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10-13-2008, 04:39 PM
I've decided to start a log here to get some input from others. A little background first. I've lifted on and off since high school, but over the past 15 months I've really hit the gym hard and have focused on powerlifting, although I have yet to compete. At the end of July I injured my back deadlifting and haven't been able to squat or deadlift heavy since. I lift raw and up to that point my best squat was 450 and deadlift was the same. I have been slowly trying to rehab my back and start squatting and deadlifting again, although its been with very light weight. In the meantime I have been focusing on increasing my bench as much as possible. My best bench is 380 and my goal by the end of the year is 405. Here was my workout today:

BW~293 lbs.

ME Bench day

Flat bench
350x4 (Rep PR)

DB tri extensions
4 sets of 10

Hammer Curls
4 sets of 10

Face Pulls
4 sets of 12