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Young & Hungry
10-01-2008, 08:49 PM
How's it going fellas, brief intro here. I'm Carlos, 16 years old 5'9" 190-193 pounds and a junior in high school. I'm also on the Animal forums but the scene there isn't as sick as it used to be. Aside from my powerlifting pursuits I play football as a OL/DL and throw shot for track. I'm ok at football but no superstar by any means, and I am one of the better throwers on the track team but my PR is much too disgraceful to post. So slingin' iron is my thing.

I started bodybuilding on my 14th birthday and was concerned about looking like an Abercrombie model for quite some time until the powerlifting bug came down from the heavens and smacked some sense into me. After doing traditional Westside, WS4SB, and all other kinds of ****, I'm doing Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 (using RM's instead of percentages though) and I'm doing great on it. Haven't slowed down a bit in the gym inseason thus far.

Since my training right now is focused on track and football I train the clean primarily instead of the deadlift, and I split jerk. Here's my PR's.

Squat - 465 back, 315 front
Bench - 265
Clean - 250
Deadlift - 475
Split Jerk - 250
Most of these were set in early August when I peaked before the season.

I train 3 times a week due to the season and every other day (4/8) in the offseason. About the title, the ultimate goal of this journey is to win the Connecticut High School State Open Powerlifting meet for my school in mid-March of next year. It's a squat bench clean meet so my goals are a 500 squat in a belt and wraps, 300 bench, and as close to 300 as I can get in the clean. For track I'm looking for 42'-45' in the shot this outdoor season.

That's all folks. I'll post up a few recent training sessions to show you where I'm at. Let the training begin.

Young & Hungry
10-01-2008, 09:00 PM
Just finished up a cycle of free squats and full squat cleans, and have one more week on my flat bench cycle. Next cycle is box squats, floor presses, and hang cleans.

ME Cleans

Bar 1x15
135 2x5
165 1x3
185 1x3
225 1x1
255 tried the ****ing weight 7 times and missed on the catch. Weight was totally there just could not get good timing for the snap at the top of the hang due to a slow high pull.
250 1x1 pissed off PR but not satisfied

Close Stance Olympic Squats - warmups, 185 x 20, 225 x 15, 250 x 12, 275 x 10

Time to hammer hang cleans, high pulls, and plyos for a while.

Militaries & Bench Assistance

Standing Militaries - warmups, 135 1x8, 135 1x6, 155 2x5
Suspended Pushups - BW x 19, 15, 15, 11
Kazamier Press - 155 3x8 haven't done these in way too long
Face Pulls - 4 sets 20-10 reps, last set triple drop
Hammer Curls - 3 sets 12-10 reps, up to the 55's

Squat/Clean Assistance

Olympic Front Squat w/ Choked Lights on Tensors - warmups, 185 x 8, 205 x 8 two sets, 225 x 8, 185 x 10
SLDL off Platform, double overhand grip - 185 x 12, 225 x 10, 245 x 10 two sets
Single Leg Squats - 60's x 10, 65's x 10 two sets
Seated Calf superset Leg Press Calf Raises - 5 total sets

Banded Ab Fallouts - 4 sets 8-5 reps
Side Bends - 3 x 10 up to the 70's

ME Bench

Bench -
bar x 20
95 x 10
135 x 5
165 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 1
250 x 3
225 2 x 5

DB Floor Press (palms in) - 70's x 15, 75's x 12, 80's x 10
Standing Militaries - 135 3 x 10
Reverse Pec Deck - 5 sets 15-8 reps, last set triple drop set
Pushdowns - 4 sets 20-10 reps, up to the stack x 10

10-02-2008, 07:16 AM
The lifting PRs are super at any age, let alone at 16yrs old...good luck with your plans.

Young & Hungry
10-02-2008, 07:14 PM
The lifting PRs are super at any age, let alone at 16yrs old...good luck with your plans.

Thanks for the well wishes bro, just gotta put my nose to the grindstone and they are not out of my reach.

Young & Hungry
10-02-2008, 07:22 PM
ME Squat - final wave of free squat cycle

Dynamic Warmup

345x2 belt on
435x1 very easy single with awesome depth for a no-wrap PR, just need to stay tighter coming out of the hole
365x5 downset

SLDL off Platform, double overhand grip

45 Degree Hypers
3x15 light weight

Incline Situps

Pulldown Abs (3 Direction)

That was it for today, didn't go nuts because of this weekend's games. Tweaked my back slightly so I'll be icing, heating, and balming it up tonight and tomorrow just to be sure it's good. Nothing to worry about really.

10-04-2008, 06:07 PM
Solid numbers for leg day dude.

Young & Hungry
10-05-2008, 07:31 PM
DE Bench

Speed Bench - warmups, 155 3x3, 165 2x3, 155 3x3
4 Board - 225x5, 255x5, 275x5, 285x5
Standing Militaries superset DB Side Laterals - 115 1x15, 2x12 (looking for higher reps here) to 30's 3x12
Bent Over Rows - 4 sets 10 reps up to 185
Pushdowns superset Cable Curl - 3 sets 20 to 10 reps

Young & Hungry
10-07-2008, 08:29 PM
Squat and Clean Assistance

High Pulls off the Floor
w/u bar to 165
185 2x3
205 2x3
225 1x2
185 2x2
Close Stance High Bar Olympic Squats - warmups, 225x15, 275x10, 315x10 (PR)
Shrugs - 225 + 4 chains x 20, 275 + 4 chains x 12, 305 + 4 chains x 10
GHR - 4 sets just bodyweight
Box Jumps - 15 total up to 44"

Had to skip core work got out of the college fair after practice a little late. Long day for sure. High pulls are a work in progress that's getting better by the day, and hit a sweet PR on oly squats which is always tremendous in my book. Did some standard assistance stuff and got out with the quickness. Wham bam thank you ma'am.

10-08-2008, 08:15 AM
Good job for both days man.

Young & Hungry
10-09-2008, 07:22 PM
ME Bench - final week of wave

Bench -
bar x 20
95 x 10
135 x 5
165 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
245 x 2 two board
275 x 1 full range, but ass shot off bench. Reds across the board in comp
275 x 1 PR to perfection

Close Grip 2-Board - warmup, 3 x 5 @ 225, 165 x 15
Neutral Grip Pulldowns- 4 sets 20, 12, 10, 8
Giant set: Front, Side, Rear DB Laterals - 3 sets
Pushdowns - 3 sets up to the stack x 10
Thickbar Curls - 4 x 10

Weighed in at a paltry 188. I am still a woman in Rhodestown terms =[. But anyways, hit a nice 10lb PR in the bench today. Techniques come a long way, gotta be more consistant and time up my leg drive a bit better but this will be solved when I can start going back to Southside after the season. Just started board work last week so the numbers still suck a bit. The close grip action has been irking my shoulder more than my regular wide grip bench oddly enough, so I'm gonna be smart and keep everything at my regular bench grip. Assistance work was done for a pump, nothing heavy today. Body's beat up. Looking forward to next week's deload and continuing to reap the benefits of 5/3/1 training.

10-10-2008, 06:20 AM
Nice stuff there with the new benching PR.

Young & Hungry
10-12-2008, 09:03 PM
Threw a bunch today. Using a bigger diameter shot and I'm adjusting nicely to it. Went a bit nuts on the volume today, LOL. Did about 10 stands, 20 glides, and 10 powers. Just got a little gung ho cause I haven't thrown all football season. Need to work on getting the hips more involved.

Young & Hungry
10-13-2008, 08:01 PM
Deload Back and ****

Deadlifts -
dynamic warmup
bar x 20 sumo
135 x 15
225 x 10
275 x 5
315 x 5
355 x 10
355 x 8
355 x 7
315 x 12 this set was conventional

DB Rows - 100's x 20, 110's x 12, 120's x 8, 110's x 10
Good Mornings - 4 sets light, real deep
Leg Press Calf - 5 sets total, last set triple drop set

Hercules Hold Sim - 3 sets 30 seconds max weight
Ab Wheel with Knees on Dyna-Disks - 4 x 10

Good session today. Went up to just 70% on deads for 3 sets x max reps and since I haven't done any heavy sumo pulling since I pulled 475 in mid-August it wasn't as strong as I hoped for. I'll be back in the groove soon though. DB Rows were strong today, but I couldn't grip anything for the rest of the workout afterwards hahaha. Standard assistance work up for the rest of the workout. The ab wheel is something that's a staple in my ab work - I can't do much ab work without back pain and no I do not have a weak lower back. Need a chiro adjustment or something? Can't figure it out. But these, landmines, planks, hanging ab raises, and high rep situps are some of the only things I can do. Oh well. Deload pressing Wednesday.

Young & Hungry
10-15-2008, 09:18 PM
Deload Uppers

Incline DB Press - warmup, 75'sx15, 85'sx10, 95'sx8, 85'sx8, 70'sx10
Tricep Death (foam, 2 board, 4 board) - one set warmup, three sets of 5 reps to each height (15 total) at 165
Chins - 10, 8, 6, 6
Side Laterals superset Face Pulls - 3 sets high rep
Dips - 3 sets 12, 10, 8 tri's were toast by then

This deload is getting boooooooring...can't wait to get back to the heavy **** next week.

10-16-2008, 07:02 AM
Doing very well with the deloading, I know it does get dull at times, lol.

Young & Hungry
10-19-2008, 09:47 PM
Enough of that deload crap. First week of the upcoming 5/3/1 wave of box squats, floor presses, and hang cleans. Let's get it.


Hang Cleans -
135x5 two sets
185x5 hard
185x5 very hard
185x5 straight ballbuster
135x11 just for fun, collapse and black out afterwards

Conventional Pulls standing on 4" Block - warmups, 225x12, 275x10, 315x10
KB Swings - 4 sets of 20, 15, 12, 10
GHR superset Hypers - 3 sets just bodyweight
Plyos - 15 total box jumps up to 44", 15 total kneeling broad jumps

Young & Hungry
10-20-2008, 07:56 PM
Uppers - opening week of 5/3/1 floor press wave

Floor Press - worked up to 85% 225x5
Steep CG Inclines - 135x8, 135x8, 165x5, 135x8
DB Pullovers - 55'sx12, 65'sx10 three sets
Side Laterals - 30'sx20, 35'sx12, 40'sx10 two sets
Football Bar Nose Breakers superset Curls - 4 sets of 15, 12, 10, 10 all with same bar and weight

Great session today. Floor press weight was easy, looking forward to hitting a big triple weight. Did a bunch of new assistance work that I don't normally ever do, so I should wake up tomorrow sore in a bunch of weird places. Doing a lot more side laterals in an attempt to cannonball my tiny puny delts. Like the football bar extensions a lot, get a lot more out of them than with the straight bar so these may become a staple. Good ****, squat assistance Wednesday.

10-21-2008, 06:54 AM
Looking pretty good with those efforts bro.

Young & Hungry
10-22-2008, 09:15 PM
Squat Assistance almost gone horribly wrong

Front Squats - warmed up from the bar to two plates on these, which is normally a very light weight for me. On my first warmup set with two pies, squatted down on the third rep and felt a sharp burning pain and a strong pull in my quad tendon. Thank God I dumped the bar as soon as I felt the tug and disaster was averted. Attempted to do a set of 135 to reaffirm it was my quad tendon, and only got a quarter of the way down before I felt the tug. I stopped here and talked to a trainer whose the only legitimate one in my gym. He foam rolled me, stretched me out, and let me borrow his massage tool to work it out. After about 25 minutes of this I felt fine, just tight as hell, so I just did some assistance stuff:

Suspended GM's (just below the bellybutton) - warmups, 185x10, 225x8, 225x8, 275x7, 225x8
Walking Lunges - 3 sets of 50 with just 95 pounds to get some blood in the area, didn't bother my tendon at all
45 Degree Hypers - 4 x 10
Leg Press Calf Raises - 3 sets DC style

Hanging Leg Raises and Landmines - 6 sets total

Like I said before this whole quad thing is just a tough pull, nothing some rest, BioFreeze, ice, stretching and foam rolling can't solve. I'm gonna lay off lifting till Saturday or Sunday and just focus on getting this thing recovered. I should be fine for this weekend's games but I'll just stop by the trainer's office and get some stim as well.

Young & Hungry
10-26-2008, 09:50 AM
Overhead Day

Standing Militaries (strict) -worked up to 145x5 no belt, downsets at 115x10 for two sets
Suspended Pushups - 4 sets 20, 15, 15, 12
Lat Pulldowns superset Iso DB Rear Laterals - 6 sets total
Hammer Curls - 40's x 12, 45's x 10, 50's x 10, 55's x 8
100 rep band pushdowns - two sets

Quad seems to be okay, was able to start both ways and do special teams just fine yesterday. Had a great game, our QB did not get touched one time and we took the win home to roll to 6-0 with the score 28-12. Topped it off with a double fajita steak Homewrecker from Moe's. That thing's gotta be easily 1K in cals. I was in Bloatsville for the rest of the day, hahahaha.

Young & Hungry
10-27-2008, 07:51 PM
Squat - opening week of wave

First time box squatting heavy in nearly 12 weeks so the numbers are a bit low.

Box Squat (13" box) -
bar x 15
135 x 10
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 3
315 x 5 beltless
350 x 5 belt on
350 x 5 belt on
315 x 5 beltless
Barbell Stepups - 135 x 12 per leg, 155 x 10 per leg, 155 x 10 per leg
45 Degree Hyper superset Pullthroughs - 4 sets

Ab Wheel - 3 sets
Woodchoppers - 3 sets

Good squat day today. As I previously stated I just did my first heavy box squat session in nearly twelve weeks today, not as bad as I expected. I am basing the numbers off a lower max to ease this transition. I'm really buying into this whole 5/3/1 training, great **** and I never feel overtrained and still getting stronger inseason. I will begin to follow the percentages more closely next cycle. Right now I'm pretty much using RM's and following the percentages a bit loosely. Excited to reap the results of this cycle.

Young & Hungry
10-29-2008, 07:45 PM

Floor Press supersetted with Pullups
work up to 235 x 3, easy stuff. Downset to 205 x 6
Pullups did 5 reps every set, around 10 total sets.

Close Grip Inclines
135 x 12
155 x 10
155 x 10

Face Pulls
5 sets 20 to 10 reps

Decline Football Bar Extensions superset DB Curls
4 sets 15 to 8 reps

11-01-2008, 05:03 PM
Way to roll dude, been real consistent.

Young & Hungry
11-14-2008, 11:43 AM
Want to apologize to you guys that I haven't been around much. Football, school, lifting, and other commitments are eating huge chunks out of my time and I can't really hang around here much and contribute. Once the season's over I'll be around more and I'll check in with you guys. Here's some training sessions from past.

Cleans - second 5/3/1 week

Hang Cleans -
bar x 10
95 x 8 x 2
135 x 5
155 x 3
185 x 3
195 x 3
200 x 3
195 x 3
185 x 3

RDL's off Block - 4 sets of total assliness
45 Degree Hypers - 5 sets
Box Jumps - tons

Session was total ass. Energy, explosiveness, grip, strength, motivation - everything just sucked.

Running off almost non-existant sleep due to ring dance and after party but somehow had a sick session.

Standing Militaries, no leg drive of course - warmups, 115 x 8, 125 x 8, 135 x 5, 155 x 3 two sets
Overhead Pin Press - 185 x 8 three sets
T-Bar Rows - 4 sets up to 3 pies x 10
Rear Delts - superset mini band flyes with monster mini pullaparts for 5 sets high rep
DB Rolling Extensions superset Hammer Curls - 3 sets up to 45's x 8 on extensions to 60's x 8 on curls PR on that probably

Lower Assistance

Close Stance Olympic Squats - warmups, 245 x 20, 275 x 10, 295 x 10, 315 x 9, 275 x 10
Explosive Stepups - 3 x 8 per leg with 4 chains around neck
Pullthroughs - 4 x 10
Leg Press Calf Raises - 4 sets of 25-10 reps
Landmines - 3 sets

Bench - final week of 5/3/1 wave

Floor Press - worked up to 250 for two sets of easy singles
3-Board (thumbs grip from smooth) - 225 x 5, 245 x 5, 245 x 5
Steep Incline DB Press - 3 x 15-20
Rear Delt Flyes superset DB Cleans - 5 x 10
Pushdowns - 3 x 20

Squat - second 5/3/1 week

Box Squat to 13" Box - warmups, 345x3, 355x3, 365x3
Dimel Deads off Block - two sets of 135 and two sets of 155, these are basically RDL's done for sets of 20 and have a slow negative and an explosive concentric.
45 Degree Hyper superset Band GM's - 3x10 with 45 pound plate behind head to 2 x 1 minute with light/green bands

Ab Wheel superset Leg Raises - 4x10

Military Pressin' - last wave

Standing Militaries - warmups, 125x5, 145x3, 165x1 (zero leg drive PR)
Close Grip Inclines (index on smooth) - 135x12, 165x10, 175x8 drop to 135 for burnout
Pullups superset Side Laterals - 5 sets total
Dips - BWx15, +25x10, +25x8, BWx10

Really good session today. Militaries went up very easily to fulfill my wave goals and hit a PR for absolutely no leg drive. Looking at my assistance work today I can't believe how much stronger I've actually gotten inseason. It's really amazing. Once I hit my final waves for the box squat and hang clean, which are upcoming, I'm doing a one week deload with 20+ rep stuff and tons of prehab work and stretching. The week after this deload I am taking completely off because my body has taken an absolute beating this season with the rigorous inseason training and football. After the rest I'll be beginning a new 5/3/1 wave (thumbs grip from smooth bench or foam press, free squat, and cleans off boxes) but I will scale my maxes back by 10% to ease the transition back. I'll be using this method for my entire meet prep because of the enormous success I've had with it.

I don't have a game tomorrow so I'll get some training in. One of my boys Nick trains with the almighty Derek Poundstone up in Southbury at his compound, so depending on my ride situation I could possibly doing events for the first time with America's Strongest Man. Not kidding about that. If not I'll be up at Gold's in New Haven doing squat assistance. They have a SSB, Elite GHR and reverse hyper so that's what I'll be doing if I can't make it up to Southbury but I'm freakin praying that I can.

Young & Hungry
11-15-2008, 07:14 AM
The opportunity to train with Poundstone came through today. I'll be heading up to Waterbury for some pre-workout grub at the diner at about 10 and then myself and my boy Nick will be doing log clean and press, stones, and farmer's walk.

Young & Hungry
11-15-2008, 03:32 PM
Trained events for the first time ever today and it was ****in sick. Watched Poundstone deadlift a Honda Civic 30+ times and Justin McClure do effortless axle cleans and presses with 315. Sickest thing I've ever seen.

Log Clean and Press
warmups, 160 x 5 two sets, 180 x 2

warmups with tons of form work, 240 x lapped, 240 x 1 load, 240 x lap

Keg Loads
5 x 5 with the 150 keg, I was totally trashed by this point

Young & Hungry
11-28-2008, 11:04 PM
Been down ever since that last workout I posted due to a facet joint fracture on my L5 disc that I got in a game and lifted through on that 11-15 workout, which brought along its friend sciatica. Don't even know how it happened but it indeed did. Not much you can do for that type of injury other than sit on your ass, ice and heat, and Advil so that's what I did.

Today was my first day lifting in about two weeks weeks. I spent nearly 45 minutes warming up through riding the bike, dynamic and static stretching, and foam rolling. I lost a bit of flexibility during my recovery so the warmup was a bit tough but everything felt good once I got under the bar. Keep in mind all the lifts today were 70% and under so this is in no way maximal effort, just trying to refind all my grooves and get used to being under some weight. Work sets only shown.

Squat - 280 x 5, 300 x 5, 305 x 5
Bench - 165 x 5, 175 x 5, 180 x 5
Deadlift - 255 x 5 conventional, 275 x 5 conventional, 275 x 5 sumo
Bodyweight circuit - 3 rounds of chins, dips, 45 degree hypers, and incline situps

Bike - about 45 total minutes riding to and from the gym

Mindnumbingly simple and light but it felt damn good to be back under the bar. This was a really good workout. Squat form hasn't missed a beat and the weight felt pretty decent, just lost a bit of explosiveness. Bench was a little rusty but the weight felt solid, just gotta find my groove. Deads agreed with my low back so I was happy with that. Doing the same percenteges on Sunday with a squat-military-clean workout so I'm excited to start my official cycle and get this ramp up period over with.

Young & Hungry
11-30-2008, 09:41 PM
Last day of this crap thankfully. Back felt totally fine with some weight on it and I'm ready to get back on track. Today was everything 70% and below per usual.

Squat - 280 x 5, 300 x 5, 315 x 5
Standing Militaries - 105 x 5, 105 x 5, 115 x 5
Cleans - 165 x 5, 165 x 5, 165 x 5

Bodyweight circuit - three rounds of inverted rows, dips, and ab wheel.

That was all. Packed a boulder of Skoal Spearmint and called it a day. Really excited to get offseason lifting in motion because this is the time of year where I typically make my best gains. I'll have more time to post now and become more a part of this community. After this cycle I'll have some videos up and I'd like to hear some critique. Just two more off days of stretching, cardio, and generally being bored out of my skull until I can start the 5/3/1 up again, can't wait.

Young & Hungry
12-06-2008, 05:25 PM
Been back at it for a few days, back is 100% again. Have no idea what I weigh these days but I've been doing 40 minutes of cardio on my off days so I don't have to diet for the meet and make weight. None of the scales I weigh myself I would call "reliable" so I'm guessing about 192-194 but I'm sure the pitcher and a half of beer I had when I was out last didn't help much.

Not much to really note on these workouts, all of these were awesome sessions and everything's feeling good heading into this cycle. Only really thing to note is I'm feeling like I'm getting a lot of return out of all the extensions I've been doing lately. Never been a big extension guy but I'm feeling a lot stronger in my tri's and feel like a bigger payoff's on its way.

Bench - week one of wave

Bench (thumbs length from smooth) - 185 x 5, 205 x 5, 225 x 5
Added 4 Board, same grip - 225 x 10, 245 x 5, 225 x 8
Football Bar Extensions - 105 x 10, 105 x 10, 115 x 6, 105 x 8
DB Rows superset Reverse Pec Flyes - 100's x 20, 105's x 12, 115's x 10, 120's x 8 to 2 sets 20 only supersetted the last two
Concentration Curls - 3 sets of who the **** cares

Clean Assistance

High Pulls -
65% (165) 2x2
70% (175) 2x2
75% (185) 2x2

Thick Handle Trap Bar Deads - 315 x 12, 365 x 10, 365 x 8, 315 x 8
KB Snatches - 3 x 5
Hyperextensions - 4 x 10

Pulldown Abz - 3 sets

Military Press, week one of wave

Standing Militaries - warmups, 120x5, 130x5, 140x5
Rolling DB Extensions - 35'sx15, 40'sx12, 45'sx 10, 50'sx10 PR
Elbows Out Extensions - 3x10 with 40's
Chins - 4 sets max reps
H-Rolls - 15'sx10x4

Rolling Thunder Holds (since when does a dorm gym have a freakin Rolling Thunder?) - 4 sets per hand totally forgot the weight

12-06-2008, 07:23 PM
Way to get back at it after the injury.

Young & Hungry
12-08-2008, 08:45 PM
S-h-i-ttiest squat workout ever. Weights not even worthy of posting.

13" Box Squat - Warmups were solid, threw some weight on to work up to my work sets of 75% x 5, 80% x 5, 85% x 5 per usual of wave one. Everything felt awkward, couldn't get the bar to sit right on my traps whatsoever it was always hitting bone. Weight wasn't heavy but it was epically slow. This resulted in my form crashing. I just started crashing down on top of the box, losing my arch, losing my air, losing my tightness, losing my bar speed and the worst squat reps of my squatting career ensued. Lightened up a bit and finished the workout, that was about it. Complete and utter crap. Gonna drop the percentages by about 10% for this cycle, maybe it's because of the injury comeback because I should have been owning today's weights.

RDL's off Block - these sucked as well. Lost my arch on quite a few of these. 185 x 12, 225 x 12, 245 x 10, 265 x 8
Single Leg Squats - 3 x 10 up to the 65's
GHR's - 3 x 10 bodyweight, called it a day before it got any worse.

No tears shed here, these days are due every so often and it's just a matter of bouncing back. Need to sleep more, barely got 6 hours last night. I'll just grab my nuts and get ready for more workouts, just re-start at square one again. Light cardio and restoration tomorrow.

Young & Hungry
12-10-2008, 08:39 PM
Today was bench day.

Close Grip Bench - worked up to 195 x 3, 205 x 3, 225 x 3 got all my reps but they just felt crappy
Incline Bench (thumbs from smooth) - 135 x 12, 155 x 10, 155 x 8, 135 x 10 these felt just as crappy
Bent Over Rows - 135 x 20, 185 x 12, 205 x 10, 205 x 10
Side Laterals - 3 x 15
Rolling DB Extensions superset Panora Pushdowns 3 x 10

Made the decision after this session that I tried to come back to where I was before the injury too quickly and the weights just aren't there. I'm getting my reps in but they're just bad feeling and not as strong or quickly as they should be. So for my upcoming cycle, I'm at 90% of my old maxes and strictly following the 5-3-1. Hopefully this submaximal work will re-establish the base that I had before the injury and get my real percentages back on track.

No shame in knowing when to scale it back and lay a bigger foundation for bigger numbers in the future with submaximal percentages. This is just a brick house in the making. Really happy that I've learned to read my body so well and can just train and work with the programming from now on, rather than having worthless sessions that are too heavy halfway to the meet and end up bombing or hitting numbers that are any less than my best. The rebuild begins Friday with cleans and we'll take it from there brothers. The numbers will be pussy for a while but hey, gotta start somewhere.

I'll be back to training either four days a week or every other again now to rebuild my recovery and work capacity, I can handle this due to the lightened percentages.

12-11-2008, 07:11 AM
Resuming things slowly and surely is the only way to go...you'll be surpassing old records in no time man.

Young & Hungry
12-12-2008, 11:26 PM
Solid day today.

Cleans - warmups, 150x5, 175x5, 200x5 the freshman were all gawking, couldn't resist the urge to press the last one
Barbell Stepups - 135 x 12, 155x8, 155x8, 135x10
Shrugs - 275x20, 275x20, 315x12, 365x12, was feeling good so went for 405x8 strapless PR
Hyperextensions - 3x10 with a plate

Landmines superset Hanging Leg Raises - four sets

Really good day, the big advice I got Wendler on programming my clean percentages really worked and the weights felt a ton better today. Been training with one of my sophomore friends lately, he isn't a pussy and listens to me so it's been nice havin a training partner every day. Not much to say about this workout other than it was awesome - time to eat.