View Full Version : my eating habits

10-15-2008, 01:04 PM
alright well im still in school, so i normaly eat breakfest at school aswell as lunch! for breakfest, I normaly eat two power bars they arent anything special 3 grams of protein and i didnt check the carbs and i always grab two milks... they are half pints i think... would this be better then two blueberry bagels with cream cheese because that is what i used to get.. and for lunch that obviously changes day to day but is normaly healthy even though half the time it never tastes good i normaly get doubles and also two milks! so my daily carbs and protein intake isnt the best but i have two supplements one is Maximus from Atlarge Nutrition and 100% Whey. I was thinking of taking Maximus once i got home ( i have P.E 6th hour) and 100% whey after workouts... my routine is monday,wednesday and friday. should i take whey also on off days and when? also i have thought to myself should i take a supplment to school! im 145 6"0