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10-04-2008, 04:52 AM
Hey, my name is Chris and I train in Sacramento with Team Super Training. (note: I don't always make it to ST, I work nights at the airport so my schedule is kinda wacked and sometimes I sleep in too late to train there and end up having to train at the local 24 hour fitness, but I do my best to get to ST when I can.)

Some things about me:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 160ish
Age: 19
Training System: I just started Mike Tuscherer's Reactive Training System (www.rts.activeboard.com) and before that I was "doing" Westside...as in 2 ME days and 2 DE days.

I felt that my multiply gear was making me weaker overall though and decided to stop training in it and go raw for a while. A few people told me about RTS and it looked really interesting so I got the manual from Iron Gladiators and here I am.

Best Meet Lifts: (raw @ 165, UPA meet. yeah...freakin loser lifting raw in a multi ply fed)
Squat: 402
Bench: 270
Dead: 479

In the gym I've done: (raw again, my geared #s don't mean anything to me unfortunately and I suck so bad in it anyways that I dont think I've ever hit a real legit lift in any of it)
Squat: 415 off foam box
Bench: 275
Dead: 500

I'm planning on gaining weight until I'm around 180ish and see how I feel from there. Eventually I want to be around 200lbs but thats a ways off.

Right now I'm taking Nitrean, ETS, and Results. Next order will probably be ETS, Results, and more Results.

Anyways I'm on my last week of the volume block of my first mesocycle of RTS (still learning it all so if anyone has any criticism/tips please let me know that I'm ****ing up).

I think I've about covered it all so I'll start with tonights training in my next post.

10-04-2008, 04:53 AM
Bodyweight: 162; not sure how accurate this was so I'll weigh myself again tomorrow morning.

Bench: forgot my wrist wraps so i did the workout without them
225x5 @ 8
225x5 @ 8
225x5 @ 9 (competition pause on chest on each rep)
225x5 @ 8 (only paused last rep)
225x5 @ 8 (only paused last 2 reps) (14m)

Close Grip Bench: these were especially hard without the wraps
205x4 @ 9
205x4 @ 8
205x4 @ 8
205x4 @ 8 (paused last 2 reps)
205x4 @ 9
205x4 @ 8 (14m)

Standing DB Shoulder Press:
55x8 @ 7
55x8 @ 7
55x8 @ 8
55x8 @ 7 rested a little longer
55x8 @ 9 (14m)
When I can use the 55s for 5x8 at an RPE of 7 or lower for every set I'll move up to the 60s. Still pretty happy with this considering I used to have a hard time doing these seated for 3x8.

Barbell Rows:
185x10 - wow strong weak barbell rows
135x15 (dropset) (7m)
Wow...really weak at these. I'm going to focus on these for a while for my lat work, even though rows aren't a meet lift getting my upper back stronger can only help. Besides, a thick back is the coolest looking muscle group next to triceps. (no homo)

Total Workout Time: 49m

10-05-2008, 08:37 AM
Saturday, Oct. 4 2008:

315x1 - sets up to here beltless and double overhand
315x4 + 40# ch @ 7
315x4 + 80# ch @ 8
315x4 + 80# ch @ 8
315x4 + 120# ch @ 8
315x4 + 120# ch @ 9
315x4 + 120# ch @ 10 (22m)


"Low" Box Squat: well, a 12.5" box isn't "low" for me...it feels low as hell but i filmed it and I'm like right at legal depth lol
240x5 @ 7
260x5 @ 8
290x5 @ 9
290x5 @ 10 - had the belt on weird and it was digging into my ribs on the left side so I think thats why this set was so hard
290x5 @ 9 (52m) LOL what? 52 minutes for 5x5? i must have written the times wrong cuz I don't remember BSing for this long


Sumo Pulls:
315x3 @ 8
315x3 @ 8
315x3 @ 8
315x3 @ 8
315x3 @ 8
315x3 @ 8 (?m)

GHR Situps:
bw x 20
light band x 20
light band and monster mini band x 20

bw x 20

Backward Sled Drag:
4ish trips with 2 plates....both inner quads started spasming..stopped and tried to drag forwards but quads felt like they were going to tear

Reverse Hyper:

Don't know how long I was actually lifting but I was in the gym for 6 hours