. That means I have to be doing something right.

03-06-2009, 04:19 PM
Week 2

Bench Press 140x3
Skull Crushers 43x10 43x10
Tri Push Down 60x10
Squat Pelvis was out of line so had to lay off this and others for the week
Lat Pull curl grp 75x10, 75x10
Calf Raise ---------------
Ab Crunch ---------------

Bench Press 160x3
Tri Psh Dwn 60x10
Dead Lift no wieight, just practiced from to help with the pelvis did 30 reps
Ab Crunch 50reps

Bench Press 180x2
Dumb BP 25lb Dmbs to failure (30 reps)
Skull Crushers 43x8, 43x8
Tri Psh Dwn 60x10
Squat 2x20reps with only bodyweight to help with pelvis
Lat Pl Crl Grp 75x10, 75x10
Calf Raise bodyweight 85, 51 reps
Ab Crunch 25 reps

03-13-2009, 05:51 PM
Bench Press 150x3
Skull Crushers 43x12 43x12
Tri Push Down 60x12
Squat --------------
Lat Pull curl grp 80x10, 80x10
Calf Raise ---------------
Ab Crunch 50x1

Bench Press 170x3
Tri Psh Dwn 60x12
Dead Lift --------------
Ab Crunch 60reps x 2

Bench Press 190x2
Dumb BP 30lb Dmbs to failure (35 reps)
Skull Crushers 43x10, 43x10
Tri Psh Dwn 60x12
Squat ----------------
Lat Pl Crl Grp 80x12, 80x12
Calf Raise ---------------

Feeling pretty strong in spite of feeling under the weather the last three days. Confident my max will go up!

03-21-2009, 02:51 PM
I finished the final week of this routine today. Was able to push my previous max up pretty easily. Will rest for the next five days and try for new max. My weight is holding steady at 228lbs. I will close this journal out after I do my new max because the title of the journal does not fit this routine nor the next. Plans change. I plan on posting new pics before the close of this journal as well.

03-26-2009, 02:02 PM
Tried my one rep max on bench and got 230 only 3/4 the way up. Tried 220 and it felt even heavier than 230. I will try again in a couple of days. Weight is a stable 228.

Before Pic
After Pic

I am not sure what I should do from here. I am going to start a new journal but what do you guys think I should continue to bulk or cut?

chris mason
03-26-2009, 07:47 PM
You look bigger and leaner! Good work!

03-26-2009, 08:09 PM
I appreciate your input Chris. Think I am going to continue to bulk for another month or two. I ultimatley hope to be a lean 240.